Chapter 349 The Maid And Her Master 2
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(POV Balalaika)


“ You really can't tell me anything about that boy, Balalaika-san? From what I've heard, it seems that little boy is talking very animatedly to you every time he sees you. "




A few days after the arms sale on the Island, which by the way was a total failure, Mr. Chen had sent some men to my house because he wanted to discuss some things with me. The situation between both of our groups, and in general here in Ruananpur, had been quite calmed the last few months, and so I had no problem with that and therefore now the two of us are in front of the other.


…Unfortunately, the topics he wanted to talk about were things that I preferred to put out of my mind now! After all, that brat was responsible for ruining several of my businesses! No, no only that... since I met him, then my luck had gotten pretty bad!!


How I wished to could hold that brat in a chair and torture him! It was a shame that to achieve that, surely the losses we could suffer would be too many just to satisfy a small whim of mine... now it's not just him! The vast majority of the residents of that company building were quite troublesome to deal with!


Although that was not the main problem ... the things that brat had shown me, and... resentful information that I had obtained from him, this caused my body to shudder a little!


On the island issue, I thought I would have some small problems since this time I was more of an intermediary... since those were not businesses that the Russian government could carry out so freely, some acquaintances had sought us out for this.


Since I and my men have some disagreements with them, the truth is that I was not very motivated to do that. Although since the payment was quite good, in the end I decided to see it as a simple business matter and put those problems aside.


Everything was going well, but... my luck changed again when I met that boy there! In the end, I couldn't sell even a damn bullet in the Island!! For that reason, I expected to have some claims from those "clients"...


Unexpectedly, when they contacted me and I expected to receive those complaints from them, none of that happened... in fact, they simply told me to forget about that matter and instead investigate someone who had attended that island... even the amount of money promised to me for conducting these businesses had now increased greatly!


I thought that my luck would finally take a turn again, but… when they described the person who I had to investigate, I could only frown at that moment!


It was not something difficult ... in fact, I think I would not even need to look for the person and he would come directly to me! No, rather that had already happened and I was practically the one who was rushing him to get away from me!


Yes, the person who had to investigate was none other than that boy named Alexander! It seems that now he had even caught the attention of the Russian government!!


Given that I could not do any business without information, and even more so if it involved that boy, I quickly contacted some senior officials with whom I still had contacts in the country. So the information I received was that, apparently, that boy had made deals with the US by exchanging an aircraft carrier for something... yes, a damn nuclear aircraft carrier!!


…That damn brat seemed like he now had the power to make all of Ruananpur disappear!  And so the idea of bothering him wasn't a very smart thing to do now!! 

Because of this, I also understood a bit why Mr. Chen was trying to get information from him… his situation shouldn't be much different from mine, and his country should be trying to get all the information it can about Alexander! After all, we are talking about someone who had an American aircraft carrier in his possession!!


"...I don't know much about him, just that he's quite annoying."




Despite the fact that Mr. Chen had wanted us to carry out an information exchange, I replied that I practically knew the same as him. I don't think the information he has on that boy is more than what I have, so this was not a fair deal. And of course, even though that brat was actually annoying, I didn't have to make a bad deal just to annoy him either.


After all, I was pretty sure of that since his words weren't entirely wrong and that boy was quite chatty when he was with me...


Also, that guy owes me a favor for the twins' matter… it doesn't seem like he's someone who breaks his promises and, therefore, maybe I can change this one to get more information from him.


Although… I don't like that idea enough. I got that favor for the death of one of my men... which was something bad enough. So if I make him pay for this one to benefit those people, then it would be something even worse! 

I didn't hate my country, but… I disliked many people in high-ranking positions there! Many of my colleagues died for their wishes or their decisions!!


Also, Revy's words on that occasion about that a favor from that boy was quite valuable, is echoed in my head louder now. And if I thought about all the things I knew about him, then they seem to become more and more true.


So those people will have to settle for the information w get without resorting to that. Besides, I think there shouldn't be a problem about that… really that boy didn't seem to want to hide much about him!


When he asked us to return with us to Ruananpur from the Island, I agreed since I would have the opportunity to ask him some questions. So during the trip, he easily and joyfully answered almost all my questions!


...Of course, it seems there were still some things that he wouldn't talk about so easily… like where he was from... or also what deal he made on the island. It doesn't seem like he was that stupid after all… so he surely wouldn't talk about things like aircraft carriers or something that compromised him.


Although... when I asked him about that, he said that if I wanted to know that kind of thing, then I had to give him something in return while he winked at me! I don't know if that brat really has feelings for me, was referring to something different, or was just Playing!!


"Mr. Chen! That person appears to be involved in a shooting in the city! "


"Captain! That boy looks like he's gotten into something again."


As I was preparing to retire as I would not be making any deals with Mr. Chen, suddenly one of my men and a subordinate of him approach each of us respectively. So after they let us know what's going on, he and I could only exchange glances...


“ …That boy is quite imperative, right? "




And… it was also quite precocious! But well, that is not necessary for him to know.

During the ride in the helicopter previously, he tries to slide his hands to touch my body on several occasions! Also, he didn't care about Two hands' strong gaze, and that several of my men were there! He really had enough guts to do something like that!!


"Well, I think we should go find him."




With no alternative, each of us comes out with our men in the direction where it was the last time someone saw him... I wonder who's the fool this time that decided to bother this guy? ...I just hope he doesn't cause him to destroy this city!

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

(POV Alexander)

[Clank!] [Clank!] [Clank!]


" Damn it! Why did I have to go out in this car today?! "


"Stop complaining about the damn car and better focus on losing that crazy bitch, Dutch!!"


While Revy was complaining to Dutch about his laments, she also responds to the fire from the Maid following us. On the other hand, now I was a little sorry to pick that bar today to talk to Revy...


"P-Please, don't shoot Roberta!"


" What do you want me to do, girl? Let her kill us?!! Besides, aren't you her young miss? Why the hell is she shooting at the car where you are? "


"... maybe she's pretty confident in her aim... glup, glup, glup."


"Damn nun, stop drinking and help with something too!!"


I think Eda's words were spot on. Since her shooting skills were almost on par with Revy, she must think that can avoid hitting Gratzia-chan. Also, it seems that Eda had found a bottle of wine someplace in the car… it was actually a bit sad to see her in that self-destructive state she was in now.


On the other hand, I don't think Gartzia-chan should care so much about her Maid… if Revy could kill her easily, then she wouldn't be so discouraged now!






“… You didn't learn anything from about 7 movies about cars, Vin? You should show that now!"


"Sh-Shit! F-Fucking Maid... my car!!


Besides, I told you that you have the wrong person, Alexander!! "


"... you are dishonoring that name now"


Not long after the chase starts, Roberta is paired with our car, and now she doesn't hesitate to ram it in ours... well, Vin´s car. I was actually a bit disappointed in Vin's driving skills… no, I shouldn't call him that anymore!


“You also stop taking advantage of that damn girl and also help something, Alexander!!


Besides, you're only making that damn maid only get more enraged "




Although I had already removed my hands from Gartzia-chan's chest and crotch, now she was riding on me as I held her buttocks and she put her arms around my neck...


This time it was not my fault! Due to the sharp turns and jolt from the impact, then we both ended up in this position! Also, since I wanted to prevent her from hitting herself because of that, then I had to grab her from somewhere, right?!


…Well, maybe I should have grabbed her waist instead of her glutes. Sadly, my hands reflexively moved before I knew it!!


[Clank!] [Clank!] [Crash !!!]


"Damn it! You have to pay for my car-Kuh!! "


It seems that Dutch did not share Kenichi's and my ideology of not attacking women… well, maybe mine is not as strict as his and may be a bit more flexible than his. It was a pity that this flexibility did not apply to Roberta now… I did not consider her a bad woman. She was a faithful servant trying to protect her young miss after all!


Besides... this was all a huge and regrettable misunderstanding...


"Hyaa~! T-This... y-your hands... e-emmm "




Umu, quite a reasonable misunderstanding, but... also a very difficult one to clear up...



Because of the sudden movements, I could only use more force to prevent Gartzia-chan from being thrown out of one of the car windows. On the other hand, Dutch who was quite upset draws his gun to shoot Roberta who was right next to him... but then before he can pull the trigger, he is grabbed from his wrist by her! Also, she slowly begins to pull him out of the car! 

Damn it! She almost looked like a robot since, apart from that force, she didn't even flinch from Dutch's blows for her to release him!!






When almost half of Dutch's body was out of the car, Revy shoots at one of Roberta's car tires and causes Roberta to lose control of it a bit to save him. 

...Unfortunately, she tries to hit us with the car on more strongly way again!








As a result of this, this time both cars lose control and start turning down the road!! Although, it seems that this time Dutch brings out all his driving skills and avoids most of the obstacles on the road and the car stops with everyone safe… I think he has got his nickname Vin back!




On the other hand, Roberta does not have the same luck and what makes her car stop is the impact against a light pole... that seemed to be bad enough, but... Gartzia's scream was more because she was thrown through the windshield and she hitting a wall of a building like it was a sack of fruit!  That actually looked quite painful!!



"Finally she stopped..."


"…she's dead?"


"...maybe you should ask yourself if her body is complete, right?"




This certainly seemed like the end of this, but... knowing that it probably wouldn't be, I hold up Gartzia-chan who was trying to get out of the car while screaming and crying. And also I…


"What are you doing?"


“…Don't you see what just happened? I'm putting on my seat belt now!


Also, you should try to start the car back on as soon as possible, Vin."




I might not die if that happened to me, but a blow like that would certainly break several of my bones again! So I put the seat belt around Gartzia-chan's back, and hook it on the clasp. Strangely, even though others see me a bit with strange eyes, I can see Eda and Vin do the same after thinking about my words a bit.


“… Isn't it a bit late for that? It's all over now "


"End up? No, I don't think so…"






While Revy, who was the only one who did not seem to appreciate my advice says that, I reply to her by pointing to where Roberta was. Her surprise and Gartzia-chan's joy was because, as expected, she began to stand up and then walk towards us.




So, following my other previous advice, Vin desperately begins trying to start the car and, after several tries, then he hits the gas fully.


"Fuck! Why is she alive? Is it a damn robot?!! "


Looking at the back of the car or in the rearview mirror, you could clearly distinguish a woman in a maid outfit running quickly behind a car… it seems that I was not the only one who thought that about her! I could almost hear the "terminator" song as the car moved on!!


She really was like a T-800 in a Maid version...




"I'll kill all of you!"


"Fuck!! "


With what seemed to be great willpower, Roberta catches up to us, and throws herself on the back of the car sticking a knife to hold herself… this was actually quite impressive and maybe we should give her a little praise!


“…Woman, you are destroying the image of a maid in my head! So could you please stop this now! Don't go on or I could end up having a trauma about the maids, you know?!! "


No doubt no one would argue about her loyalty, but… seeing her a bit bloody, covered in dust, and with her maid outfit now torn in several places, then I couldn't help but speak in protest at all this! This was not the image of a sweet maid waiting for you back at home after a hard day at work with a smile on her face!!


"You should be dead by now, damn bitch!!"






Being practically a few meters from Revy, she aims directly at Roberta's head... the truth is that I would not be surprised if she used the knife in her other hand to deflect the bullet, but... unfortunately, Gartzia-chan when she saw her beloved maid getting pointed by the gun, somehow manages to get between both of them...