Chapter 351 The Maid And Her Master 4
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"So... what do you need help with, Gartzia-chan?"


The next day, the first thing I do is talk formally with her and Roberta. At least I would listen to their problems, and then I would decide what to do. Besides, I was curious about other matters too...


Since I remembered very well that the person who Roberta was serving was a little boy, the existence of Gartzia-chan was totally unknown to me! 

...My assumptions were that she could be that boy's sister, or maybe some kind of fiancee… but in the end, it seems that none of these were correct. seems that this boy did not exist in this world, and she was the only young miss of Roberta! Earlier, Aurora told me that this may not be totally the same world as the one I knew from the anime, or that things changed because of my presence. So, it seems that one of those things was the reason why Gartzia-chan was now in front of me, and not that boy instead.


Well, in any way, it was certainly nicer that the person I was talking to now was a pretty girl than a boy... although I might also help him since I don't like to see children suffer, thinking things further ahead, this was certainly much better!


On the other hand, I believed that Roberta, which now that she is calmer and put aside for now the things that happened with Revy, would focus on me and then it would be my turn to receive strong looks and criticism for what she saw me do to her young lady! 

But...Oddly, she didn't seem to hold any grudge against me for that and was looking at me quite normally.


…No, actually, I think she's even looking at me with pretty good eyes! Perhaps Gartzia-chan was able to clear up that "misunderstanding"?


"T-This... the truth is..."


After exchanging glances with Roberta and she nodding as if consenting for her to speak, Gartzia-chan begins to tell me her story. The truth is that, from that part of the anime, I only remembered Roberta... I didn't remember very well the plot behind the two of them. Although, maybe that doesn't matter much since things were a bit different than that world...


Their story was quite common, and perhaps something normal for the region they came from… in their country, Blexor, her father was a great businessman in the country, and due to organized crime and the government that was involved with this one, he died.


(NA: The country is fictional... I don't want to get involved with any country and I think it's better this way. The story of those two takes place in Colombia in the original story, but I think we all know that the people of those countries' regions already have that very much in mind as to also remind them even more.  Also, probably in the future I would mess with the government a bit, and so I think the best thing is that this time it is a fictitious country)


From what she says, he was an honest person, and he wanted to see his country change. Unfortunately, since his influence was too much and he clashed with the interests of those other people, therefore in the end he became a nuisance for them that they had to remove.


Furthermore, now it even seemed that this was not enough for them and they wanted all the riches of the Lovelance family which was not small. Perhaps the only thing holding them back a bit was this servant who was standing here by her side now… after all, this woman might give them a big headache.


...I later learned that this super Maid after the death of her Master she had attacked one of the bases of that group by herself, and exterminating all the people there. Unfortunately, there were also limits to what a person could do, and more if this one had to defend someone else.


So there was no other choice for both sides than let things settle down for now… of course, surely neither side had given up and wanted riches or revenge respectively.


" T-This... c-can you help us, Alexander-san? Those people killed my father... and practically they do what they want and causing a lot of pain to the people of my country "




[Mission / Optional "Take control of Blexor - G"]

Take control of Blexor and help the Lovelence family take revenge. It is always better to have more allies than enemies.


Objective: Eliminate the leader of the Mafia of that Country

                 Take control of the country by overthrowing the current government


Rewards: 5,000 x Pills [Limit-Break-H]

                           100 x Pills [Energy Channel Renaissance-H]

                           10 x Pills [Lighting - G]




Haaa~ If it was only a small group of criminals, I wouldn't think much about it to make this girl smile... the most troublesome thing was that the local government itself was involved! If apart from that criminal group, then I also have to face the defense forces of this country, this would become quite problematic!


The only thing that prevented this from happening with Roberta was that they surely had to keep up appearances a bit and could not exterminate a family using public force! But that does not apply to someone from abroad who goes and causes problems in their territory!!


As for the mission that is suddenly heard in my head... the reward was interesting, but unfortunately, it was not going with my plans now and I did not need those things urgently.


"Now I can't do it..."


“Hic… Hic… I-Is that so? Yes... w-without a doubt that would only cause problems to you... Hic"




“Uaah~ Once you get what you want from her, then now you put the little girl aside? You are quite cruel, brat "




" Shut up, you fucking nun! If you want to help her, then do it yourself!! "


“I'm not the one to take advantage of her! More important still... how you all could leave me there at the junkyard?! What would have happened if some madman took advantage of me there?!! "


“Hmp~ It's your fault for falling asleep in the car. Also, if that happened, then I would have more pity for the guy since he would surely catch some disease for sure... "


“Fuck you, bitch!! Do you think I'm some kind of bioweapon or something?!"


"...something very close to that"


"I-I'll kill you…"


With my words, Gartzia-chan starts to sob and some tears fall from her eyes. Shit! It feels really bad to make a little girl like her cry! Besides, what that damn Eda is saying doesn't help at all!!


In truth now it seems that I simply took advantage of her and pushed her aside! And the worst was that now Roberta is frowning a bit as she looks at me like she's starting to remember those things of before!!


…W-Well, if we consider what happened earlier, I can't blame Eda much for her words either.


By the way, what I had forgotten the day before was precisely Eda... as Revy says, she had fallen asleep in the car and since we did not go back up it because Balalaika was the one who brought us to the building, she stayed there all that night. Now she's been complaining about it since she got back in the morning...


"I don't mean that I won't help you, but... I can not do it now. 

Really you need to take your revenge now? "


"E-Eh? W-Will you help me!? Really!!? "


"...yes, but it will be in a while and not now"


"A-Alright! I-I can wait a bit… T-Thank you, Alexander-san! I-I knew that you would understand me and help me!! "


Thank you, young Alexander. In addition, I also thank you very much for preventing the lady from getting hurt previously... "




Not that I had changed my mind by seeing her tears... that just prompted me to tell her faster this. While now things are a bit complicated, perhaps in a few months there haven't so many problems... or better, I'll do other people to help with that!


With a little more time, surely Gloterus should create a strong organization in Japan! With this one and with some support, things should be much easier! It doesn't seem like the mission has any time limit and, therefore, I can do it a bit later.


Besides, what worried me most was that after "receiving" the aircraft carrier before, if now I went and took control of a country close to them, they may not see it with very good eyes and they could even end up intervening and converting this in something even more complicated!


Until now, things on that side seemed pretty quiet. I think, despite their losses, they should be more busy trying to analyze the things I gave them… I don't think that guy let those briefcases sink into the sea... after all, they could be considered worth an aircraft carrier!


In fact, if I were them, I'd be more than happy to get those things even despite having those losses. Maybe that things pacified them a bit. But if I went now and caused some trouble near their borders, those resent resentments could very easily come to the surface! 

...So it was better to wait for a little time to pass to all.


Then, hearing me speak again, Gartzia-chan's sad face turns into one of joy. Although... I hope she doesn't interpret "in a while" as only some days. Well, with Roberta who should be more sensible about those things, she might calm her down a bit if she gets desperate.


Also, it's good to see that Roberta attitude towards me went back to how it was a few minutes ago... it seems that she is someone who gives more importance to good or positive things than to bad ones. 

About Roberta's last words, she should be referring to what happened in the car...


Unlike Revy who almost killed Gartzia-chan by accident and which it's was the main reason for her anger, she was quite grateful to me for preventing that from happening and probably sees me as her benefactor.


…If she doesn't have any grudges against someone, I think it's not difficult to see her like a good Maid who would pay a favor with another. 

Apparently, all this misunderstanding started because after Roberta asked "kindly" if someone knew or had seen Gartzia-chan... then the answer she got was that a guy had taken away her while carried her on his shoulder!


So thinking the worst, she quickly went to rescue her young miss before something bad happened to her following the direction those guys had given her. If I had held her hand to get out of Bao's bar, then maybe things wouldn't play out that way...

Well, I'm glad her attitude towards me was pretty good. I wonder if I give her a maid outfit from those that were made it in HOTD she would put it on? No... maybe for something like that there would need to be more trust between us… I don't want to awaken her T-800 side by bothering her now!


Besides, I have enough with having to deal with the other girl who is upset for agreeing to help them...


“You two can stay here as long as you want… even though it is not the best city, it may be safer than if you return to their country now.


Only… you should be careful when Gartzia-chan is with those Twins. Despite their sweet appearance, they are probably the most dangerous people here... "


“… It seems that the young people here are not what they seem, right? Thank you for the advice and your kindness, young Alexander."


Lastly, since if they went back to their country now, I can almost see what things like a proposed political marriage from the other party would come up to "fix" things peacefully... or maybe their patience just runs out and they decide to do things directly. So it was better that they didn't go back there for now and that's why I suggest this to Roberta.


Also… since of the people here the age of the twins is the closest to Gartzia-chan, then it was very likely that they would be the option whom she would choose to try to chat a bit. 

And... Since the first thing those girls said when they saw these two is that if I had brought them new "toys", then it was definitely better to warn Roberta about it.


As for Roberta putting me in the same group as those two... I couldn't do anything about it. When I asked her why she seemed to have so much confidence in me that I would help them, the answer I get from her is that her impression of me is that I was not someone normal...


Well, with things settled and calmer for now, I think it was still better to wait a bit to get out of this world... at least until the murderous intent in Revy's gaze disappears.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

A few days after what happened with Roberta and Gartzia-chan, we had another visitor at the Black Lagoon company building… Balalaika along with some of her men had arrived. Well, I had to keep my promise, and so this was not so unexpected.


...I just didn't expect her to be in such a rush about it. Although… since I had told her that I would go to see her, it could also be because she didn't want me to visit her base again…


"Well... of where you come from, boy? What are your origins? "


So after greeting us and she made some superficial questions like how old was I and things like that, he began to inquire about things which I tried to avoid in previous conversations.


"From another world. A place where you can see dragons and things like that~"




The truth is that I have never felt the need to lie about such matters... sometimes I just do it to avoid complications, just that.


“Stop kidding and answer seriously! You promised me that you would be honest!! "


Yes, precisely things like this. I don't think many believe my words even though they are true… although perhaps it may be largely due to my personality. 

As for the others who were here, they were divided into those who already knew this and those who probably thought I was making fun of Balalaika. I could ask for the support of some of the girls who know the truth, but... I don't have the need to complicate things further either.


“Haaa~ If you don't believe me, then just pick a country, and let's say I'm from there. Not that it matters much, right?"


"Tc ... let's say I believe you, so, tell me what did you come here for?"


"For some weapons"


"Damm it! If you have the ability to come to this world, then what the hell would you gain for obtain weapons like those?!! "


"Well, things are more complicated than you think, Balalaika-onesan~ Also, don't underestimate the weapons you have… even the fiery breath of a dragon may not compare to an atomic missile!"




The truth is that I am not sure about that, but from my point of view, I think that an atomic bomb could annihilate a dragon... although, if these can control magic or energy, which surely is the most likely, then things should not be so simple... probably... maybe I'll have to see one to understand better about that things.


"Well... now that you talk about weapons, I have received some interesting information..."