Chapter 352 Returning to Gaia from Ruananpur 1
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"Well... now that you mentioned the weapons, I received some information of something interesting...
They say that an American army team came to these parts of the world with an aircraft carrier, and then returned without it... more precisely, it seems that it was sailing very close to the island where we were previously... "
This was probably the main reason why Balalaika came here, so I was expecting this topic to appear. Well, since I had promised to answer her honestly, then I should. Furthermore, there may be advantages to doing it...
" Well, it is as you think. An aircraft carrier is in my possession now. 

...It was an exchange that I did with them there. "
"…an exchange? What did you give them that could be worth an aircraft carrier?!"
“…Some things that were of quite an interest to them. I think you've seen a bit of these before, right? "
The aircraft carrier wasn't exactly part of the deal, and I think the American government probably wouldn't have accepted something like that no matter what I could give them... but well, let's put that issue aside for now.
As it was understandable that she even doubted this more than the fact that I came from another world, I take out some BIMs and play with them a bit in my hands. Then as if remembering some things that happened before, Balalaika frowns and remains silent as she carefully observes what was in my fingers.
“…That's what you used when… you“ visited ”my base here in Ruananpur, right? 

What are they? It seems that with those things you were able to prevent the bullets from hitting you..."
“You're right, but as you can see, there are different types of these with quite practical functions. They not only serve people to defend themselves, but there are also some that serve to attack and can be a nightmare for even a well-trained and armed team like yours "
"... boy, would you mind giving me some information about these?"
At her question, which seems to take a lot of work to get out of her mouth, I could only smile a little. Well, I think she held back enough to instead don't ask me for some of these… I think she was just trying her luck and knew very well that she was asking too much already with that. Her face had flushed a bit probably from embarrassment!
Well, my showing the BIMs was precisely to spark more interest in her about them, so it could be considered that I had completed my objective.
"I wouldn't mind giving you a little information about these, but... I can't do it without getting something in return, Balalaika-onesan~."
"…what do you want, brat?"
“As I said before, my goal is to obtain some weapons… or materials for these. As long as you are willing to meet all those needs of mine, then I will give you a little information.
Although since I intend to pay for these things, don't expect too much either. "
Since I had lost the main supplier of materials for the production lines at HOTD now, I thought this was a good opportunity to get another one. Although I had said that could leave that matter to Gloterus and the other guys, it's always nice to have other options in case things don't turn out the way you expected.
But this time I had not planned to exchange the same BIMs or their creation methods... although what that guy on suit did on the aircraft carrier was enough to consider that they lost their exclusive right, I did not like to break my promises. Besides, I also felt as if I was losing by exchanging something like that for the things I am asking for her… this time I didn't have to go so far as to ask for weapons of mass destruction after all.
As for the matter that this might arouse too much interest on the Russian side to attack me... that didn't bother me much now. Since they know that I now have an aircraft carrier in my possession and they are not so clear about my relationship with the American government either, I am almost certain that that would stop them from doing something like that for now.
"Well, as long as you don't expect things like an aircraft carrier or too crazy things, then I think there should be no problem."
"Well, then why don't you give them the videos we gave Eda earlier, Benny?"
"…It's okay."
After Benny copied the files from his computer that Leona had previously recorded on the first day we arrived in Ruananpur, the conversation ends, and then Balalaika's group leaves. It's a shame that she didn't accept my hospitality to play a little here... even though what I said before was a joke, in truth this woman aroused a great desire in me to see her tied up in a bed so that we could both play a bit!!
…To be honest, probably if she insisted a little, then I could have told her everything about this conversation without the need for something in return! My desire for her is not only encompassed the sexual realm! I think she was a very intelligent woman who could certainly help me a lot in a world like Gaia!!

But... the only problem is that it might not be so easy for her to follow me there.
I don't know how much she believed my words... probably very little! Well, at least now maybe I could start such a conversation with her more seriously in the future.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------
(POV Balalaika)
" What did you think of what that brat said, Boris? "
“…About what? The issue of being from another world, or about the aircraft carrier?
Returning to our base, I quickly make my way to my office with Boris at my back. Then after I sit down and start to play with the memory that Benny gave me while thinking about the things that the boy said, I decide to ask for the opinion of Boris who was standing at attention waiting for some order.
“About the first… the logic tells me that his words can only be judged as a joke, but... since the first time I met him, he has seemed quite strange to me... 

Although I do not think his words are totally true, perhaps they could be interpreted that the place where he grew up is quite special...
As for the aircraft carrier matter... that's even harder to believe. Unless you are someone with enough influence in that country, it is impossible for them to deliver an aircraft carrier to someone. If that actually happened, then it can only be because they were completely sure that he would not turn against them.
… or He may even be one of the people who runs that country in the shadows... and, if so, that would be even more terrifying than if he really were from another world"
I wanted Boris's opinion because I really didn't know what to believe… 

Everything he said about the boy I had already considered, but… there are some things that contradict that... or raise even more doubts.
For example, when I put the memory device in a computer, apart from the object that created a kind of shield, there were other things too... some that were like grenades that were not very different from the current ones, but also on the screen, shows one that was swallowed everything that was around with a strong suction while this thing creating a black space...
It seemed that what Benny gave me was a fictional movie rather than something I could hand over to the Russian government... I really hesitate to hand this over to them! Maybe as soon as they watch this video with the information I will send them, they will call me to tell me why the hell I had sent them a Hollywood short film!!
Also, even though the boy didn't seem to care much when he did it or maybe just did it without thinking, every time I saw him make things appear or disappear in his hands it was something quite surprising! Maybe the possibility that that damn brat was someone from another world was not so far-fetched!!
How I wished could open his head to unravel all his secrets... well, not only for this I wanted to do that. The looks he gave me when he saw me had no a little of scruples! Sometimes, he even made me feel naked when he laid eyes on me!!
As for the other matter… there were also quite a few inconsistencies. If he was someone quite influential in the US, then there was no reason for him to ask me for those things he asked for… I don't think that country lacks those things at all! Also, even though this information Alexander gave me might not explain things much, it didn't make sense to deliver something that would appear to be a top-secret without much trouble.
…The mystery around that boy just kept growing more and more the further I got to know him.
Well, that's not my problem... with the information I have, it should be enough to fulfill my end of the deal with the Russian government… it's their problem to believe those things or not.
"Well, that does not matter. Take care to send all the information we have about the boy along with this memory to them, Boris.
Besides, we should also start to get the things from the list Dutch gave us before we left."
"Yes, captain!"
Not wanting to torture my head anymore thinking about these things, I decided to stop thinking about them. The deal I made with Alexander for this information was not necessary to involve the Russian government, and we could take care of that. It did not seem like a bad deal after all.
So with Boris retiring, I thought about getting some work done. Unfortunately, I couldn't watch those videos now like I normally did before! Meeting with that boy recently has also brought up the memories of that time in me!!
Fuck! I'll have to find something else to do for now...
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------
(POV Alexander)
"Revy, I'm leaving this world for a while..."
I had already delayed my departure for some time... and so, I decided to look for a room so we could be alone to speak to Revy directly after Balalaika left. Also, since bumps on her face had now disappeared thanks to some potions, I thought it should be okay to do so now.
…It seems that when both girls ran out of bullets in the previous fight and they start to hit the other, Revy actually came off losing a bit with Roberta in that aspect… no! I think was quite a bit since Roberta wasn't that beaten up.
Well, in the end, things did not go according to my plan and I have to stop my next words to ask her to stay together with Leona here due to her frown and strong gaze...
"You want me to stay here again, right?"
Well, it seems there was no need to do it since she understood very well what I was thinking. Although... I can't say that I'm very happy about that! Therefore, I can only nod while gulping loudly.
“Hmp~ I already knew you would say something like that to me. I don't know why you took so long to do it"
…Well, that was clearly because I didn't want her to be upset! Unfortunately, not that I can say that. It's already very, very good that she didn't complain as much as I had thought she would do… in fact, I was a bit surprised at this. 

I would like to say that it was because she trusted more on me, and now she wouldn't think I'd abandon her here, but… her next murmur makes it clear that she rather trusted something else!
“…Hmp ~ With so many girls here in this building now, I think the chance of you not coming back is close to zero. A pair of twins… a promiscuous nun… and now even a maid along with her young miss!
...damn brat, really you have had a very busy time since we came to this world... Hmp~ you even brought another girl from another world!"
Shit! Now that she says it, this building was really beginning to fill with women!! W-Well... I think almost half of them are more little girls or young women than women... or even have some more complicated circumstances to could approach them! 

Either way, quite a few people of the female gender have gathered here before I knew it!
…That she count Eda, is because she recently decided to move to this place since she had started to see some people around the church which did not give her a good feeling... most likely, some former colleagues of hers. And since it seems that those guys are a little suspicious about approaching this place, a few days ago she arrived with their suitcases here.
II feel a bit responsible for her situation... and also is not that I had some problem giving Eda asylum here either… there were plenty of rooms available in the building after all.
Also, I don't know if Revy forgot to count Shenhua or just ignore her because she thinking that I had no interest in her!  But of course that I was not going to ask which of the two was the reason and tell her that, if it was the second, then she was very wrong!! 

I think it was better to just move the conversation forward.
By the way… although Vin and Benny's girls were also in this building, it was okay that Revy didn't count them. I think it would be too much for me also to fighting for those girls with those two now...
"Well, before I go, I want us to do the same thing I did at the mansion with the girls there."
"E-Eh? T-The same thing you did with the girls at the mansion? "
…I don't know how far she thinks I have come with the girls in the mansion, but… unfortunately, it is surely a lower level than what she is imagining!
“…I'm talking about the ritual so that you get a skill that is quite useful. I think you must have heard some of that the time we were there. "
"E-Eh? A-ah… that.
…If it was just that, then you should have said it from the beginning!"
After hearing me clarify the matter, Revy calms down a bit, and even seemed a bit disappointed… honestly, I wanted to bang my head a bit against something now! If I proceeded with the wrong idea that she had, then I'm almost sure I could make that happen!!
The problem was that... now every time I see Revy's mouth, a slight shiver runs through my entire body! I still haven't been able to forget her words the last time we were alone!! So, instead of risking "failing" when something like this started, it was better for both of us not to start something that I might not finish!!
…No, It's not that I've become impotent by being so close to radioactive things lately, if you ask. This problem only happened to me with her! Damn it! In truth my "friend" seemed scared to go out in front of Revy now!!
"Then let's do it"
Well, I still can't rule out the possibility that things would end with only the ritual! Given the things this involves, then the environment may be good enough for something else to happen! Maybe, with this, the idea about Revy that my partner have could change! Perhaps he would no longer see her as a bloody ferocious beast and then decide to go out and attack her!!
…It would be good to keep Revy from talking too much during this process. That way, other similar words would be prevented from coming out of her mouth! 

With that thought in my mind, I unconsciously lick my lips with my tongue. Of course, if I was trying to silence Revy, then it had to be with my mouth!!
Then with all the necessary things ready, I sit on the ground and Revy does the same by positioning herself in front of me.



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