Chapter 353 Returning to Gaia from Ruananpur 2
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"…What do I have to do?"
"It's simple, you just have to..."
When we both take a suitable spot facing each other, Revy asks me about the process, and then I tell her this quickly. She wasn't a girl who was very hesitant about these matters, so she nodded after hearing me without her expression changing much because of this.
Well, that's as long as no one else is present in the place too... if there were other people here, surely things would have been quite different! After all, shame seems to be the trigger to active that Tsundere-Violent attitude that she has! Knowing this perfectly, this was the reason why we were now alone.
That was the reason why Renka-chan, who hadn't done this ritual either and would surely now be talking to the poor woman that was left out of the equation by Revy before, was not here now.
No, the truth is that it was not only because of this that I decided to wait a bit to do the ritual with Renka-chan too... the things I chose for this ritual were quite expensive and practically emptied what I had obtained in the world of Kenichi! So, it's best to wait for me to get back to Gaia and then to HOTD to fill my pockets a bit.
...although the ritual does not indicate that it should be something important or high ranking to do this one, it had become a custom for me to give to the girls useful things. Also, I don't think it would be right to give them something like a wand just to fulfill the condition of the ritual… after all, this wasn't much different from a wedding ceremony!!
Well, the thing is that at remembering that I hadn't done this with Revy before, then I thought this might prevent any thoughts from her that I was abandoning her or something like that from arising in her mind.
...although it doesn't seem like it, she was a woman who cared a lot about that.
“Well… then I swear to always stay together and… love… this idiot brat. 

...That's fine? "
…It seems that in the end, her Tsundere side comes out a bit even though we were alone. Well, seeing her flushed face, it sure saying those words was not an easy thing for her. So interpreting these and giving them a sweeter touch in my head, I proceed with my part of the ritual too.
"I also promise to always be with this stubborn girl... this is a gift with which I hope you can remember my promise to you. I hope you like it."
“H-Hmp~ Then the one who should stay with that is you... after all, probably you are who could forget this...
...if you really forget this, rest assured that I will find you and really tear your-Hmn~"
I couldn't let this girl continue with those whispers! So, to avoid it, I quickly go over to her and kiss her! Right away, Revy becomes a little tamer and begins to respond to my actions. My tongue curls around hers, and we both suck each other's lips hard.
Umu, this was so much better than the words she was about to say… besides, it was inevitable that one of my hands would descend into Revy's bulging ass! Now I had a difficult decision whether to put my hand over it, or follow the path of her leg from below!!
...If I take the first option, certainly this one could come more quickly to my goal... her buttocks tight which seemed not entirely fit in my hand, and that were quite elastic too! Every time I had patted these, it gave me the impression that my hand was being pushed with more force than I had applied there!!
But if I took the other choice, then I could run my fingers from her meaty legs to the area between them! Perhaps the only problem was that the space left by her legs in the short shorts she was wearing was a bit tight to be able to move my hand freely... it may not be the most optimal of those two options, and instead, maybe the best thing was to simply take away this garment…
“Hmnnn ~ Chu ~ H-Hmnn~!! "
Well, while trying to make up my mind, I didn't forget to also continue attacking this mouth which was a bit poisonous… it definitely needed a punishment! So, this time I bite a little harder on her lower lip...
Sadly, she was not a girl to be easily intimidated! She counterattacks with the same action, and this time I am the one who involuntarily groans in pain… shit! Now my tongue detects a slight taste of iron!
This girl ...
"Hyaan ~ Hmn~"
Of course I was not going to leave it like that! And her left nipple which I pinch with my other hand is the one that pays for this!! Although unlike when we met for the first time and argued a bit, the target was a little different from that time, and so instead to do it with force, I hold it only with enough pressure to be able to manipulate it over clothing and play with this one.
"Ha... ha…"
"Ha ... Ha ... do you see? After all, this one is more sensitive than the other... hehehe. "
"Y-Youu... Huaan~"
After a few minutes, our lips part to take a good breath of air. So, wanting to continue to tease her a bit, my hands don't stop moving when we exchange glances between us.
…Umu, it seems that I feel in my crotch that “he” also wanted to join me in intimidating this girl in revenge for what happened before!
"…what is this?"
"Hmn? ...Open it, and then you will know"
It is a pity that Revy's attention is taken by the box she was holding and that I had given her moments before... as she became a little infatuated by my words, she squeezed it with her hands, and then she seemed to remember the gift that I give her.
Well, since it really cost me a lot, then a part of me would feel a little bad if it was completely ignored now! So, like a girl who has received a Christmas present, she opens it quite enthusiastically. Then, inside the box, a pair of pistols are quickly exposed...
At first, I thought of giving Revy an interdimensional ring so that she could put all kinds of ammunition and weapons inside it, plus, she also seemed to be a bit envious of my skill and the girls' items when she saw them. 

It certainly seemed like a good option too and it would have cost me less than what she holds now, but... after considering things for a longer time, I thought it was better to think a bit more ahead and so I decided to search on the system for a suitable weapon for her.

Besides, I can also give her an interdimensional object later... even though they are costly too, a simple one with a not so big space shouldn't be that much expensive.
On the other way, while I could also do the same with these weapons and give them to her later on, there was a slight advantage that an interdimensional space didn't have. These guns might help Revy to domain the energy inside her a bit more!
"... a pair of pistols?"
"What happens? You do not like them? "
"E-Eh? I-It's not that .. just that I'm more used to my berettas... "
"Hahaha, they are not normal pistols ... in fact, they are not weapons like the ones in this world"
Seeing the two pistols there, it was obvious that she was a bit disappointed. She was probably really expecting something like an interdimensional object… well, it was quite commendable that this girl was tactful enough not to despise my gift.
Still, I can't help but laugh a bit due to her reaction. But since I did not want those weapons to end up in some drawer of her chest of drawers in our room in this world after what I had to pay for them,  analyzing them once more time with my skill that had that purpose, I immediately begin to explain everything about these weapons to Revy.
[Ebony and Ivory - F]
Modified Colt-1911 pistols. Both weapons feature transmutation diagrams to transform the user's energy into ammunition. With that purpose in mind, they are created from Magi-Steel, and also feature a processed energy core from a creature with a level of 5th limit of a level 2 soul as the container of energy.
[Resistance - F] [Energy Absorption - F] [Transmutation - F] [Firepower - G]
…They were a pair of pistols with a very pleasing design. Also, probably one of the things that bothered Revy about weapons of this type was the weight of the weapons, and therefore the maneuverability of these. But once she holds them, it seems that any preconceived nonconformity is eliminated. When I bought them in the system, they were certainly much lighter than they appeared!
Well, honestly, I think this is more due to habit or something than a real annoyance for her… at her level, probably even if they were heavier, she should have no problem holding them.
Perhaps what could really become a drawback for her with that type of weapon, was the recoil ... since her style seems to focus on rapid and precise fire, and in a certain way, a very strong recoil should be something very uncomfortable for her.
So when I tell Revy that these weapons had no recoil or it was almost zero... and that it could also be considered that they had infinite ammunition, any disagreement that she had for these disappears at that moment.
"Let's go out!"
"... haa~, Fine." she really looked like a little girl who had gotten a great Christmas present. Unable to contain the obvious excitement she had to try them, she separates from me and then quickly asks me to follow her… she certainly no longer seemed in a suitable disposition to continue with what we were doing before!
So, with no other choice, I could only sigh and follow behind her who kept rushing me to go to a suitable place to test the weapons. Well, I was also a little curious about these... or that's what I kept repeating to myself so as not to bother about leaving things halfway!
[Bang!] [Bang!] [Bang!]
So soon I was watching Revy use Ebony and Ivory. Also, the more she used them, the more satisfied she seemed with their performance... well, they certainly looked like very good weapons and their performance wasn't much different from normal firearms either. The only difference that I can see with the naked eye, was that the flashes in each shot were slightly brighter than normal. Other than that, they actually looked like a pair of normal Colt-1911s.
Although not everything was so good... they also had a disadvantage! Well, maybe this was more due to Revy's level than a handicap itself...
The thing about them having infinite ammo wasn't entirely true. It was better to say that these could continue shooting as long as the user has enough energy to fill the energy crystal of these weapons!
“…These weapons look like a vampire! They squeezed all the energy I had!! "
“Well… things should improve once you have more energy in your body. I think it's good enough that each one can take about 50 shots for each one with just one charge of the energy crystal. "
After the guns ran out of power and she stopped firing, I explained to Revy that she had to use energy to fill them up and fire again. The only problem is that they actually seemed quite insatiable when you did it! Revy quickly ran out of energy and almost passed out, and besides, I wasn't in any better shape when I tried to do it!!
…Even though I have more energy than Revy, I had barely managed to fill them!
Well, I couldn't complain that much. These weapons were probably designed for someone above a level 2 soul after all. I remember Cleirsa told me that she could only fire her bow about 10 times without running out of energy… so I think the performance of these weapons is a bit better than that bow.
The good news is that, despite this, Revy still seemed quite happy after testing “Dante's” pistols… I'll just have to leave her the few crystals I still have so that she can quickly reload the weapons in case of emergency. This was undoubtedly one of the advantages that these weapons had, they could be recharged using crystals.
Resting a bit so we can regain some energy, then we both go out to meet the others in the building. I do not know if it was good that those weapons also seemed that my energy was not the only thing that absorbed... my accumulated sexual frustration from before also decreased a bit.
…I just hope this doesn't influence something when Revy uses the weapons again! I can see her dropping the weapons if bullets in strange shapes are fired!! 

Well, I don't think something like that will happen… probably.
Putting that topic aside, I tell the others that I would be leaving again for a while, and then I go to the room that I had used before with some of the girls. Later, I and Renka-chan go back through the dimensional rift that would lead us to Gaia.
I thought Revy would complain a bit because Renka-chan would come with me, but other than frowning a bit, she doesn't say anything. It seems that doing the ritual with her was a good idea.
"Whow ~ This place does really look different!"
Some seconds later, we finally got to Gaia! It had been a bit of time since I saw the girls here, so I really wanted to see them!! So without worrying too much about Renka-chan's reaction to looking around our base in this forest, I tug at her hand to try to find some of the resident girls here.
It wasn't surprising that she was a bit astonished. Unlike Ruananpur, this place was certainly a bit different. The modern style mansion and the other buildings around it with a more traditional look really gave this place a quite peculiar and unique style.
Also, I noticed that there were some changes in the time that I was away from here, but for now, my thoughts were on only finding the girls! After all, later and more calmly, I will be able to see all that!
…Now I want to see if these girls notice any change in me! It shouldn't happen the same as Revy, right?!
“A- Alexander -san! You have returned!!"
"Tch... damn it, so you're back damn mo- Hyaan~!!"
"...yes, I'm back"
The first people Renka-chan and I met turned out to be Saya, Milene, and Celi-chan. It seemed that the three of them were arguing about some things but when they noticed my presence, a big smile quickly formed in two of them... while in the other girl, you could see a bit of annoyance... of course the last one was Milene.
It wasn't like she totally disliked seeing me and it seemed to be more as if puts that face because she must have thought that the problems she had now would be greater... most likely the discussion of those three were some complaints about her... so perhaps the best thing is to let her "suffer" a little now.
"D- Damn it... Nyaa~ I-I had forgotten this!! Nuaan~ P-Please, Alexan-  no, master… s-stop it!! Hyaaan~ "
“ W-What's wrong with that woman, Alexander? "
" ... "