Chapter 354 Returning to Gaia from Ruananpur 3
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"Alex-kun! I missed you so much~ Why did you take so long to come this time~?!! "
"W-Well... it's good that it seems that Alexander-senpai was able to return safely, right?"

…so you've finally decided to go back, brat… Hmn? …have you gotten a little taller now?
A-Anyway, that doesn't matter now… it seems like you've brought another new girl over again! I hope you haven't forgotten why you left here and just focused on going after other girls there, brat!! "
"Yes, it seems that Alexander has grown up a bit... children really grow up quickly, right?"
"Alexander-onisan ~ / Alex-onichan ~"
"Ha... Ha... why the hell the first moment the boy appears, then he has to use this damn thing with me?!"
"You deserve it!!"
“Celi is right. Besides... I think it's all your fault, Milene.
Hello... don't worry, what happened before was due to this woman's fault. None of the girls here regularly treat each other badly. "
"E-Eh? I-I see… n-nice to meet you too, I-I'm Renka "
A few minutes later than what happened with the last three who spoke, the news that I had returned quickly spread through the mansion, and then one girl after another began to appear.
Looking at each of them, my heart began to pound for each face that I hadn't seen in a while! Although… unlike me, it seems that Renka-chan was getting more and more overwhelmed by every girl that she watches come to us.
So seeing this, perhaps Saya tries to reassure her a bit by approaching and talking to her with a smile. Well, maybe this was also because of what happened before... without a doubt, I don't think it was very good that moments after arriving in another world, she suddenly saw a woman writhing on the ground while sweet sounds escaped from her mouth and her body it was writhing!
Because of that, I had no choice but to cancel the punishment using the bracelet on my hand…  it's good that now those outfits that Milene and Celi-chan use were out of sync or things would have been a little worse.
Well, the other girls had a more normal reaction to our meeting, so things shouldn't be too bad either. Kurisu and Shisuka who are the first to shout my name when they see me, quickly run to my side quite happy... they even had some tears of joy for that!
...although I'm happy about it, it also makes me feel a bit guilty for having left them here for several months without us being able to see each other.
Also, Emilia-chan and Rei, although they are more reserved... or it is difficult for them to show their true emotions a little more than the others, I can certainly see that they were quite animated when they saw me! Even the latter seems to have really noticed that I had grown a little during these months!!
… Although, it would have been much better if she didn't continue speaking to complain after those words. I wish she had a little more confidence in me! Of course I wouldn't forget something like that, and I really struggled a bit to get the weapons in Revy's world!!
Well, when she sees this, surely she will be quieter... and then maybe she doesn't think as something so important that I have brought Renka-chan here! Since even though the other girls also seemed to have a bit of curiosity in her, it seems that Rei was the only one who showed a little dislike for this... it is good that now the girl in question was talking to Saya and did not notice of her attitude or there could be some misunderstanding between them.
Another who also seems to notice my physical growth was Haruna! Most likely having a young daughter who actually seems to be growing up quickly makes her a little more susceptible to these things.
On the other hand, this little girl, Iruka-chan, along with her best friend, Alice-chan, also try to catch up with me but unfortunately due to their shorter steps, they are both a bit late...
"E-Emm… S-Shisuka-san… I-I think that's enough! You're going to suffocate Alex again!! "
"Heee~ But it's been months that I haven't been able to hug him~ I have to make up that time~!!"
"Girl... if you really mean to hold the boy for so long, then you will surely end up killing him "
The first to get to where I was was none other than Shisuka who quickly took me in her arms and plunged me between her majestic breasts!! Although I think that, in a sense, this was quite commendable... out of the girls, Shisuka was probably the worst in terms of physical strength! So it was a bit surprising that she was the first to reach me...
Well… despite her physical condition, I think she has two very great advantages! Two large shields that shook forcefully with every step she took and that pushed the others out of her way!!
Anyway, I thought that now was the time to show the results of my training during these last months, and let others see that I would not die so easy!
…Well, the truth is that would also be a great shame not to be able to enjoy this after a while! I had to prolong it as long as possible!!
Unfortunately... if as Lena says who also come together with Emilia-chan and Shisuka, in truth the latter pretends to have my face within this softness for several hours... maybe days or even months! Then probably not even someone of the master level of the world of Kenichi can resist it!!
[No… I think even someone with a level 3 soul can't go months without breathing, Alexander. 

Even if they have a strong desire to satisfy their perversion...]
…Then they are weak, Aurora! It wouldn't make sense to train so hard and reach those strength levels if you can't at least do something like that!! Kuh! It seems that I have not trained enough ... I still need to try harder! I begin to feel that my legs lose strength! 

It is more difficult to hold your breath when you're excited!!
[Haaa~ Well, no matter why you do it, it's good that you want to be stronger than others and reach higher levels... fufufu, also, I think it's more fun that way]
While talking to Aurora in my mind, in the end, the other girls intervene and separate us... It's a shame, but I will challenge those breasts again once I have become stronger! 

Then we move to a place where we can discuss things that had happened. The first thing I tell them is that I had been successful in getting weapons to give to the others in HOTD, and so the girls who had their relatives there were quite happy.
"…And the others?"
Since I hadn't seen Rika, Saeko, Mary, and my two monster girls Scythe and Vrana-chan, I was a little curious where they were. Since the last two should have been the first to know that I returned to this world, then I thought that was a bit strange that they were not the first to receive me...
"They are in the Rozz forest, I came recently to inform the girls who were here that everything there was fine for now... there haven't been big problems again and everything was pretty quiet lately"
"Yes, about that..."
As I had guessed, all those girls I mentioned weren't here. Apparently, from Rei's words, that group of girls had gone to Rozz's forest to train. Well, now that I remember some had mentioned that they wanted to go there, so it wasn't that strange.
The only thing that made me frown a little, was the last thing she said. Then, Kurisu begins to explain to me a little about the things that have happened on this side in the last few months. It seems that my engagement to Princess Cleirsa has been made public in other Areas, and that has caused them some problems...
Unfortunately, before I can investigate further on the subject, another of the girls here… or the newest member in this mansion should I say perhaps, seemed surprised by something else.
"A-Are there still more girls?"
“ …Yes, I'm sorry to tell you, but there are still several girls elsewhere. "
"Don't worry, Renka-chan~ The others are also good girls, and you can surely get along with them too."
With a slightly malicious smile, Rei answers Renka-chan's question… although, it seems that she was busy with her own thoughts and doesn't listen to that or what Shisuka, which seemed to gave her a warm welcome to their group, says.
…Well, I had told her and the other two who stayed in Kenichi's world that I had several girls, so I don't think she will complain to me about this… probably. Even so, although it was not a complaint or something like that, her words make now to some of the others who were here in Gaia to be surprised!
"In my world, there were Shigure and Miu... then, in the world that we went before, there they were Shenhua-san, Revy-san, Leona-san, the little twins, the alcoholic nun lady... and at the end, also a maid and her young miss...
Now in this world are… 1, 2, 3… 5…
And it seems that there is still more... "
I-It seems that Renka-chan had run out of fingers to keep counting the girls! P-Please, don't continue or you will make me feel more guilty!! Also, she seems that, unlike Revy, she was counting Shenhua this time!!
…Is it because they are friends?
“Youuu, brat… how many other girls did you leave in other worlds?! Also… little twins, she says? Did you really get your hands on a little girl now?!! "
“No… I think you're leaving something important out, Rei.
...Alexander-san is not an adult person either, have you forgotten that? "
"Alexander... I had told you that you should moderate in that regard~!"
“Alex-onichan, you are quite popular, right?~ "
"Yes, Alexander-sama is definitely quite handsome and so it's not hard to think that other girls were attracted to him~"
“Even if you want to put it in sweet words, he's just a fucking womanizer, Celi-N-No again !! Hyaaan~ "
"Ooh~ So are there other sisters of ours that we haven't seen yet?~ It seems our group has grown a bit in the last few months~"
“ S-Shisuka-san… I-I don't think you should be that happy about that, you know? "
“Hihihi… girl, I think it's a bit late to worry about something like that, don't you? I think it is better to just take an attitude similar to hers on this matter.
Besides… there is also my granddaughter that this boy seems interested in. Well, first he would have to keep his promise to me so he can see her, and then see what happens with both, hihihi "
N-Not that I wanted to hide that from them... I just thought I'd find a suitable time for that! It's a shame that the topic had come up now...
Well, I can't say they take it too badly... probably, only Rei was the most annoying... Haruna's comment was more of a little scolding...
On the other hand, the emotions of the others seemed to vary a bit. For example, Renka-chan who started all this, Kurisu, and Iruka-chan, all showed a bit of concern and discomfort. Shisuka, Alice-chan, and Celi-chan, those girls seemed quite happy instead...
In addition, there were also those who had more neutral thoughts about this... like Saya and Milene. Well, I think the latter was more because she thought that this did not have much to do with her or did not affect her... anyway, if I suffer, then she as my slave also has to suffer a little!
So let's ignore her for now...
"W-Well... the point is..."
As there was no going back now, then the only alternative left was to talk and explain to all the girls how things were with the other girls who were in other worlds. After all, even though I cannot deny that I am attracted to all of them, the truth is that it was not entirely true that I was in a relationship with some girls that Renka-chan mentioned... like Eda and Shihua.
Also, the issue of the twins was even more complicated… but above all, I didn't want the girls here to think that I was a lolicon! Therefore, I speak to explain things well about them.
“… As for the twins that Renka-chan mentioned, about them the thing is…"
When I started talking about them, the others seemed to pay more attention than when I talk about the other girls in Ruananpur... I think the matter about their age was around that of Iruka-chan and that they were probably compared to the other twins that were here, Delu and Dela who sensibly stayed a bit away like the female soldiers to give us space to talk, this had made them too defensive... while I'm not a lolicon, I also wish they all remembered what Saya said before... my age is not much different from theirs!
Well, even so, it wasn't that I intended to do something to them… it was difficult for many reasons! Also, about the other two who were in charge of the inn in this place, it was something much less likely since they have an appearance similar to Alice-chan or even a little less!!
"" T-That's... ""
"You really are cruel, Rei... complain about a couple of little girls who have suffered so much and now finally find someone who treats them well"
“I-I didn't know that! I-If I had known that, then I wouldn't have said anything… "
“Hic… Hic… poor little ones, why didn't you bring them, Alexander! I want to hug them and tell them that everything will be fine from now on!!"
"I-I didn't know that either… so that's why those couple of girls acted a little strange..."
To sum it up a bit, and since there were a couple of little girls here too, I'm just telling them that the pair of twins had probably experienced all the nightmares and worst dreams a woman could have... well, the truth is that even me it caused quite uncomfortable talking about that kind of thing too… it wasn't pleasant to do so.
As a result of this, the girls with more knowledge about these matters, after repeating my words ask me things like "D-Do you mean that they..." or "The bad things you say are.." without being able to finish their questions. At that, I could only nod to affirm what they were surely thinking.
…Right away, I could see the girls swallowing loudly or shaking a little. Also, Saya takes the opportunity to make Rei a bit uncomfortable for her words from earlier… this girl seems to continue to have a little resentment towards her. Then, even Haruna starts to sob a little and demands that I go bring those girls now! This issue must have struck precisely on her maternal side!!
Unfortunately, it would not be very wise to do that! As Renka-chan who is the only one here who knew them says, those two litBesidese not normal now!!
“Well, things are not that simple Haruna… although those girls seem adorable, they are quite dangerous. But don't worry, I have already promised that I would try to help them, and I intend to keep my words "
“Y-You… y-you have to do it, Alexander! If not, I won't be mad at you! "
“Yes, don't worry Haruna. 

Then, as for the other girls Renka-chan mentioned, the maid and her young miss I met them very recently, we don't have a deep relationship. 

In addition , Miu-chan do not know what will decide the final... so, the only one can be considered whom I have a relationship with from all those girls, is Shigure "
Even though you might think things had turned in my favor now, I would rather have them complain to me than see them depressed for talking about something sad. So trying to erase this slightly gloomy atmosphere, I continue with my explanation about the other girls.
Leona and Revy there was no problem since they already knew them, and Roberta and Gartzia-chan I had only met them a few days ago... although I had a little physical contact with the second of these last two, I was not lying with what I was saying!
… It's true that things could probably change with any of those girls in the future, but... until that happens, then it's true that I didn't have a relationship with them!
"So we have one more new sister for sure and several others who can be at any time, right?~"
"" ... ""
Sh-Shit! You didn't have to put it into words and just considering it was fine, Shisuka!!