Chapter 357 Handing Over the Weapons in HOTD 3
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"F-Fuck! You really went and stole things from an army, right?!! "
", it was an exchange between us"
“ W-What did you trade to get something like that delivered to you, Alexander-san? "
"...some briefcases"
"" ... ""
"Damn it! You really went and stole someone!! "
After boarding one of the fishing boats that were one of the main livelihoods of the camps on this world now, we quickly moved out to sea in order to get the aircraft carrier out of my interdimensional space.
...after having obtained it practically intact, it would be a shame if it ran aground, right? Of course, after recovering from the surprise of seeing this marvel of naval engineering, the others begin to question me on how I got this one.
"W-Well, it doesn't matter how this was gotten, right? We should only be grateful that Alexander brought it in to help us deal with the problems of this world. "
"Don't defend the boy, Yuriko! What if we have a problem because of this?! "
"...t-there should be no problem, Mom... after all, he brought it from another world"
"E-Eh? Oh, that's true... I forgot that by the surprise"
With things quieter now, we approach the aircraft carrier and also I tell them the contents of the boxes that were on the deck. Although they were pretty good things, the reaction of others when I told them that they were thermobaric bombs, was not as great as before...
Well, besides, there were not only those things here...
35 x Fighter jets [F-22]
12 x Combat helicopters [AH-1Z Viper]
3 x Transport Helicopters [CH-53E Super Stallion]
1750x Missiles (Various types)
4 x 20mm Phalanx CIWS Cannons
2 x RIM-116 RAM Launchers
In addition to military equipment for the crew... there were a large number of defense and attack systems on this aircraft carrier! It really was a maritime fortress!! But of all the things that I had seen when I stored it before, what caught my attention the most was something else...
So I quickly start walking around the place with the others following me looking for that! And then, in a little while after since this place was pretty big, I find what I wanted to see!!
"T-This is ..."
[ 5 x Continental Nuclear Missile 1 Warhead ] [3 x Continental Missile 6 Warheads] [1 x Continental Missile 12 Warheads]
"...t-they are continental nuclear missiles!"
In the end, I had accidentally obtained a good number of nuclear missiles!!
...this may be the main reason why despite having stolen... exchanged the aircraft carrier without their consent with them, then until now there had been no retaliation from them.
"I-It's the first time I've seen one..."
“…D-Do you think they are exhibited in museums or something like that? Surely more than 99% of the people in the world have not seen them!! "
Well… I was also about to make the same stupid comment as Yamada, so I can't blame him for that. But without a doubt, what Hirano answered him is true... this is not something you can normally see in life!
“There are some that seem to have multiple warheads… I think it is best to separate these and make more missiles better… well, I'll ask Kurisu if she and the others from the technology department can do it.
If it is impossible, then they can be used in large metropolises that have tens of millions of zombies... it is not that they are useless because be bigger"
"A-Are we going to use them?"
“…Well, for now, it's better to first use the ones that were on the deck. In the future we may consider whether to use them or not.
After all, the best thing is to continue cleaning zombie places. "
“… Okay. As the places with zombies are further from the camps now, then the camps should be safer "
I'm also glad that the camp environments are good. After all, it's not like I have a mentality where I enjoy seeing people suffer. Also, in a sense, seeing people enjoying their life now in this world is largely my achievement and so I can be happy and proud of that!
The current liveliness of MLDW is certainly very different from the first few months when the apocalypse in this world happened! People are looking harder for ways to survive here on their own, and also take back the territories now dominated by zombies.
Thanks to this, the previous missions that the system gave me were now completed! This was one of the pleasant surprises I had when I went through the dimensional rift when arriving here!!
Although the scrolls I gave Yuriko the previous time must have been quite helpful, if people had no motivation to fight zombies, then things would have been a lot more complicated.
[Mission / Optional "Region Control" - G - Complete ]
Divided people can be more vulnerable, especially in a world full of monsters. On the other hand, if they are under the same leader, then the opportunity to overcome difficulties is more feasible.

Objective: Take control of 15 small camps (> 1 thousand <10 thousand inhabitants). ( 15/15)
                  Take control of 10 Medium camps (> 10 thousand <50 thousand inhabitants). ( 10 / 10)
                  Take control of 5 small camps (> 50 thousand inhabitants). ( 5/5)

Reward: 500 x [Limit-Break Pills]
                1 x Millions of crystals
                10 x Millions of Gold
Additional Rewards: 1 x Millions of crystals
                                  10 x Millions of Gold
                                  100 x [Energy Channel Rebirth Pills - H]
[Mission / Optional "Land Recovery" - G - Complete ]
Retrieve the ancient territory of humanity from the hands of zombies. By doing this the security of your camps will be greater.

Objective: 10 Cities With less than 1 million zombies ( 10 /10)
                  5 Cities with less than 10 million zombies (5/5)

Reward: 1000x [Limit-Break Pills]
               5x Millions of crystals
               50x Millions of Gold
Additional Rewards: 5x Millions of crystals
                                   50x Millions of Gold
                                   250 x [Energy Channel Rebirth Pills - H]
Also, having finished those missions, the system gave me the next objective to follow in this world...
[Mission "Creation of a Kingdom - F"
Continue reclaiming zombie-dominated territory and create a place where people can lead civilized lives.
Objective: Recover 1/5 of the territory of this country
                 Gather a population of over 10 million
Reward: 5 [Limit-Break Pills - F] (Effective for people with a level 2 soul)
               50x [Ilumination Pills- G]
               500 x [Energy Channel Rebirth Pills - H]
The targets this time sounded pretty big... well, the rewards weren't small either. Besides, I believe that these objectives were things that had to happen sooner or later and, even without me having to do much this will happen in the end... and more the second objective.
In the camps we have now, refugees are constantly arriving from different places seeking asylum… it seems that it has been scattered by people or by radio that in this region there are people who now have a normal life, and many come looking for this.
As for the first objective… I will still keep asking the other leaders to continue killing the zombies! Thanks to the cleaning done by them in the adjacent cities recently, I now had 250 million crystals in my pocket! And these are net earnings after removing what is necessary for the camps to run smoothly!!
So even though it seemed pretty good to me that people had a good life, I also can't deny that my motivation to search for missiles and these weapons was mainly for this other reason!
Therefore, I could say that instead of worrying about accomplishing this mission, I just have to motivate the other leaders to meet the objectives in the shortest time possible! Also, with the things that I brought now, I will surely be able to obtain a very good amount of crystals again!! No, It should be even higher!! 
…I didn't even care much about using the atomic bombs in this world anymore. While this might speed up the strengthening of the zombies a bit, this could also be seen as this large mine producing crystals with more value!
Of course, for something like that, then first I had to strengthen a little to all the people that were under my command. They are still the main manpower to collect the crystals, and it wouldn't make much sense to lose them for being too ambitious...
The only thing stopping me from using those bombs is that we probably couldn't pick up things from cities that get destroyed with these… so it's best to use them as I mentioned before, only in case a zombie horde of tens of millions causes trouble.
…I would probably lose several tens… or even hundreds of millions of crystals for that, but… in this world now it is much easier to find zombies than people! Although… it is not pleasant to think of such a loss either. It would be much better if things were solved simply with thermobaric pumps!
"You think you can be in charge of training a group of people to move this aircraft carrier, Hirano"
"L-Leave it to me! I don't know how I'll do it, but I assure you I'll make it, Alexander!! "
…Although it's good to see him motivated, his words worry me a bit. Well, I don't have anyone better to give this task either… besides, I don't think he would sink it while he tries to see how it works… right?
"Don't worry... it's better for Kurisu and the others to take care of these things."
Either way, after taking a look at Hirano, I decide to put the nuclear missiles in my inventory… I think my words are the best decision!
Then leaving Hirano with some of the men he had brought, we returned to the hill. He seemed pretty glad that I had put him in charge of the aircraft carrier, so I don't think I should be too concerned.
With all the things I had to do done, I spend the rest of the afternoon walking around the camp a bit to see the changes more closely. Also… it didn't feel bad that people stopped to greet me every time they recognized me. It was not bad satisfying one's ego from time to time.
Then when night came, I was alone in my room... Saya is surely now pampering her little brother, Rei was dragged by her Mother, and Kurisu was quite busy with all the things I asked her...
"So that's why you're here now... haa~"
“… I don't like sleeping alone, Yuriko. 

But... if you don't want me to sleep with you, then I'll go... I will have to sleep alone in the dark"
"... haa ~"
That was the reason why I was now outside Yuriko's room holding a pillow! So after explaining my situation to her, I hoped she would feel sorry for me!! Unfortunately, things didn't seem to be going so well...
"…I am afraid of the dark, you know?"
"Hmp~ Liar boy... surely you have more fun when it's night time"
"Well, come on... before someone sees you"
…It seems that she did not fall for my little lie while acting like a little boy! She knows me quite well and pulls my cheek saying something quite true! But in the end, it seems that luck smiles at me a little, and Yuriko with a flushed face allows me to go to her room!!
"...if you can't keep your previous promise, then you'd better sleep in your room in the dark"
"...Haa ~"
Once we are both lying on the bed, quickly my hands begin to travel a little over her body on her nightwear, and... then she tells me that. I had to test the waters a bit to see what happened, but... Yuriko seemed quite firm in keep things we talked about earlier!
Without choice, I let out a long sigh and sink my head into the pillow with a bit of a bad mood...
Well, it was not all that bad... a few minutes more later, I think Yuriko felt a little sorry for me and she hugs me and let me sleep in his warm and soft breasts!! While I wanted to try to get further away with her, this is much better than having to be just sleeping beside her!!
Then the next day, the first thing that woke me up was Kurisu's screaming with a little shaky breathing who was probably coming back from the lab and, at not finding me in our room, she came quickly here running… I think something similar had happened before.
...she was looking at me and Yuriko with a rather accusatory look ... although, probably remembering her problems, this time she was not severe like other times. So, at the end of it all, I can dodge those problems in a not so difficult way.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------
(POV Revy - Ruananpur)
"Damn Eda, since you're living in our building, then you should at least help out with something and not spend all day drinking!!"
“…You are a nuisance, Revy. Also, you are not doing a lot of work to be living there either. 

Leaving that aside, I really think people are now calling your company “ Black Lagoon Children's kindergarten”… that's not so much a joke anymore! Now there is another little girl and even a Maid there!! "
A couple of days after Alexander left, Eda had asked me to come to Bao's Bar, which seemed to have been remodeled once again, to drink... this place seemed to go through this at least a couple of times in a month, so Bao seems to have gotten used to it and gotten pretty quick at doing that.
...Alexander mentioned it before, but now I'm also starting to wonder a bit why we frequent a place that is constantly being demolished...
Well, I wasn't here to worry about it, I was saying my displeasure to this bitch for taking a room in our building to live! It would be nice if she got out of there!!
So, trying to avoid this topic, she mentions the other new tenants... that damn Maid is also a nuisance!! ...Should I try to kick those 3 out while Alexander is gone? That would be good…
"... Revy, how far have you come with that boy?"
As if reading my thoughts and knowing that mentioning the other two didn't solve her problem, she changes the subject again.
" Why does that matter to you?! It has nothing to do with you!!"
"Heee~ I was a bit surprised to find out that you slept together with him, but... it seems you are a damn coward"
Damn it! This fucking bitch this time indeed managed to distract my attention and I could only keep quiet! Also, her words somehow bothered me a lot!!
"H-Hmp~ I-It's not like nothing happened between us e-either."
“Oohh~ That sounds interesting… tell me, Woman. How did you take advantage of that brat? Hehehe...”
The truth is that I did not want to talk about it... much less with this fucking nun! Besides... even though I said that, things didn't end in the best way either!! Whatever, I-I just will blame Alexander for that...
Eda, who found herself lying on the table, recovers a bit, and then with enough interest, she presses for me to speak... so, without any other option, I begin to tell her about some things that happened a few weeks ago.
I didn't want this bitch to continue teasing me about those things, but... when the words start to come out of my mouth, I start to believe that maybe I should have kept quiet about those things better!!