Chapter 368 [Bedroom Chaos Pill] 9
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(POV Saeko)
"Ha... Ha... A-Alex-san... I-I too will finally become your woman now..."
After seeing Alex-san nod to my words, I lowered my gaze to place myself in a suitable position for what followed now... he-he also moves a little helping this, and right away his-his... his penis was right under my vagina.
S-Seeing his big penis that couldn't seem to fit into my vagina, my body shudders a little... it-it almost seemed to throb trying to intimidate me even more. N-No… before when he caressed my entire body with his hands and I wrapped mine around his neck tightly, his penis was trapped between both of our bodies and I could feel it throbbing in my lower belly... it really seemed like it had a life of its own.
S-Since this scared me a little... I slowly lower my hips until it touches my vaginal lips and tries to separate them a bit. By the simple contact of our two parts, I feel a shudder run through my back!
So either by instinct or by fear, I lift my body without thinking, thus losing the warm sensation that was beginning to invade my vagina!
"Okay... it won't hurt you... or rather, it won't hurt you more than necessary..."
Seeing my reaction a little scared, Alex-san's words reach my ear in the form of a whisper... p-perceiving that smile that contained a bit of mischief bothered me a bit! T-This little guy seemed to be making fun of me a bit… b-besides, he had already done this a couple of times before!
…While playing with my chest and my butt with his hands and his m-mouth, I had noticed that sometimes he would stop a bit to see my expression and make the same face as now!
So after showing him a slightly reproachful face for that and taking a little courage, I-I went on and picked up my actions where I had left off. I-Interestingly, my action of complaining a bit about this seems to excite him even more… I could easily tell from Alex-san's palpitations that were transmitted to me from his penis which had started to enter me!
...I -I could also perfectly feel my vagina opening slowly and beginning to accommodate the invader... h-honestly, I thought it would be more painful, but... my vagina begins to cover his penis without any problem...
I-I had seen it before with Kurisu-san, but it still kept surprising me a bit how something like this was possible… I-I couldn't take my eyes off and see how slowly Alex-san's penis was disappearing little by little!
W-Well... i-if we think that a baby had to make his way through that place too, then something like that shouldn't be so surprising... maybe.
"Kuh! N-No 're so nervous, Saeko-chan... you can take your time to get used to, and do it slowly... "
"E-Eh? Did-did I hurt you?"
"No... it was just a little sudden... "
When having a baby idea goes through my mind, suddenly my body reacts by itself and my vagina seems to grip Alex-san's penis tightly preventing it from advancing further… as a result of this, it bends a little!
F-For a moment I was quite scared thinking that I had hurt him, but... after looking at him with a bit of concern, his hand caressing my back gently and his words reassuring me a bit. I-It didn't seem like there was much of a problem about that… even though Alex-san's m-member was pretty hard, strangely it seemed to be very flexible too… it-it quickly reverts to its normal form and continues to advance through me!
"Nuunt~… n-now I'll also become your woman totally, Alex-san… no… m-maybe I should call you Danna-sama after this?"
“Hehehe… that doesn't sound bad at all, but... you can call me whatever you feel comfortable with, Saeko-chan."
Then as I continued to lower my hips slowly, I again came to a stop that prevented Alex-san's penis from passing more deeper... the difference was that this time it was the proof that a girl was receiving a man for the first time! What prevented us from continuing was my Hymen!
A-After his penis broke this one, t-then... there would be no doubt that I would completely become Alex-san's woman! So, thinking about that, I couldn't help but mention this to him again.
At first, I began to follow this boy because he seemed to openly accept the darkness that was in me... I still perfectly remember the image at that moment in the park where he was with the sun hiding behind his back and his golden eyes watching me intently as he stretched the hand towards me without any rejection or displeasure when finding out about that dark part that was hidden inside me.
...even instead of showing displeasure, he offered to take me to a place where a person like me could be a better fit! So several months after we met, he kept his word by bringing me to this world called Gaia.
Being fully accepted was undoubtedly the main reason why this boy began to occupy a big part of my heart slowly until filling it completely... and even surely it is the reason why I did not care much that he had several girls by his side.
For me, it was enough that when he observing me he did it without any suspicion or dislike... and he always did it! No, actually, I got more than I bargained for...
When Alex-san looked at me, I could see his concern... his kindness... his affection towards me... his desire to want to protect me... and of course, his eagerness to hold me in his arms like now...
Therefore, I had long ago decided that he would be my man for the rest of my life! I would respond to his feelings of concern, kindness, and desire to protect myself in the same way!
As for the latter thing... to be honest with myself, the main reason that drove me to get to where we are now was a bit the envy I felt towards Kurisu for becoming Alex-san's women previously, but… even though it was embarrassing and difficult to admit, my body has been craving for this for a long time too!
…The moment I felt Alex-san's penis enter me, my vagina which for some time had been asking me for something, now seemed quite satisfied by that.
Well, I didn't have much of a problem like Haruna because of Alex-san's current age… I wasn't as reluctant to do something like that with him either. In fact, probably the only problem was finding a suitable moment to be able to do something like this… after all, there were always several girls around him! seems that he himself had to pay a little for having stolen the hearts of so many girls, fufufu. Even though he probably wanted to do something like this for a long time too, surely it was very difficult to move things forward with anyone if there were others in the place.
Although I said that I had been willing to do it with him for a long time and I did not mind having to share it with other girls, even for me it was difficult to do intimate things with someone else watching.
…I can do this now because Kurisu-san was one of the girls that I had the best relationship with and respected, and also… b-because she allowed me to be here while the two of them made love. Although… maybe it was more like she was forced to do it because Alex-san was a little out of her mind earlier because of the pill that silly Shisuka gave him.
W-Well, that was also one of the reasons that allowed me to get over my embarrassment to do it now... A-Alex-san seemed to be in pain a bit and, true to my word and purpose for staying here, I-I had to help both.
E-Either way, now I would become this boy's woman... no, this man's woman too.
"Fufufu… it seems that you are now a little taller than when we met the first time Alex-san… also, your body is now more manly, didn't it? Your muscles have begun to be distinguished more clearly now- Hyaaan~"
"T-This… Nuunt~ I-It's gotten bigger…"
"... it's your fault for getting me more excited, Saeko-chan~"
Giving it a look again to the person who would become my man, I start to tell a bit more about the changes he had now after we met... he was definitely a little higher than this time we were in the park and invited me to follow him... so, I also began to caress a little his arms and chest which now had muscles a little marked...
I-I didn't expect that when I try to tell him these changes that he had now, I feel like my vagina is forced to stretch a little more! For a moment I thought his penis was going to tear my hymen for itself!
"S-Silly... n-now that your penis is bigger, won't it be more painful to do it?"
“ I-If you continue to stimulate me, then you will make it get even bigger, you know? "
Feeling how his penis was bigger inside me, a claim comes out my mouth before thinking... t-to the realization what I said, I feel like the blood starts to rise to my head! Although, I didn't have much time to worry about it either!
I-I felt like Alex-san's penis began to throb with more force as if it threatened to get even bigger! I- It would be better if we do this before something like this actually ends up happening!!
I considered myself a strong woman and the pain didn't scare me much... after all, I knew that while I was fighting it was almost inevitable to hurt myself. But… lowering my hips further and making Alex-san's penis break my hymen still scared me a bit! that instead of applying force to lower my hips, I do just the opposite and relaxing them to let gravity and my own weight do the work for me...
The inevitable happens and Alex-san's member slides deeper into my vagina, and completely breaking my hymen! I could clearly feel how it slowly ripped it apart and advanced to the depths of me!! Then what seemed to be a somewhat painful cramp runs through my entire body.
T-This time not only my vagina and if not my whole body acted by themselves! My arms squeeze Alex-san tightly, and I press him against my chest... a-and my vagina seems to do the same with his penis too!
"Ha ... Ha ... n-now I'm also... Danna-sama's woman, Right?."
"Yes ... Saeko-chan is now my woman too... chu ~"
Sometime later, I feel I regained control of my body and then loosening the hug Alex-san, I fix my eyes to look at him as I felt some tears coming down my cheek and that he gently stroked my back... i-instead of my tears being for the pain of now, these were because of the meaning of this one!
Now Alex-san would become my man! Although… for now, I will only call him like that when we are alone at times like this. Surely if I do it with other girls present, then this could cause them a bit of discomfort... I can wait a little while until we do a ceremony or something similar.
I've never cared much about something like a wedding before, but I think it would be for the best. No… first of all, I wonder if Alex-san has something like that in mind? Well, there are quite a few girls and so I am almost certain that some of them have a greater desire than me for something like a wedding… therefore, surely it is not impossible for it to happen.
…From what I heard from Rika-san before, even Milene had something similar before she coming to this mansion as a slave and Alex-san didn't object to that. If that woman was able to have an event like this before, I think several girls will demand that he do it with them as well.
Either way, surely this won't be the only chance that I can call him Danna-sama… I'm pretty sure that after today, this will be repeated several times! W-Well… it's not like I have a problem with that… a-actually, I think I should do my duty as his woman with him.
"Are you okay, Saeko-chan... can I move now?"
"Y-Yes... I-I think I'm fine now... Aaaun~"
I-I still felt a bit of discomfort in the part that we were both connected and became one, but… the sensation of pain was less than the feeling of fullness that it felt. Partly it should be because of the thought that now I had become Alex-san's woman, but... I couldn't deny that the sensation of his penis filling my insides was quite comfortable...
Also, after he starts to move next to hearing my words, he amplifies all those sensations to a great extent! The pain was more present as well, but coupled with this when his penis brushed my interior, this made some moans escape from my mouth for the pleasure that it gave me!
…Feeling how h-his penis seemed to reach the depths of my gut was making my mind slowly cloud!
"Hyaan~… A-Aun~"
It was not a strong movement, but with only the inertia of the bouncing of the bed mattress and gravity, it was enough to achieve this pleasure and pain! I-It seems that Alex-san was a bit worried about my current state since his movements were quite gentle… I think that even this was even less intense than when he was with Kurisu-san… w-well… of the first few minutes in which they started to do it... as more time passed, things became more intense with the two of them.
Also, when he saw my face wince in pain, he would stop for a few seconds and then caress my breasts and buttocks instead! So, concentrating on the feel of her hands, I had time to stop thinking about the pain in my vagina...
"Hmnn~! [Chu~] [Lick~] [Chu~]"
Although I considered myself and tried to be... and surely Alex-san also thought of me as a pretty strong girl, that he treated me like someone delicate did not feel bad at all... feeling her love and concern for me, my lips sought for those of him. So leaning me in a little, we kissed again like the many times we had done so far.
Thanks to being able to concentrate on greedily sucking his tongue, I could even now move a little to coincide with Alex-san's movements... putting a little force on my legs, slowly raise my body and then lower my waist again... and then I repeat this process consecutively.
"Haan~ Haan~ Haan~"
Soon the pleasant sensation of his penis slowly entering and leaving my vagina was greater than the pain I felt... also, seeing that he also enjoyed my movements, motivated me even more to continue doing it and even put a little more strength in them!
Of course, it was inevitable that due to this, more moans escaped my mouth... also, the tone of these was slowly increasing! I-It was a bit embarrassing, but I had slowly stopped caring about this… s-surely my voice could reach the girls outside the door, but… for now, I just wanted to focus on the moment we had both of us!
So looking to please each other even more, we both showed the affection and love that we felt for the other!