Chapter 149 -150 Reward 2
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I think it was very cruel to divide the following into two chapters, so today I published a double chapter. Therefore, the next day there will be no chapter.

Thanks for the support and I hope you like the chapter. Take care and please if you can share the novel in your social circles so that it can reach more people.


(Continuous POV Saya)

"I-I don't feel ready to continue Alexander-san ... b-but it's also my fault that you're like this.... s-so maybe I can help you with that"




With my words, Alexander-san remains silent and says nothing... i-it seems that this surprised him quite a bit and he remains blank. I-I hope he doesn't think I'm a liberal girl or even worse, that I'm a lascivious girl!


"...Help me?"


"E-emmm ... w-well ... I-I read that there are other things besides sex... I-I just did that because I was curious, so don't think bad of me, please! I-It's not like I did these things or make something like that... I-I just thought that would n't hurt me to know these things, seriously! "


"I-I see ... well, don't worry Saya, I think it's normal ... s-so don't get so nervous"


Alexander-san asks me back as if he wanted to clarify things so that he had no misunderstandings with my words and then he also tries to confirm the possible conclusions that he reached were correct... he is certainly someone of 12 years, but he probably knows more of those things that I ...


Because of that my face gets even redder than it was, then seeing the eyes of Alexander-san was opened to the maximum because of the words I say, I quickly sit up as shouted back to try to make that don't think badly of me ... maybe it's impossible for me to look like an innocent person after saying that of before.


Due to my sudden movement, Alexander-san falls onto the bed since he was still sitting above me and then probably realizing my concerns, he speaks to calm me down... or maybe he was just trying to shut me up since my voice was pretty strong when I talk to him. This is very embarrassing! Why I say that?! N-no, I-I have some responsibility that he's in that state ... s-so ... s-so ...


"Well… do you want me to let you to do the things and so you can go at your own pace?"




With my mind beginning to turn into a disaster, his words make some clarity back return to me...... but the nervousness was not to disappear rather than I try to calm myself, but it seems that at least he is not looking strangely to me.


Honestly, for a moment I thought about letting Alexander-san take the lead... but on second thought, maybe this way I can mentally prepare myself for what follows and so after thinking this, I assent quietly to his words.


We both got out of bed right away and then his eyes scan various parts of my naked body. I reflexively try to cover the important parts... he probably has seen me many times already and I should n't be worrying about it, but... being aware of his gaze causes me a restlessness and a tingling in my whole body.


This was pretty embarrassing but thinking about what I'm going to do now, not that this matters much now... after all, that would be even more intimate than just looking at each other naked.


After taking several deep breaths I begin to slowly approach him, then with his eyes on me, I direct my hands towards his pants… immediately with my slightly trembling hands, I unbutton the button of this and in the next moment it falls leaving him only wearing underwear.


"" Glup ""


Almost on a par with the sound of clothes sliding to the floor, we can also hear the echo of us gulping... I did it as a result of nervousness to thinking of what would follow after this, as for him, was maybe because for anticipation and excitement since his eyes were express this...


To he did not seem to mind being in underpants and just watch my movements... people say that it's easier for one person talking to another while both being under the same conditions so that following this logic since he was approaching to the nakedness too, then I should get quieter, but... contrary to that, this only manages to make my heart was racing even more!


While I bite my lower lip to give myself more strength, then at the same time I proceed to take the elastic of his underwear. Then, after taking a big breath I lower them while also squatting down to the height of his waist... i-it seems that this part of he was reluctant to get out of them as it made it a bit difficult for me to do it and so I had to try it a couple of times.


Instinctively when I manage to lower his underpants I close my eyes tight trying not to observe the thing that was now in complete freedom...... n-no, maybe I should say that I was who released it...



Calm dow Saya! It's not like you haven't see naked him before ...


Repeating this thought several times in my mind, I begin to slowly open my eyes until I see something big and upright just in front of my eyes.




"A-are you alright?"


... I-I thought I'd be ready for this but... when I see that up close, I can't help but try to back off a bit, but sadly because of the position I was in, I fall onto my butt.


I had seen it before, but... well, they were more quick glimpses and not as detailed as now. So, having it present in a few inches from my face I realize how intimidating this can be ... it was very different from what that I had seen in videos on the network!


Noticing that I had panicked even more than before, Alexander-san asks me about my condition... Regrettably, now I could only fix my eyes on his member without being able to say anything.


"Maybe this is too fast, too? You don't have to force yourself to do things you're not ready..."


As I had not answered anything, he speaks again but only that this time I could distinguish some sadness or resignation on his face... I-I can't back down now! I can't keep being a coward! Also, I was the one who proposed this... I-I can't be scared by this, I also have my pride as a woman!


"N-no ... I-I was just a little surprised... I will do it! I-It's like this because of me after all"




I take the position I had a few seconds ago and then I look at his penis, but now with a little more curiosity than fear... n-now what do I do? Should I imitate what I saw before? W-Well, let's start with that first...


I extend my right hand and seconds later I wrap my fingers around the shaft of Alexander-san's member... c-can this really get into that part of me? E-Even holding it with my hand there is still quite a bit sticking out from between my fingers…


Concentrate, Saya! 

Well, if I remember correctly… I have to move back and forth, right?


I do just that and look up at Alexander-san… I know it is a very sensitive part and I didn't want to make a mistake and hurt him, so I slowly start to imitate what I saw earlier on the net while at the time also observing his reactions.


It was good that my movements did not seem that make any discomfort to him... w-will feels good for him to do it this way? For now, it seems like it's nice for him...


The sensation of his penis is a little strange... it is hard, but it also has the softness of meat from any other part of the body... it also has a fairly warm temperature... but it seems to be heating up even more now. 

I keep doing the same thing for a few minutes and nothing changes much since I started… I am only slightly surprised that the tip that was thicker than the rest of the member begins to secrete a crystalline liquid.


Because of this, the scent coming off his penis intensifies even more, it wasn't a very unpleasant odor and it was just a little strange... although this seemed to cloud my head a bit.


"E-Emmm… Saya? Your hands really feel quite nice, but… are you just thinking of jerking me off ?"


" J-Jack off!? "




"S-sorry! D-Did I hurt you ?! "


"I- Is fine... don't worry, is just the feeling was a little more intense..."


As time goes by, suddenly Alexander-san tells me that ... I-I didn't know how to feel for the first part he said ... although I think I was a little glad that he told me that he felt good... well, it is certainly much better than to he tells me instead that he felt bad.


But then his next words get me a little out of control and I squeeze his penis causing him to complain about my abrupt action. I quickly apologize, b-but I didn't know whether to let go of his penis or caress it as an apology… then before I made up my mind, he talks to tell me it was okay and that making me feel less guilty.


B-but remembering his previous words, it was true that there were other things I could do apart from making this movement with my hands with his p-penis ... I had concentrated so much on examining these things that were totally new to me that I forgot about to do that…


S-So I think I should put it in my mouth? ... j-just think it's like a Lolly Popor or something like that Saya... y-you can do it!


I take my resolve and begin to move my face closer to Alexander-san's penis… I open my mouth, and then insert the tip until it touches my tongue.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

(POV of Alexander)


Things had moved in a direction that I did not expect to develop at all ... when I had prepared to leave, Saya suddenly stopped me. After that, she asked me what I thought of her and so I answered her what she wanted to know by being honest.


In the end, I had pushed her to the bed and kissed her… we had been doing that for a long time while losing ourselves in the sensations they caused and then, before I knew it, I was preparing to just continue until the end and take Saya's first time.


But then she speaks for us to stop ...


Honestly, it took me a while to abide by her words... my excitement due to the things in the bathroom had risen quite a bit and to make this worse, having entangled both of us for a long time, it could be said that this was at a critical point.


But thinking that she had already had a bad time because of what Yuriko-san did and also seeing her scared face, then I managed to stop.


So when she asks me about my condition, I answer her saying my concerns... in fact, although it is a bit sad to do it this way, I was considering releasing everything I had accumulated doing something for myself or otherwise, it would really turn into something painful... or also maybe I end up releasing it without realizing it when I'm asleep with the girls. 

I knew that what has been accumulating would come out no matter what... so it would be quite awkward that the girls to see me in that all sticky state when we wake up.


So then we got to this point that I didn't expect at all...


Unexpectedly, right now at this moment Saya was kneeling in front of me while holding my penis with her hand and gently pistoning it… watching her do it so carefully while my penis reflected in her glasses was quite interesting.


Well... to get here, we had to go through some setbacks so that right now I could enjoy her delicate and soft hands.


This certainly was already great, but... I had thought that she would do something else in addition to this... so I ask her what was what she intended to do precisely, I want not to push her neither... or perhaps you should try to demand a little more? Now I was at a crossroads...


But then thanks to my question I was able to discover that apparently what Saya had thought to do would not be just her masturbating me... after she recovers from my question and I also because of the sudden strong stimulation that her hand provides me, she brings her mouth closer slowly to my penis.




In the next second, she eats the tip making it disappear inside her mouth and then a very stimulating sensation of moisture from her saliva, the softness of her cheeks, and warmth of her tongue surround the glans of my penis. 


Also, being somewhat uncomfortable and even painful, the hardness of her teeth is noticeable through my member… well, you couldn't expect much from someone doing this for the first time, right?


In fact, I should be grateful that she offered to do me this great service!… It would have been a bit unfortunate to have had to masturbate to lessen how excited I was after all.


"... S-Saya ... you try to mimic the movement doing with your hand using your lips... o-only prevents your teeth touch my penis, is okay?"


"'sh oshay"




[Squish] [Squish] [Squish]


Although I was grateful to her for doing this, I couldn't help but advise her on some things since it seems that after she brought the penis to her mouth she didn't know what to do after that... although seeing her face with a little frown, also it could be that she was trying to examine the taste that my penis must have given her tongue.


She had a somewhat confused expression as if he didn't know what to compare this new flavor that the taste buds sent to her brain.


Intervening in her thoughts, by inertia she tries to respond to my request and cause of this I had her tongue caress my glans as she moves it to speak and also feels her exhalation in it. Damn! This body is quite sensitive...i-in my memories of this wasn't so intense that when I had my other body... or it may be that this is because this body is still quite young?


W-Well ... no matter what the reason is, I just know that I won't be able to resist much if the feeling is so intense!...



Saya, follow my directions, and after getting down on her knees and placing her hands on my waist to make herself more comfortable, she begins to move her head back and forth repeatedly.


[… I think the doubt you had, possibly mainly was due to the first thing you said. Although the second one perhaps also influences that a bit, I think your body is more sensitive than one of an average person, Alexander.


After all, your previous body was normal... now in this one, your senses are superior and also have sharpened the stronger you get. It could also be said that it is more perfect than that of a normal person.


Although this is to help more in fights and things like that... but it seems that this has some effect on this type of thing also.]


[Squish] [Squish] [Squish]


As I try to distract myself by thinking about other things so I don't focus on the sensation in Saya's mouth, suddenly Aurora speaks to me. I-I had forgotten about her... I also didn't think she would talk to me when I was in this situation ...


W-well, it doesn't matter. I can focus on her voice to contain what seems to want to come out of my penis at any time…  I don't think that this end so quickly after I have obtained this chance! I do not know when I can be alone with a girl again and ask for someone to do this. 

While we are gathered in a group it is almost impossible, also I think that it is too soon to do something like an orgy for them... I also think it is better not to rush things, I can enjoy the moments with each girl individually and then move on to that after.


[Squish] [Squish] [Squish]


"Shuup ~! Puah ... Ha ... Ha ... d-does it feels good, Alexander-kun?"


"Eh? Oh, yeah ... i-it feels great Saya"


"I-I see ... Th-then... Aaah~"


Saya stops her fellatio for a second and asks me that ... she had no experience in this, but it was no lie that it really felt great... it was even better than as I remember. Although this is surely due to this body rather than Saya's ability… of course, that was not necessary for her to know.


Well, either I cannot say that I have had the opportunity to enjoy this sensation so much before… unfortunately my former partners felt a repulsion for this type of activity, so it was very few times that I could experience something like this.


Listening to me praising her, she smiles at me and puts my penis back into her mouth... also perhaps due to my words, she was even more motivated this time and she did it in an even more intense way than before.

[Squish!] [Lick~] [Squish!] [Lick~] [Squish!] [Lick~]  


She even begins to use her tongue more ... sometimes she stops the movement of her head and begins to play with the tongue rubbing it o my glans ... she probably noticed from my expression that this part was quite sensitive and that I really liked the feeling that gave me her tongue there.


"Mmmm ~ Nha ~"


... It seems like she is a pretty observant girl... but this is bad! I am reaching my limit more and more... also, looking at her eyes that watch me from below carefully while licking my penis is even more exciting! She may not know it, but she certainly has a born talent for this...


Also... watching her breasts twitch as she interlocks her head jerking motion and playing with my penis with her tongue is quite intense.


Although it seems that it is not just me who is getting excited about this...


The nipples in the center of her breasts were now erect showing that Saya's arousal was also building up... at the same time, her vagina could no longer only be considered to have gotten somewhat wet... that liquid had started to come down from her thighs following to gravity.


I-it's good that for now, she had only discovered how to use my tongue to give me more pleasure... I-If added to that she starts to suck intensely, what I am holding by forcing my abdomen would surely be released immediately! Only to think in this make my knees to shiver.


[…this is interesting. So this is one of the forms of intimate interaction between two individuals of different sexes?… I am a little curious about how you would perform the intercourse. Alexander, will you do it with her? Will you put your penis in her vagina?]


H-Ha? Well… probably in the future? Now I think Saya decided to do this to precisely prevent us from getting to that. B-But Aurora ... as I said before, you could not say words that have to do with those topics as if it were nothing ... l-listening to it with your voice is a bit...


[Squish!] [Lick~] [Squish!] [Lick~]



Thinking of should I start counting prime numbers as Saya kept shaking her head, Aurora's voice interrupts me… I appreciate that she distracted me a bit, but… it's also surprising in its own way to hear her say that!


Apparently, she is somewhat interested in these matters. Perhaps as an old artificial intelligence, she is interested in things like human emotions... and then being the sex something that usually involves the union of several of these, it should be of much attention to her.


"Aleshander-shan... Shy-Shyour yhing gyhot mhore bhiggher ? Puah! I-think it will be more difficult to do it now ... Naah ~"


"W-Well ... it's because it feels so good, Saya"


[Crish ~] [Crish ~] [Crish ~]


"I-I see ... Nshu~ ... I-I'm glad"


Surely because my body wanted to release my sperm and I had already prevented it on several occasions, my penis was swelling a little more as if tell me that if I did not let that liquid out, then it would end up bursting! Also, I think Aurora's intervention influenced this a bit too...


Saya who had my member in her mouth also realizes this and stops her fellatio. I thought that would give me a couple of seconds to control myself and resist the feeling of wanting to ejaculate, but ... she seems to have gotten into her role and even though she took my penis out of her mouth, she starts using her tongue to lick my rod of meat.


When I return to praise her, as she answers me, she also uses her hand to piston my member. So, because of the saliva that accumulated in it, some wet sounds are produced.


"Hmn? Now that is wet, it 's easier to do this ..."


Sh-She really is a genius! Noticing that her hand slipped better when she was fruiting my penis now, she brings her face closer to it but this time she does not gobble it up… she places herself on it and begins to let the saliva that secreted her mouth fall where her hand was.


[Crish ~] [Crish ~] [Crish ~]


"... It's getting tougher too. D-Doesn't it hurt you, Alexander-san? "


"N-no… but it seems that soon" that "will come out"


"E-Eh? Ah! A-Are you going to ejaculate? I-I understand ... t-then... Naah-Amu"


… I don't know what she understood when I told her that, but instead of just using her hand, she introduces the tip of my penis in her mouth again while still holding it with her right hand and with the left she takes my waist to support herself.


Since it seemed like she was having trouble inserting my penis fully into her mouth or she may not know the meaning of "deep throat", her fellatio mainly focused on my glans leaving almost most of my rod of meat out and so she still isn't difficulty using her hand while also using your tongue at the same time.


Although it would be very stimulating to see her try to swallow all my penis, this in itself I think is also a good technique in its own way... also the feeling was still quite pleasant.


[Squish] [Crish ~] [Squish] [Crish ~] [[Squish] [Crish ~]


Her fellatio continued for another couple of minutes only stopping for a few seconds to accommodate her glasses that sometimes moved from their place due to the shaking of her head. 

Also since her breasts were not small, they constantly touched my legs and constantly brushed their tips that had become quite stiff.


With all this, the dam that had been containing all the liquid can no longer bear the intense current that rushed against it repeatedly and ends up succumbing...


"S-Saya ... I-I'm coming, Kuuh!"


I wanted to warn Saya so that later she wouldn't blame me for not doing it and because that she doesn't was able to withdraw on time… I know from experience that most girls don't like to the things discharge into their mouths and so that's why I do it.


"Mmmm ~!!"


... unfortunately, my instinct did not think the same as me. Even though I had other thoughts, my hands hold Saya's two pigtails and pull her towards me...


As a result of this, my penis goes even deeper into her throat while I ejaculate... i-in my defense I have to say that this pair of pigtails seemed to say "Hold me please~!".




Well... maybe also it was because my body seems to lose strength and causing my knees to totter so to stay upright I had to hold onto something .. i-if she complains about this, I will give her that excuse and she may forgive me.


"Glup ... Glup ... Glup"


D-Damn! I don't know if it's because it had been a while since I had an orgasm, but it seemed quite intense… besides, I had actually accumulated quite a bit. My cum didn't seem to stop and it was slipping down Saya's throat in a huge amount so she had to swallow it repeatedly.


"Glup ... Glup ... Glup"


"Ha ... Ha ... Ha ..."


Losing myself a little in the pleasure, I did not know how much time I had spent ejaculating... I can only say that it was long since Saya began to lose strength probably because she lasted some time without being able to breathe.


"Puah! Kohon! ... Kohon! ... I-I thought I would asphyxiate... ha ... ha ..."


Feeling that I had finished letting everything out, I release Saya's pigtails and in the next second she pulls back pulling my penis out of her mouth leaving a thread of her fluids and mine intermingled quite sticky... then because her lips and my member that connected this thread will separate and also due to the slightly abrupt movements when withdrawing and due to her cough, it breaks.


"I-I'm sorry... my body moved on its own"


"I-It'sh alright... glup... b-but this was quite... I-I still have something in my mouth"


She is right... I think I should be very grateful to Saya for having swallowed all of that since if she had not, then this room may have turned into a total disaster.


" I-I'm really sorry, Saya ... do you want me to bring you water? It shouldn't have been very nice"


"Hmn? N-no, it's okay Alexander-san... i-it tastes a little strange, b-but it's not something that disgusts me either ..."


As if wanting to confirm her words, Saya wipes the semen that had spilled a little from the corners of her lips with a finger and uses her tongue to lick it... then noticing that I had been absorbed watching her, her face that had become a little pale from lack of oxygen begins to blush again.


[ …Should I congratulate you on having your first ejaculation on this body, Alexander? I think it's something important, right?] really won't stop saying sexual words, right Aurora? Haaa, well, I think this was definitely a great thing… although I don't think it's something commemorative or anything like that either.




"E-emmm... A- Alexander -San... ¿now... should not have returned to normal that part of yours? S-Still seems quite animated ..."




Again Saya is right… having been a while after I ejaculated, my penis was still holding firm as if it wants to say that this had not been enough and wanted a rematch. I thought I had let out quite a bit, but maybe with all this that has happened just now not be enough to can let off steam.


"I think it's because I had been holding me back too much these past few months..."


"Eh? I-is that so?... w-well ... certainly the number of girls next to you has increased lately and you have been interacting with them all this time in a little intimate way.


S-Should I also take care of what the other girls did? W-We're both alone here... I also think it would be a problem if Alexander-san gets out of here like that "


After I reply to Saya, then she asks me back... well, the last part of what she said I think she did more rhetorically since right after her first words, her next speech seems to be something that is said to herself.


"S-Should I do it again?"




Before I could even form a word with my mouth my head was already nodding when I heard her question… damn! Who the hell will say no?


"Th-then ..."


With her words, Saya, who had sat down earlier to recover from the suffocation, gets down on her knees and then begins to repeat what she had done before… apparently, I will be able to continue enjoying this pleasure for a while longer.


So, continuing this act the two of us spent quite a bit of time in this room and it wasn't until it was dinner time that we stopped… in the end, I wonder how many times I ejaculated? 5? No... it was more than 7? They seemed to be more than just those... Will I have arrived at 10 times?


Also if it wasn't because it had gotten quite late, perhaps even now we would be continuing to do so. Well... it might not be ideal, Saya's lips had swollen up a bit... after all we had already been kissing for a while and then if we added this, it was reasonable for this to happen.


After handing Saya a change of clothes and taking out my canteen that produced water to clean some remains of this action, when we both finished changing our clothes, we headed to the dining room. If I did not go, the other girls may suspect something... for my part I did not mind receiving a speech from one of them in order to get more time for can doing this, it was a sacrifice worth after all!


Unfortunately, Saya didn't seem to think the same thing, so realizing that it was already late, she hurries for us to go to the dining room to prevent the other girls from knowing about this.


So minutes later, we were now in the dining room together with those who normally attend here at the table to eat. Although I came along with Saya, no one seemed too surprised to then ask about this, so we both also took our usual places without a problem.


I set among Kurisu and Saeko who were already at the table with an empty place in their midst... I wonder what would happen if I take another place? Well, I would probably get strong looks from the first one, so we better not do it.


As for Saya...


"Hmp ~! You are a witch, a devil... you are not my mother"


"Fufufu… you are so cruel, Saya. I thought you would thank me since… it seems that things went very well for you"


She took the place next to her mother, but immediately when sitting down she complains to her... I had forgotten that the reason that all this happened was Yuriko-san. At first, I thought about complaining to her, but without a doubt, this that I received is a greater reward than being able to have dinner with her… I suppose then that both of our debts are paid now...


More than the fact that Saya was angry with her mother, she seems more a little resentful. On the other hand, Yuriko-san is not very affected by her daughter's reproaches... in fact, when she listens them, she responds with a smile to these and also when she finishes her words then licks her lips as if she wanted to highlight something.


…No doubt she noticed that her lips are a little swollen. 

I wonder how far Yuriko-san will have an idea of

what happened a few moments ago? Well… If she finds out that her daughter gave me oral sex, will she get mad? No… She may even congratulate her.


"Well, let's eat. Let's not let the food get cold"


Seeing that everyone's attention at the table was beginning to turn to the mother-daughter couple, I speak so that everyone can better focus on the dishes in front of them. It would be somewhat awkward for things to be discovered now and a commotion to be caused by that... also, it seemed that Saya really was worried about being discovered by the other girls... it must be that she thinks she will be judged in a bad way for doing these types of things.


But it's good that after my words, all started to eat harmoniously without any other problem... or at least that's how I wanted it to will be. Unfortunately, things start to get a little strange in the next moments.


"What's up Saya... aren't you hungry?"


"Eh? T-This... I-I'm sorry, dad. I'm satisfied..."


Hearing Saya's words, the chopsticks I was holding, slip from my hand ... I-I'm really sorry! That is my fault! 

Now that I think about it ... every time I ejaculated, it came out quite a bit... I thought that after the first time it would decrease, but that didn't happen!


Th-The problem is that Saya ended up consuming every last drop of it! I-it's not that I asked her especially to do it or something like that... I think she thought that would make me happier that way... or maybe that was normal for her to do.


No! It is surely my fault since every time that I ejaculated I must have been excited and energized to see her do it and then she realized that... not that I had a fetish for this but the feeling I felt at that time was quite complicated. It was a mix of a little grief, pride, possession that arose in me to see her throat move... well, perhaps that makes it a fetish.


"So you had already eaten Saya… what did you eat? You smell a little strange"


"E-Eh?T-That was… Oh! It's true, they had brought some fresh seafood from the sea… These looked very good, s-so I couldn't resist and ended up eating before the others"


Rei who was next to Saya, with some curiosity asks that... Shit! I forgot to give her something to wash her mouth when we cleaned up!


B-but I'm curious why she said that... is true that sexual things produce a scent similar to the smell of fish, but... I wonder if she associates the taste of my semen to that too?


"What's up, Alex?"


"N-nothing ... I just suddenly wanted to make an apology..."


"Make an apology? Why?"


"I-It doesn't matter ... let's continue eating"


Kurisu noticing that I was acting a bit strange about the sudden conversation across the table, she asks me. Although she does not seem to understand my words, at least it seems that I managed to get them to the right person since Saya lowers her head and blushes a little ...


"Fufufu, well, if you're full, then maybe it's bad for you to overeat… if you eat so often in that way, your stomach may start to bloat Saya… so you should be careful if you don't want that to happen... for now"



D-Damn!  Yuriko-san face clearly indicates that she gets an idea of

things that happened before! A-Although perhaps she may also have the wrong idea of

what happened in the room when we were both alone.


Saya is not stupid and so seeing how her mother is acting, she understands that her mom realized some things. So she can only lower her head further without being able to say anything and also thus prevent others from seeing her.


"Don't worry, Saya. Just be careful that it doesn't become a habit for you.

Besides, we all exercise constantly, so I don't think you're getting fat."


I-It's good that no one thinks Yuriko-san's words too much or doesn't find them strange. Even Rei perhaps believing that Saya was a little embarrassed by her mother's scolding or advice, she tries to cheer her up.

After this, the dinner continued without any other problem... well, for the others at less. Only I had to deal with the looks, the smiling Yuriko-san sent me constantly ...


"Mom, Dad... I decided to go with Alexander-san to his world..."


"... Are you sure about that, Saya? "


"... if that is what you have decided, then I will support you, Saya. 

Soichiro, I think we should let our daughter follow her heart ... also she will not be alone, there will be several people who are by her side"


"... I- Is it alright for me to accompany you, Alexander-san?"


"Sure, I already told you that if you decided that way, then I will be very happy that you join us, Saya"


Then after having finished the meal, Saya makes the announcement to her parents of her decision to accompany me to Gaia ... Soichiro frowns a little, but listening to his wife's words, he ends up nodding.


Immediately the conversation at the table is divided into two parts. On the one hand, those who would stay here begin to ask me about what my world was like and so I tell them a little about it. On the other hand, the girls who had already decided to come with me, begin to talk to each other and they receive the most recent one who decided to do so.


The conversation continues for several minutes until we make the decision to go to rest, then a little tired, we all start to go to our rooms in the castle.


"...but Saya, I think you should really wash your mouth when we get to the room... it really seems that what you ate had a very strong aroma"


"Y-yes ... I-I'm sorry!"


Finally, as we walk down the hall, some girl complains about Saya, so she can only answer in distress while covering her mouth and begins to accelerate her steps towards the room...

By the way, during the time that Saya and I were in that room, her affection mission was completed and ended up being this way.

[Mission / Main "Conquest of the Heart (Saya) -E"]

To maintain confidence in a person must be based on some emotion, the stronger the greater security will be created.

Requirements: Affection 100 or Loyalty 100                Current: 155 (Determined)

Reward: 1x Coupon for a random Item Rank [E] 

                  Development skill [Alchemist (Offensive)]

                  1x Interdimensional bracelet [F]


[Mission / Main "Conquest of the Heart (Rei) -E" Completed Rating: S

Additional Rewards: Unlocked system function: Read documents from dimensional

                                 100,000x Crystals

                                 1,000,000x Gold]



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