Novel has become Pa treon Exclusive- 30 advanced chapters on my pa treon!
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This novel will now only be posted on my patreon. 

I think I will post a chapter of this novel maybe once every 2 weeks, depends on how much support I get on pa treon.

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Anyways the starting price is now $10 to read on and finish this novel on my pa treon! This novel will finish at chapter 130! So you get about 60 plus advanced chapters! There are already 20 advanced chapters up for this novel on my patreon just click on the tag labeled [Netori System] or message me on patreon and I will answer!

That means you get daily advanced chapters! There are already like 8 R-18 chapters up on my pa treon hurry and join it will be worth it since you can also read advanced chapters for my other R-18 novels like Netori System and Hentai God System!

The $10 is the best tier as it can get you 30 advanced chapters and create your own character! There are already 20 advanced chapters up on my patreon!

Just $10 to read on ahead.