The Trials of Power Pt.5
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"You are dead to me!" Jon stabs his Infinity Sword next to Silver's head in the oak tree he was resting on and the entire tree explodes and vanishes. He nearly killed Silver, but he couldn't do it front of everyone, that and well... He didn't want to kill his friend from the past, but now they weren't friends anymore that was for sure after all the fucked up things Jon did Silver and his girlfriend.

When Jon meant was dead to him, he really meant it. "Don't ever touch my sisters again and know your fucking place!" Jon punches Silver on his right eye to leave a large mark on his handsome face. His blood splatters on to Jon's fearsome rageful face.

"NOOO! MY FACE!" Silver cries out as he holds his bloody eye like a little bitch. His once godly face was punched and bruised up by Jon! His ego was now crushed by Jon.

"EMERALD HELP ME OUT! I AM YOUR BOYFRIEND!" Silver cries out as he reaches his hands out to her.

"Not anymore. We are breaking up. I am more interested in my brother than you. I thought you were stronger than this. I used to actually 'like' you. But not anymore," Emerald goes by Jon's and holds his waist, showing that she choose Jon over him!

"EMERALD WHY! YOU BELONG TO ME!" Silver starts crying and grabs on to her green school skirt.

"Shut the fuck up already and get off her!" Jon slaps away his feeble hands and snatches the elemental scroll from Silver's shaking hands and spits on the loser's face. He then spits on Hyssei and Shiro's face as well, he looks at Shiro directly in the face, " I will be getting Rin soon," He smirks as he thinks about taking her virginity. Shiro is super pissed off that he would say such words about his Princess Rin. "I won't let you touch her!" Shiro yells out as he coughs out blood. He had always been by Rin's side and protected her, now he looks weak and defeated so easily by Jon.

Jon just kicks Shiro's face to shut up him up. He then looks over at Silver.

"And this will be the last time I spare your shitty life. You piece of fucking shit," Jon makes sure that Silver won't do shit to him or his sisters, he threatened him to stay far away from all of his girls. Jon would protect every girl in his harem.

"YOU ARE NOW MY RIVAL!" Silver screams out as he barely stands up with a beaten-up bloody face, he was still shocked that Jon had beaten him so many times in just one day! He was going to plan something to end Jon's life. Yet that wouldn't matter, Jon would end Silver before he ever gets the chance.

The scars on his Silver's face were just a reminder of the scars Jon had when he was betrayed by everyone in Prestige Academy. By the world.

Jon didn't acknowledge Silver's statement of being rivals and just walks away showing his back to Silver and his pathetic friends. He didn't want to waste any more time on them. He didn't see Silver as his equal, he didn't see anyone as his 'equal'. Jon only wanted to get revenge on Gold and destroy the hierarchy in Prestige Academy.

"Come on. Let's get going. We have two more Scrolls to collect," Jon confidently said with both hands cooly placed in his pockets as he walks ahead. Without Emerald or Asura noticing he had stored his Infinity Sword inside of his Spatial Tattoos. It was now floating in a dimensional realm where no one can steal it and he could summon it at any time. Jon was still thinking on how Gold was able to teleport Hyssie, Rias, and Silver away from his Spatial Tattoos. There was only the Royals and Gold now standing in the way of his revenge. Jon needed to add extra protection for his weapons and woman in his harem, he knew this very well. He didn't want to be like some Japanese Protag who couldn't even defend his own woman. He wanted to be an Alpha, not some fucking beta. Emerald and Asura were still beyond fascinated with Jon's power and strength they saw him as a real big brother as someone to respect. They would stay by his side no matter what!? Or would they? What if they found out the truth of Jon and his Netori System, of what he did to them!

Jon could now see that Emerald wasn't fully controlled by Gold in fact she ha slight feelings for Silver, but not anymore. Not after Jon taking her virginity. Emerald still didn't know this and so didn't Asura since both of thier minds were erased from the erotic events of today. However, their memories will all come back to them tomorrow.

"Hey you there! We haven't settled our score! I am going to make you pay for what you said to me and you touching me! YOU PERVERT!" Rin blasted out as she points her finger at Jon with a pissed off scowling face as she gritted her teeth. Her glimmering zircon eyes stared down Jon with anger and disgust, she really hated Jon's guts. Quite the tsundere. Her light blue eyes started to glow.

"Oh, look its the gorilla bitch," Jon smirked as he teased her.

"YOU ARE SO DEAD! I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU REGRET EVER CALLING ME THAT!" Rin says with a pouty angered reddened face as she angrily stomps her feet and forms glowing manas glyphs around her hands, her expensive classy gold and blue school uniform starts to move and flutter about as her powerful bluish mana circles around her seductive body. She really had a petite slim frame, with natural perky boobs, somewhere around a supple and cupable C-cup!(He could cup her entire boobs with one hand), Jon saw that her boobs weren't as big as Asura's or Emerlad's, however, her beauty and overall angelic look made her very attractive and alluring to Jon. He wanted to know more about her.

Rin summons mythical dragonlings made up of mana particles and crystals and shoots them at Jon. The crystalized dragonlings swarmed Jon and started to blast out mana beams from their draconic jaws.

Jon rolls and doges the mana beams which exploded nearby trees! Many 'Awakens' have not fully gained their Elements, much like Jon, everyone in this world has one main element for their Systems. Called a Core Element or Core for short. Rin was a specialist in magic and therefore her current class was that of a Magus. Jon still didn't have a Class yet as he was not a level 10, currently, he was a level 3- tier 1[However his True Tier had not yet been revealed]. If you remember you need to gain 10 levels in under to reach the next tier [10 levels= 1 tier up]. But more info later on that, let's get back the fight! Oh wait! What is this?!

Rin smiles, "You fell for it. Now let me show you how outclassed you are!" She lifts up on hand in a mighty summoner's pose and summons a swarm of even more dragonlings including an assault of mana arrows!

Asura jumps in the way and creates an [Aura Barrier] to protect Jon, she was moving faster when she was close to Jon this must be the Bond Power of Jon's harem, she was about 60 % bonded with Jon. Emerald also uses her System to quickly confuse Rin's teammates which were Asuna and Erza. Her Beauty System can put other System users into a trance-like state, maybe that was why Jon was entranced by his older sister and focused on taking her virginity first!

Erza goes to summon her Sword System, 10 magic knight swords start to form around her body. These swords were made from Mana much like Rin's summoned dragonlings! Expect Erza's mana was a reddish color instead of blue. Erza grabs one of her magical knight swords and goes to attack Jon and so did Asuna as she slashes with her wooden sword both of them then stopped mid-slash.

"Emerald you look so pretty today! How did you get your hair like that!" Asuna says with wonder in her orange eyes as touches Emerlad's long flowing light green hair.

"Let me touch it!" Erza joins in as well and even sniffs Emerald's hair. "It smells so nice and feels so soft!" Erza exclaimed. Both Asuna and Emerald began to admire Emerald's beauty. Emerald had hypnotized them.

"OI! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GIRLS DOING!?" Rin shouts in bewilderment as her eyes twitch in confusion of what her powerful teammates were doing.

Without Rin noticing, Jon swiftly counters Rin's Magic attack and fires it back at Rin, her bluish dragonlings made of mana transformed into a blackish shadow color as they fly towards her and attack her.

"Ahhhh! Get off me! Why are you not obeying me! Gaaah!" Rin got hit hard by her own summoning magic and flys up in the air. Jon showed her no mercy. Rin's ample breasts jiggled as she was hit by her own magic attack[Dragon Wraith].

Rin was about to hit the ground really hard and get her face injured, but Jon quickly saves her and grabbed her by her slim hour-glass waist and saved her life from the fall. He had actually prevented her from taking a huge fall! Was this actual mercy being shown? 'Tch I just don't want to see such a beautiful face get injured,' Jon holds her cute petite body close to up.

"Put me down! You pervert! Baka! Nasty lewd fiend!" Rin curses at Jon as she cutely blushes and started pounding at Jon's chest with her fist.

She looked like an angered black cat, "I SAID PUT ME DOWN!"

"Okay," Jon drops her on her thick legs and plump butt.

"HEY! YOU HAVE NO SHAME! THAT IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT A LADY!" Rin gritted her teeth. She goes to choke Jon to death! He does a karate chop on her neck and quickly knocks her out.

"RIN! How dare you!" Asuna and Erza go to attack Jon, but they soon realize that the scroll had just been taken!

That and Jon had also trapped them with Silver's [Unbreakable Chains] but with his Netori System, he transformed the chains and corrupted them to have a more powerful demonic aura. [Unbreakable Demon Chains]. 'Is my bloodline from a Demon Clan? Or is it something completely different? Based on Lust? Or even myths?' Jon wondered what his True Bloodline was.

"Wait! Isn't this Silver's power!?" Erza said with a baffled face. Asuna knew it was, but kept quiet since she was under Jon's Geass.

Jon lifts up the scroll with a confident grin, "Too easy. One to go," He knew the girls were quickly disqualified to reach the top 5 ranks of the Ceremony!

"Shall I be the final one?" Gold is behind Jon. What he had been waiting for was right in front of him.

Gold was with Rias and Aneko, both his subordinates. Jon clenched his fist and summons his most powerful skill.

The fight was now. Epic begins.


A/N: This chapter needs to be edited.