Inception Pt. 2
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'I have him. The mission is complete. Shall I kill him now or bring him back alive?' The hooded-fox masked person whispers into thier ear-mic as they pressed on one ear. Whoever this person was had many powerful gadgets and looked extremely skilled in thier profession, all dressed in black combat camo. They had two hidden Glock 17 handguns near their waist and other hidden bladed weapons, but even with a knife pointed at his neck Jon remained calm and focused. His face looked unfazed. The assassin was also powerful enough to create another dimension to hold Jon captive.

"You think you can actually kill me? Tch," Jon snarls as he glares at the assassin's sexy silver eyes and snaps his finger to Freeze Time. Jon's golden eyes begin to glow brightly. The assassin was caught off guard and didn't have the time to counter Jon's s skills. He then uses his Mystic Eyes to control the assassin's mind. Jon was far too powerful and fast for the highly skilled assassin to keep up with. He also countered the assassin's System dimensional portal skill.

"Who sent you!?" Jon quickly snatches off the assassin fox mask with his Apex Fighter speed and sees a beautiful young pale female face that had a feline growl to it. She was showing her fangs in a sense from how angered she was to lose her grip on her target and for her identity to revealed so easily by a mere teen boy! This female assassin had long platinum white hair with streaks of raven black hair on the sides. She looked like a snow-fox. She was wearing a headband on her, it looked like she was hiding something.

"I will never tell you!" She shouts out as angrily stares down Jon with her sharp feline-like eyes.

Jon fiercely grabs her by the neck and stares her down. He was able to copy the assassin's system powers and counter her dimensional space and move freely within it! He gripped her neck tightly almost breaking it. He was pissed off that this assassin was targeting him and his sisters. He had a feeling that this assassin would also try to assassinate his sisters.

"How is that possible!? What System do you have!?" The vexing sexy assassin says as she points at Jon and gritted her teeth.

"I won't ask you again. Who sent you?" Jon affirmatively said with sharp golden eyes piercing the assassin's very soul. She was shaking at Jon's extreme power as he gripped her neck tightly. 'Who is this kid!? How is he so strong!?' She thinks to herself and coughs out while making a suffocating face.

"I told you! I will never tell you! I won't betray my Master!" The young voluptuous white and black haired assassin shouts as she goes to reach for her Glock handgun. Her silver eyes begin to glow and beam.

Jon notices an invisible collar wrapped around the assassin's neck and he also sees that her eyes are under a Geass. Someone had been controlling her.

" I am your new Master now. It looks like someone has been using you like a dog to hunt me down," Jon looks into the assassin's alluring silver eyes and controls her mind. He breaks past her slave seals that were placed on her, and he also broke the Geass she was being controlled by!

"My Master would never use me!" The female assassin angrily screams out inside of her void scape she had created with her System.

"Well, they did. You just didn't know, but what do you expect for someone who is hiding from me rather than fighting me head-on,' Jon gritted his teeth. 'Could it be Gold who sent this Assassin? Or Silver? Or even Rias? One of the Royals? Or someone from Silver's Peerage? Maybe Asami that bitch? Whatever I will find out by my using my Mind Reader skill. Jon uses his skill on the silver-haired assassin to get the information he wanted.

"Ahhh! What is this feeling!?" Jon gripped his forehead.

"You have no idea what you are up against." echoes a dark sinister voice deep within Jon's mind.

"Show yourself!" Jon angrily thunders out. He was enraged that this voice wouldn't show itself and was the one who planned to assassinate him and his sis

The voice disappears into the darkness of the assassin's void realm.

"You are going against the gods," The silver haired-eye assassin said with fear in her eyes. She knew she had failed her mission.

"I don't care who it is. I will destroy anyone in my way," Jon turns his attention to the female assassin. "I may have a use for you," He touches her chin and glares directly into her radiant alluring pale face, her eyes now glow a golden feline color.

Jon darkly smirked.