Inception Finale
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"Do you have a name?" Jon asked the vixen assassin as he walks around in her void realm and inspects her skill's powers. It looked liked it was the same as his Spatial Tattoos. Could his system be the same as the female assassin's before him?

"Zero 3," The Assassin said her codename with a furious snarl. She really wanted to tear Jon apart with her bare hands. She wanted to kill him for looking down on her skills as an assassin.

"That is not a name. How about Luna?" Jon offered a new name to the assassin that tried to kill him. Jon kind of felt that she would be useful to his plans and could provide lots of entail and important information on her Master and who 'Group' she worked for. He used the name Luna since she had whitish-silver hair and eyes that reminded him of a full moon. But Jon was cautious, he wasn't going to just trust anyone, especially a foxy assassin.

"That... Is actually a beautiful name... No has ever given me a real name..." She said in sorrow now accepting her new name from her new 'Master'. She still felt betrayed that her former Master had tricked and controlled her. But was Jon the same? Would he use his harem members? Or instead actually be kind to them and help them out? After all the fucked up things he has done.

"Are you going to join me?" Jon reaches out his hand. He had the upper advantage as his Mystic Eyes were now glowing a bright gold and pressuring her to join him. Her face was full of sorrow still having the bitter aftertaste of betrayal just like Jon who was betrayed by everyone in Prestige Academy.

"I don't know! Everything is happening so fast!" Luna screams out as she holds her head in confusion. She was feeling betrayed by her master from before and was still thinking if she should kill Jon right now, but the Geass placed on her by Jon was stopping her from attacking Jon. Out of all the powerful and rich people she had killed she had failed to take down a mere high school student! In a way, she kind of respected and hated Jon at the same time. Her mind was also blown away that someone had 'cared' enough about her to give her a name.

"I-I don't know. There is so much going through my mind!" Luna gripped her Glock handgun and pointed it at Jon.

"Tch. I don't have time for this," Jon's sucks her entire busty body into his Spatial Tattoo dimension were Rias and Aneko was captured in. He still was going to talk to them before he goes to sleep and ask them more questions about Gold and the Royal Peerage that Rias wanted him to join. Jon wanted to make his own peerage in Prestige Academy he was going to start tomorrow. He wanted to pass the Ceremony on purpose, his status would rise to the top if he passed the Ceremony to at the highest-ranked gained!

Jon had many things to do today and perhaps for his full revenge tomorrow. He was still thinking if Gold was alive but there was no way anyone can survive a slash from the Infinity Sword. whatever the case Jon was able to fight Gold one on one without anyone noticing that he 'vanish him'. There were still so many unanswered questions, he soon knew that everyone in Presitge Acadmeywill regained their memory tomorrow.

Jon escapes out the dark realm he was that Luna had formed and he now was in his current time and realm.

"Wow! Onii-chan! I can't believe you are at the top of our class at the Ceremony!"Asura exclaims out. She didn't know that Jon was teleported into another realm. So didn't everyone else in Prestige Academy.

"Yeah! How about we all eat to celebrate!" Emerald shouts with a big smile to Jon. She was started to like him more than Silver or any other man in her life.

"Can we join!?" Says some other beautiful girls as they wrap their slender arms around Jon.

"NO!" Both angrily scream out Emerald and Asura. Jon's sisters were getting jealous thier faces turned a deep flustered red as they growl at the other girls now 'hitting' on Jon since he was the top of the Ceremony.

"How about we go on a date. To the Grand Steak House," Jon suggested the three of them go to the most expensive restaurant in the city!

Everyone is beyond jealous. Especially all the royals and Asami looked at Jon as well as the Battle Maiden.

Jon wraps his arms around his two gorgeous maiden sisters and walks out of the battle arena like a God. He calls over an expensive golden Limo and gets inside. He used the money he had stolen from Silver, Rias, and all the Royals.

"Let's get going and have a good time," Jon holds his sisters close to his side as he enters the golden limo.


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