Chapter 69: Eishath’s Transformation Pt.2
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After about the umpteenth thrust, Eishath stopped being hysterical about her demise and tried to document what was happening to her. This fragment held most if not all of her reason and to lose yourself to insanity in your final moments did not seem logical to her.

She believed that her current splintered fragment would be all that remained and wanted to document this so that someday in the far future when this fragment finally detached and left to wander the mortal plains, she could take these lessons and turn them into actions.

It was truly a surreal experience to watch your own unmaking. 

To have a front-row seat to your own demise and yet have the power of an outsider's perspective. The experience was novel that it was hard to put into words or context.

Before her very eyes her wings, horns, and tail were turning to ash. The purple hue, one of the defining characteristic aspects of a demon, was slowly losing its glow. 

"Wow... my infernal essence is getting overwhelmed and eradicated..." 

Her thoughts were interrupted by another one of her body's screeches.


"Can you please shut up!"

It was outstanding how pleased she was trying to hurry her own final end. 

"Oh... How fascinating..."

Her accursed master was looking at all this with his usual impassive gaze, probably coming up with some wild theories in his head.

The man was not stupid, just so woefully under-baked when it came to common sense that she would call him a madman.

"Eishath? Do you understand what is happening to you?"


"No you piece of shit, she is currently so lost that even a heavenly tribulation would not get her to act."

Eishath was proud of herself for not losing her shit at the braindead culprit, not that she could really do anything about it.

"Hmm...Normally I would like to stop whatever is happening. This is the second time I am dealing with so many unknowns... But I do not think it would be wise to stop part way through."


The floating soul perked up at the former half of his words but grudgingly accepted the rest of his statement. But an inkling of hope remained.

This guy's comprehensive power towards specifically anything related to cultivation was absurd and his words implied that whatever was happening might not lead to her demise.

As if her words were prophecy, her body started cracking like glass originating from the point where she and him were connected and spiderwebbing all across.

Eishath held her breath waiting for the inevitable end for the final collapse of her body, only that never happened. The cracks only widened further and further and from within spread beautiful waves of fire and frost essence. They intertwined with harmony and unity like a beautiful dance between star-crossed lovers.

It was mesmerizing.

"I believe the climax is upon us, are you ready?"

Samuel looked at her shattered form conviction layered in his steady voice.


Her voice sounded wrong and wholly alien, there were phonetics in there that could not be pronounced in any tongue past or present. 

"Very well. Accept me."

The waves of essence turned into a tsunami as it exploded out of her in every which way, her body exploded into a form of pure fire and ice essence.

For a fraction of a moment Eishath could gaze at her own soul, so saturated was it with essence that it had a physical presence.

The fragmented state it was in made her wince but in that tiny moment she saw something greater, a seed of unfathomable depth and power existed in the center of the fracture, where her splintered soul should have been. 

Time was frozen as she bore witness to the grandeur.

It started spinning slowly at first before gaining speed each moment in this timeless eternity. The fragments of her soul started disintegrating, turning to bright dust that mirrored the star. They started circling the seed and soo engulfed it in their luminescence.

Tears came unbidden to the cruel and heartless monster, such was the magnificence of what she held before. 

She was bearing witness to something she could not possibly understand, something that would resound throughout the halls of time or be snuffed out by the powers that be. Such was its depth that even gods would turn their indifferent gaze.

Her hands reached to this vortex unbidden. She put her hands over the anomaly and felt it then.

It was something new, something great, something that would shake the world... and it was her...

The moment of eternity broke and she felt herself become slowly become engulfed by the great whirlwind.

Oblivion took was about to take her but in her final moments as Eishath, she held no fear.

There was a sense of sorrow, that she would be no more. All that she had built towards would be rubbed clean. Thousands of years... all lost... her proud heritage, her cunning, her lust for power. All of that made the demon known as Eishath would be no more.

But there was also excitement. For this was not her end, her connection to the seed made her sure of this fact. No, this was an ascension of mythic proportions. The world would know her name and tremble. The ultimate wish for every demon, to attain ultimate power and hers was within grasp... 

The final fragment of Eishath had a smile on her face as she was finally consumed by the ever-expanding vortex.