Chapter 76:Behind the scenes
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"How do you like this lord's new form?"


Belial now stood in front of his inner circle which consisted entirely of demons. And powerful ones at that. In fact, each of them was at the origin spirit, his elite.

He gave out a heavy laugh taking in the thunderous applause. His new form had none of the flaws of the old. As he was now he had confidence of even facing the ancient monsters of the core sect. After all, wealth was his middle name, and soul-formation treasures were not out of his reach.

Now that he was a nascent soul expert, he could even use some of the hidden trump cards up his sleeve without repercussions.

"Caw-un how is the mobilization going?" 

"Smoothly master!" A monstrosity of six arms and two heads answered his call, one bowing while the other spoke with him.

"Good. Good. This lord has gotten everything he can from this sect anyway. It is time he leaves."

"What about the new succubi the lord has summoned? What should we do with them?"

"They are merely a distraction, a parting gift. They are too capricious and love to abuse the contract I so generously crafted but that can go two ways. It is time we cut dead weight!"

A birdman with a comically large beak chuckled making a skin-crawling rattle.

"So... It is finally time... I thought this day would never come..." Speaking caused the rattle only to intensify though none of the beings in this room outside of normal space seemed to care.

"Do you think so little of this lord old friend?"

"No." That was all the demon said in reply and Belial accepted that. If there was anyone Belial could trust with his life and soul, it would be this bird demon.

It was his first summon and to whom he owed practically everything. He never thought a day would come when he would be above this old bird in power.

But times were changing and the Belial will soon shake the world.

"Why are we ssstill here?" A feminine voice asked which belonged to a literal snake that was several times his size.

"This lord has some business with an old succubus of mine and the man who took her from me."

Belial's eyes were shown with avarice when he said those words.

"I ssssee..."


In a floating pagoda that floated above the clouds hiding its majesty from the puny mortals below.

"It seems that the upstart is finally making his move."

Adorned in a light green robe a man who could make nations swoon sat on a pillow and serenely drank a cup of tea. His gaze past the open balcony and the clouds below.

"This old man sees... And the other upstart?"

Asked another equally as handsome man who gazed into the amber liquid that both elders were drinking his robes a dark gold.

"Hah! It seems that the master is hiding more secrets than the child initially let on!"

"And what pray to tell could that be?"

"He has a divine will!"

This caused the dark gold elder to stop gazing into his tea and his golden eyes locking on to the breezy green of the other.



The green man said unable to hide the grin that formed.

"Is it known to what that is?"

"That is currently beyond reach. But it does not matter."

The green-robed man clicked his fingers and popped into existence a woman made of pure wind essence. In moments took a more physical very very attractive shape.

She was on her knees panting like a dog in heat, her tongue lolled out.

"What is this?"

"A successful experiment."

"I see... Is that why you used the Time chamber?"

The man in green only smiled.

"Hah... Enlighten this old man..."

"If you are the believe these things." 

He grabbed one boob in a vice grip and the woman moaned. A chuckle on his lips.

"The demon upstart wants the enigmatic upstart."

The dark gold man only raised one of his dark brown eyebrows.

"Given how the enigmatic upstart acts, it is going to be a show if nothing else."

"Why are you in such a good mood?"

"See this."

He pinched a nipple eliciting a loud moan.

"Meet a mythic soul slave on demand. Granted there are some restrictions, but that barely matters."

Both eyebrows were now up.

"What?! How!?"

"Hehehe... As I said a very successful experiment. And for this drama, let us just wait and see. If anything happens. Well... I have a few personal elites."


In the heart of the mountain that the Heavenly World sect called its home, a pair of eyes opened engulfing the entire chamber in its brilliant white radiance. 

The eyes looked down to see three empire-ending beauties in deep meditation, namely having their faces shoved into his member. Nobody would believe that these disciples were all at the enlightenment stage and capable of slaughtering the entire sect on their own.

However, it was time to celebrate. For one of them was at the door of the reborn stage, ready to step through. It meant that it was time for him to move.