Meeting the Class
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With everyone settled for now, we find ourselves in the living room with pizza boxes stacked on the table. I made sure to order enough for everyone, and made sure that everyone would have an option. Cheese, pepperoni, and meatlovers. I thought about getting at least one vegetarian styled pizza, but people who don’t eat meat deserve to suffer.

After a round of introductions that consisted of names, quirks, likes and dislikes, we get down to really getting to know each other. “So Catia,” Mina starts, “why did you get to live at the dorms before us?”

Midorinya gets nervous at her question since he knows the whole situation. Well, as far as anyone other than me knows that is. “I-I don’t think that’s something she would be comfortable talking abou-”

“Oh, the guy who adopted me got clawed apart,” I interrupt him, speaking casually. “Whole reason we’re in the same territory nyaw.” 

The sudden silence is deafening as everyone processes my words. The only exceptions are myself, seeing as I’m the one who orchestrated his death, and Midorinya, who already knew.

As I take another bite of meaty goodness, Yaoyorozu speaks up. “Pardon me, but did you just say your father getting killed is the reason the dorms were put in place?”

I tilt my head as my ears twitch. “Nya? No?” They all give sighs of relief before stiffening up at my next words. “I said the tom who adopted me was killed. My dad died when nyai was three.”

There’s silence for a few minutes as they give me looks of pity, though thankfully nobody offers condolences for either of them. I’ve had enough of that for my dad, and Paul doesn’t deserve the breath it would take.

Trying to dispel the awkwardness that’s gathered, Asui asks the next question. “So, are your nyas like my kero, kero?”

It takes a moment, but then I realize what she’s talking about. “Oh yeah! I do nya, nya! Sometimes I furget.”

She puts her finger on her cheek as she looks at me with her head tilted, so Midorinya explains. “It wasn’t originally a part of her quirk, but it’s sort of become so due to an outside element.”


He sighs. “Catnip. When she chews on catnip, she becomes more cat-like. What’s interesting is that she doesn’t notice the changes: to her it’s like they’ve always been there. You have no idea how long it took to get her to be even halfway aware of it. Let’s not even mention how we’ve basically had her blacklisted from buying any at pet stores…”

He devolves into muttering about the problems I’ve caused due to catnip, causing me to roll my eyes. It’s not like I’m addicted to it or anything. But not only does it taste amazing, it also boosts my quirk, and my instincts while it’s affecting me. At least when it’s solid. When it gets smoked and I smell it, I basically become the laziest person in the world.

Still though, if I was addicted, I would be trying to get it all the time. But I don’t! Sure, when Nyamuri gave it to me last time I ate it right away, but that was a gift! Plus it let me showcase my condition to the school, which could be helpful down the line. But other than that and the first time I had some, I only eat catnip when I’m in a tough fight. So. Not addicted!

It’s like how you eat at an expensive restaurant and really like it. You don’t go there everyday, or even every week. Instead, it’s like a special occasion once a month.

“Anyaways, who’s next?” I look around, my eyes focusing on Bakugou, aka, Shouty McShouterton, who’s scowling at Midorinya. Who’s still muttering. Glancing at the clock, I see that it’s been one minute. Nowhere close to his record of five minutes, but not bad considering it’s not about a quirk.

Looks like it won’t continue though, since it seems he’s about to live up to his name. “THE HELL DID YOU MANAGE TO GET IN DEKU!? TELL ME!”

His shout bringing him out of his muttering, Bakugou and Midorinya become the center of attention. I can see that he’s nervous, but after sending me a quick glance he takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. Doing so another time, I watch as he sets his jaw, becoming determined.

“I got in the same way everyone else did, Kachan. Through the entrance exam.”

“Don’t give me that shit Deku,” he growls. I frown hearing what they call each other as a memory starts to nag at me. “We both know that your quirkless ass couldn’t have done shit against those robots. SO TELL ME HOW THE FUCK YOU GOT IN!”

He holds out his hands as small explosions start going off, causing Midorinya to instinctively flinch back. But his eyes grow hard and he sets his shoulders as he looks at him. Luckily, the audience decides to get involved before things can escalate.

“Whoa bro, let’s calm down a bit.” Kirishima gets in front of Bakugou, his hands held up placatingly. “He managed to pass the exam, that’s what matters right? The school wouldn’t have let him in if he didn’t have what it takes to be a hero.”

Iida adjusts his glasses as he places a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder. “Indeed. Regardless of how he managed to get in, should he not meet the challenges that come with attending the best school in Japan, he will be expelled. In these cases it is best to let things sort themselves out on their own. You should not let the faults of others detract from your own future.”

Ojiro stands in front of Midorinya with his arms crossed while Uraraka and Ashido stand on either side of him, ready to stop him if he tries anything. “And what’s that supposed to mean? You make it sound like he cheated to pass the exam.”

Iida chops the air with the arm not on Bakugou in response. “I claimed no such thing. But by bringing in outside equipment, he was provided with an unfair advantage over the other applicants. As such, I feel that he has yet to prove himself worthy of being a part of this illustrious school.”

Yaoyorozu seems to take offense at this. “Oh? And what of Todoroki and I? We were enrolled based upon recommendations. Are you saying that we aren’t worthy of being a part of UA?”

The boy in question speaks up in a bored tone before Iida can. “I don’t really care what he thinks. The fact is that I’m here, and I’ll become a hero. I don’t need you to like me in order to do it.” He directs the last comment at Iida, who looks offended. But now it’s my turn.

“Before we get any further in this little hissing match, I want to establish one thing, nya!” I turn to Todoroki, who looks at me with a raised eyebrow. “Your dad’s a fleabag, and I’d love to claw his face.”

Everyone is shocked by my sudden declaration, turning to Todoroki to see his reaction to my aggressive words. To their surprise, there’s a small smile on his face.

“I’d prefer if you did that as well. Until then, I’m done with this. The rest of my stuff will be coming tomorrow, so I’ll be resting until then.” He walks to the stairs before anyone can object.

“Huh. Was nyat expecting that.” I dismiss it with a flick of my tail before turning my attention back to the conflict. Kirishima, Iida, and Kaminari are on Bakugou’s side. On Midorinya’s are Uraraka, Ashido, Ojiro, Asui, Jirou, and Hagakure.

The rest are just watching on, unsure of what to do except for Yaoyorozu, who’s glaring at Iida. “Anyaways, we were hissing about how only Midorinya was smart enough to ask to use equipment, nya?”

Aoyama is the one to respond this time. “Pas du tout, mademoiselle. I had requested the use of a belt to help my quirk shine to its proper brilliance.” I nod, though I’m not sure about that first thing he said.

“See? So what advantage did he have, nya?” I take an aggressive step forward. “Or are you simply hissing with bared claws because he’s quirkless.”

His back stiffens as I speak, his face showing his anger. “How dare you! I don’t have to stay here and be insulted! I will also retire for the day, thank you very much.” He storms to the stairs as well, though angrier than Todoroki did. Unlike him though, he stops and turns around when he reaches them, a scowl on his face. “Though we part on unpleasant circumstances, proprietary states that I must thank you for the meal, so you have my thanks.” And he storms up the stairs.

Looking around at everyone left, I sigh. “May as well head to our own dens. It will give us nyall a chance to clawm down until tomorrow.”

Clicking his tongue, Bakugou wrenches himself free of his companions and stomps up the stairs to his own room. As if that was the signal, everyone else follows suit. On my floor, I see Ashido and Hagakure go to their own rooms, making me smile at who I’ll  have for company.

Going to bed, I look forward to what the time until classes start will bring.