Chapter 19: The first strain of mutant lingcao
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When he appeared in the mountain exit, his parents were screaming beating their chest and screaming in tears.

Other villagers are also gathered in the entrance to the mountain.

A middle-aged man with blood was lying on the ground and his injury seemed to be very serious. The entire right arm is gone, the gap is uneven, and the scalp is numb.

"Father, mother, why are you crying? Am I not alive and well?"

Zhang Xiaofan quickly ran to help his parents.

"Son, we thought you... Woo…” Mother's eyes were swollen like a peach and all red.

It seems that I have been crying for a while.

My father, a tough man, was also crying. He was thrilled and delighted to see his son walking out of the mountains alive. Hurriedly turn head to go, and sneaked his tears with his clothes.

Zhang Tiezhu in front of his son is very face-saving, always to maintain majesty as his father's.

It would be a shame for my son see a man of his age crying like a woman.

Zhang Xiaofan is a good comfort to his parents.

In the crowd, Ma Qing was originally smiling and standing behind to watch the fun.

Because Liu Ergou had an accident in the mountain, he was bitten by an powerful black bear.  He also fortune - telling big, jumping off the cliff at a critical moment and returning to his life.

He managed to escape from the mountain in great pain.

Liu Ergou told everyone that Zhang Xiaofan has been eaten by the source beast. He made such a conclusion that subjective speculation accounted for a large part. Because according to his thoughts, even he has something wrong, Zhang Xiaofan's repair is so weak, can not die?

There is another meaning, only in this way, Ma Qing will obediently give him the rest of the benefits.

This time in order to sell for Ma Qing, he paid a heavy price, He lost an arm, and almost lost his life. Don't take advantage of it, isn't it a big loss?

Ma Qing’s savvy person, like a ghost, easily believed the words of Liu Ergou after seeing the horror of Liu Ergou.

The remaining benefits were quietly given to Liu Ergou.

At the moment he see Zhang Xiaofan alive from the mountains out of, he seems to have suffered a hundred thousand times blast, that whole person has become bad. His face became very pale and overcast.

"This lousy cockroach, life is really hard!" Ma Qing left with a grim face.

Even if he knew that Liu Ergou had pitted his money, he did not dare to fall out with Liu Ergou.

If Liu Ergou preached his scandal, it would be extremely unfavorable to him.

After Zhang Xiaofan comforted his parents, he walked to the side of Liu Ergou. His eyes were very cold.

"Uncle Liu's life is really big!" Zhang Xiaofan said in a pun.

"Ahem... "Liu Ergou felt very guilty, very afraid of Zhang Xiaofan find him. Has a violent cough, and then a tilt of the neck, no movement.

Is this dead?

Of course not. Liu Ergou is even more cunning than the fox, this is pretending to be a coma, in order to escape Zhang Xiaofan's blame.

Looking at this neighbor who wants to kill himself, Zhang Xiaofan has no sympathy.

He should be disabled.

Such a bad person, not struck by the Thunder, is fortunate.

After returning home with his parents, Zhang Xiaofan frowned. The day after tomorrow is a very special day, and it is a happy day for him to marry Wang Yuanyuan.

The title of knight. He should have it by tomorrow.

Now there are only a thousand gold coins left to buy Lingtian.

He spent eleven of the fifty gold COINS he earned by treating lingcao for Yang Lao. There are thirty-nine left.

This wedding is naturally going to be a good time, and Wang Yuanyuan cannot be wronged.

Zhang Xiaofan is absolutely a crazy demon who spoils his wife.

He planned to buy some valuable jewelry and present it to Wang Yuanyuan in public when he paid the court a visit.

This makes a lot of sense.

Can prove her love for Wang Yuanyuan, but also prove oneself .

Zhang Xiaofan could not help but think of the mutant passion fruit.

These days, Zhang Xiaofan has been adding years to it.

In the past few days, Zhang Xiaofan has been adding years to it.

Because his wood source force is limited, can give it only one year every day. But it's pretty good.

It was originally 94 years old and has been added to the age of 99 through Zhang Xiaofan's efforts. Tomorrow, as long as you add another year, you can qualify as a mutation lingcao.

The price of ordinary first-order grass is about 100 gold coins.

What about the mutant grass?

Variant herbs are already very rare, and variant grasses can definitely double in value.

But now it is not good to make a final conclusion.

Must wait for it to be promoted tomorrow to mutation lingcao, look at its attributes, to determine its value.

You must wait until it is promoted to the variegated grass tomorrow to see its attributes in order to determine its value.

After dinner, Zhang Xiaofan was lying on the bed and turning to the opposite side, how could he not sleep.

This time He went to the mountains to collect medicine, Liu Ergou became disabled, and Zhang Xiaofan was almost killed. His parents said they would never let him go to the mountain again.

It’s too hard to earn a thousand gold coins without going to the mountains to dig the grass.

"Oh, right, the Yu Big Leg of adjacent country promised me to dig herb to be able to sell first to me? Nearly ten days have passed, and he must be coming, too?" Zhang xiaofan's brain inside flash a clever light.

At the moment, it is still Xiaofan's heart wanted the herb of Yu Big Legs, for then cultivate it, transfer it to sell it, and make a fortune.

Early the next morning, Zhang Xiaofan got up.

After breakfast, he went to his own spiritual field.

The twenty-two herbs that he bought from the Yu's hand last time were all planted by him. In Zhang Tiezhu's view, this is a miracle.

He even thinks that his son is very talented as a farmer.

Zhang Xiaofan’s eyes fell on the mutant passion fruit. Its fruit is still only blue, and it has not reached maturity.

Since the herb had never been planted before, he had no idea how long it takes for the fruit of passion fruit to mature.

Turning his head and glanced at it, his old lady and his father are taking care of their source. Did not pay attention to this side.

Zhang Xiaofan decisively added a year to this mutant passion fruit.

In an instant, the wood source in the body is consumed.

Looking forward to waiting for it to be promoted to lingcao.

As a result, he waited for a long time but nothing happened.

Zhang Xiaofan is a bit dumbfounded.

"Really? God, you play with me! Still waiting to promote it into a grass, and sell it for money." Zhang Xiaofan looked depressed.

No way, he can only sit next to restore the wood source.

After about half an hour, Zhang Xiaofan felt the source force around him become abnormal.

Not only the source of the wood, but even the other four sources, all become abnormal.

They are coming here and gathering together.

Zhang Xiaofan was surprised to find that they were all absorbed by the mutant passion fruit.

"My dear fellow, the noise was much greater than that of the mushroom or the root. It is indeed a mutant herb."

It is no wonder that after increasing its year to 100 years, there was no movement for half a day.

It turned out that it was gathering.

Assessing the progression of a mutant herb is more difficult and takes longer to prepare.

Zhang Xiaofan is very much looking forward to what kind of attributes will it be after it is promoted to Lingcao?

At the moment, around the source of the wood force are moving, and Zhang Xiaofan cultivates with this rare opportunity. The wood source he consumed not only recovered quickly, but also cultivated several times faster than usual.

Zhang Tiezhu and his wife also seem to detect some anomalies in the source force.

But they are very busy, and the expensive Lingtian rent has put tremendous pressure on them. Plus the son will hold the wedding tomorrow, they must hurry and get the job done sooner.

Then go home and get ready to work.

Tonight, I have to arrange my son’s wedding, and I certainly have no time to go to Lingtian to take care of Lingcao.

"Xiaofan, my mother and I will go back first. After a while, friends and family will come over to help arrange the bridal chamber and prepare for the banquet tomorrow. You will go home soon." Zhang Tiezhu said.

"Good! I may not go home for lunch, I'm going  to the county town, to buy two pieces of jewelry at Yuan Yuan!" Zhang xiaofan say some embarrassed.

"Oh, my son is really very affectionate to his wife." Feng smiled and praised his son.

"Well, don't look whose! When I was married to your mother, I spent nearly half a month digging herbs in the mountains. I sold a sum of money and bought her two pieces of jewelry." Zhang tiezhu also grinned stupidly. "Xiaofan, you know how things are at home. You may need to borrow money for your wedding this time. You want to buy at Wang Yuanyuan jewelry, we are very supportive. Take these five pieces of silver, don't be too shy. It's only my fault."

Zhang Tiezhu felt for a long time, just from the bosom out of a money bag.

It contained a gold coin, a dozen pieces of silver, and the rest were all copper.

The family was very poor indeed.

In these years, Zhang Xiaofan was studying at the county college, and the economic pressure at home was very high.

When Zhang Tiezhu took out five silver COINS, there was less money inside.

Converted into a modern currency, it is more than 10,000 yuan, less than 20,000.

"Father, I don't want your money. Your son has to learn from you and earn money to buy jewelry for his wife." Zhang Xiaofan has nearly forty gold coins in his pocket. If he takes it out, he would frighten his father into paralysis.

He is not ready to take it out for the time being.

It's hard to explain where the money came from.

It would be better to take this opportunity to enter the city, blatantly take these herbs to sell. Then give parents a reasonable explanation.

"Ha ha, good boy, you have ambition! On your way to town, take care of yourself and remember to come back soon. Early tomorrow morning, you have to rush to the Wang family to marry the bride." Zhang Tiezhu laughed and left with his wife.

After they left, Zhang Xiaofan once again seized this rare opportunity to practice.

His wood source strength grew by a long way.

This is still the case when his wood source cultivation talent is only 23. If talent can be raised to above 90, it may be possible to store a vein of Qi.

Another hour or so passed.

The surrounding source gradually returned to calm. Zhang Xiaofan slowly took his time and opened his eyes.

Can't wait to use the super ability to view the properties of the mutated passion fruit.