Prologue: A World Unknown
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Erias slumped forward in his chair, his weary eyes fixed on the flickering screen. The room around him was cloaked in darkness, with only the faint glow of the monitor illuminating his haggard face. He hadn't slept for days, lost in the captivating world of the game that had consumed his every waking moment.

For weeks, he had immersed himself in this virtual realm, his obsession growing with each passing day. The game was unlike anything he had ever experienced, a sprawling epic that promised adventure, magic, and the chance to become a hero. But little did he know that this virtual reality was about to become his reality.

Exhaustion clawed at Erias's body, his muscles aching from the countless battles fought in the game. He had pushed himself beyond the limits of physical endurance, unable to tear himself away from the captivating allure of the digital realm. His mind was a blur of quests, treasures, and the thrill of leveling up.

As the minutes turned into hours and the hours into days, Erias's body began to rebel against him. His hands trembled on the keyboard, his eyes burned with fatigue, and his vision blurred. Yet he couldn't stop. He was driven by an insatiable desire to conquer every challenge, explore every corner of the game world, and attain the pinnacle of power.

In the dim haze of the early morning, Erias's body finally succumbed to exhaustion. His head slumped onto the desk, his breathing shallow and erratic. Dreams intertwined with reality as he slipped into a state of unconsciousness, unaware of the world around him.

Erias's eyes slowly fluttered open, and he found himself lying on the cold, damp ground. Confusion gripped him as he tried to make sense of his surroundings. The dim light of dawn cast eerie shadows across the narrow alley, and the sound of distant footsteps echoed in his ears.

Pushing himself up, Erias glanced around, his eyes scanning the unfamiliar environment. As he staggered out of the alley and onto the streets, the bustling city of Althea unfolded before him. Tall, weathered buildings lined the cobblestone streets, their architecture evoking a sense of grandeur and history.

Amidst the disorientation, a glimmer of recognition sparked within Erias. He noticed a symbol etched into the massive city wall—a crest he had seen countless times in his previous life. It was the unmistakable emblem of Althea, the last remaining kingdom and humanity's final bastion.

The realization hit him like a tidal wave. This world he had awakened in was none other than the very realm he had once explored through the lens of a game. The lines between fiction and reality blurred as Erias struggled to comprehend the weight of his circumstances.

Staring at the crest, a mix of awe and disbelief washed over him. The game he had played so fervently had become his new reality. The heroes, quests, and challenges were no longer confined to pixels on a screen—they were tangible, waiting to be experienced firsthand.

Erias's heart raced with a jumble of emotions—excitement, fear, and a sense of overwhelming possibility. The adventure he had once embarked upon as a player was now his to live as a true participant. The boundaries of his former existence had shattered, and a new chapter awaited him in this world of magic and mystery.

As people bustled past him on the streets of Althea, their eyes filled with purpose and determination, Erias knew he couldn't dwell on the shock of his circumstances. He had been granted a rare opportunity—to navigate a world he thought he knew, armed with the foresight of his previous experiences.

Taking a deep breath, Erias straightened his posture, his gaze shifting from the emblem on the city wall to the horizon. The echoes of his gaming past still lingered in his mind, but now he had a chance to make a real difference, to forge his own destiny in a land teeming with possibilities.

With newfound determination, Erias stepped forward, his footsteps echoing through the streets of Althea. The weight of his past experiences, coupled with the unknown challenges that lay ahead, fueled his resolve. He would explore this world, unravel its secrets, and perhaps, in the process, uncover the truth behind his unexpected journey.

And so, with each step, Erias embraced the unknown, ready to embark on an adventure that transcended the boundaries of his imagination. The realization of his presence in Althea brought both trepidation and excitement, but above all, it ignited a spark of anticipation—a belief that his journey held the potential to change not only his own fate but the fate of an entire world.

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading!! What do you all think about the story so far? I would love to read it in the comments~