Chapter 31 Boredom
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          TF Chapter 31 Boredom

There are some things in this world that are always elapsing or moving, and one of them is time.

In my perspective, it is one of those few things in this universe that always remain in motion, not waiting for me, or any other person for that matter.

While gazing at the perpetual orange skies of Musana city, I had such thoughts.

The reason I was having such thoughts was the fact that I was getting fed up of the stasis-like nature of this place. If it wasn't for the presence of other people in this place, I would have gone insane some time ago. Apart from the fact that I was going through such an intense training regimen with Bora, this place lacked...true entertainment!

All I was doing here were three things, extracting atoms to expand my spiritual limits, training with Bora, then rest. 

Going through this routine each and every single day without any deviation either turns you into a zombie, or something snaps inside you.

I was of the latter category. I wanted a change...couldn't something interesting and different happen here for a change!?

Ever since our initial success, days had turned to weeks and now, to months, but for some circumstances unknown to us, the tutors were still missing. This sunset had been beautiful at the start, yet right now, it was stinging to my eyes. This constant scenery was getting on my nerves.

I was leaning on the stone walls of our little rock house, enjoying one of the few rare moments I didn't get to train with Bora. Danny was beside me, his eyes closed in a mock attempt at sunbathing.

"Danny, I am bored."

"Try meditation...believe me, it works wonders."


"I am being serious here. I am just a tad bit away from going crazy here. Throw me a bone or something." 

"...Nat senior, this is the choice you made when you chose to become a forger. You can choose to fail in your test at the end of the year and be booted from here. No one's stopping you."

Did he have to sound so harsh?

"How are you handling this robotic-like life here? Give me some genuine tips. Its a miracle I have even held on this long!" I pleaded.

"Ultimately, you will have to get used to it. If you want advice from me or Bora, forget it! We have long learned to cope with solitude during our individual training on Earth. You will have grasp for a solution by yourself. Advice never helps." Danny opened his eyes by a slit and spoke to me.

It looks like I will have to brainstorm my way out of this one, but how? I rubbed the back of my head in frustration. Celeste would have probably provided some means of entertainment, right? These two had...troublesome personalities and she was the bubbly one... Though, I wonder how that would end if I asked her.

Do trust me on this, craziness here was a real thing. I had seen a few, and it hadn't been a pretty sight. Their own companions had had to boot them out of the city to prevent self-harm or even harming others.

"Boredom is simply a state of mind. You yourself can change it with just a change of perspective, or sheer willpower."

It was sound advice from Bora who had just decided to join us.

"You should have become a monk or something." Danny joked.


"...or, we could simply dive back into the training; it might get your mind off things" she cracked her knuckles, causing me to wonder why such a beauty like her had such a flaw in her personality. Why was she inclined towards violence? She had continuously shattered my misconception of her being cool, calm, collected and logical during training the past few weeks.

Though, there was a point in her first words. I just had to shift the direction of my thoughts, but how?

The virtual metaverse had had many things that helped entertain me during my time on Earth. What was I supposed to do here? Invent such an activity? 

Sometimes you needed something to take your mind off the repetitive things. Re-imagining board games using pebbles and the red soil didn't seem like a particularly enticing idea.

Should we ask each other questions about our lives on Earth? No... These people are guarding their secrets too close. The trivial things they did wouldn't be enough to excite me...hmmm...

What to do? What to do? 

Unconsciously, I started tapping my finger on the wall behind me, the sound causing me to bob my head along.

Music! Maybe I could try to replay those songs in my head! 


I don't think I ever fully memorised one. Substituting with my own words wouldn't feel right...

"You could try to solve some mysteries, mostly about, how you are the only one who can access those visions from the past, that sword still standing in the middle of our stone house, the spirit...keep yourself busy!" 

Danny's words jolted me from my pondering. He was right. There were many things that would most definitely prove interesting enough if I just put my mind to them, like the spirit.

According to what Celeste had spoken about, the powers of the spirit were only limited by their wielders. Just like it would shock someone that light could exist as a solid, another would just take it as a matter of course.

For example, could photons be manipulated through the spirit? 

I had asked that question after some failed experimentation and Bora had said that the difficulty was brought about by the speed at which the particles were moving at.

So far no forger had arrived at such a threshold. If one managed to, they would become powerful. 

Now, if light is hard, what about dark matter? That couldn't even be sensed by our spirit, as if it didn't exist!

Anyway, trying to solve the mystery that was spirit was currently beyond me. The sword... That was something I wanted to avoid at all costs.

It has been some time since I last tried to head to the center of the city. Maybe I should try it the next time my mind is brought into the vision? 

The thought filled me with excitement an energy, not to mention the urge to uncover things.