Camp Part 1
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Maiko washed her body from head to toe but kept dunking underwater every time she heard the rustling of the leaves. Fatty was a true gentleman and did not peek at all, even though deep down, he really wished he could. After washing her body, Maiko washed her robes as well. She had no idea what she was going to wear after this, but she would rather wear wet clothes than run around stinking like pee like she was before.
“Here.” Yuki handed Maiko her outer robe. Her inner robes still covered her, so she was fine with lending her outer robe. “We will wait for your clothes to dry before moving.”
“Thank you….” Maiko was confused as to why Yuki was being so nice to her. She had tried to fight her once and even tried to come after her sneakily, but yet Yuki was still helping her even after all she had done.
“Don’t look too much into it. I am just helping another girl out.” Yuki knew wet clothes could slow a person down, and she did not want to see Maiko getting injured due to this fact. 
Once Maiko was clothed, Yuki turned to look at Fatty staring straight ahead into the forest, and chuckled: “It’s safe to turn around. We need to start a fire.”
“Alright. Leave it to me to gather wood.” Fatty turned and smiled but blushed when he saw Yuki in her innerwear. 
“Yuki!” Nana came running over and stood in front of her. “You will sit with me until you get your robe back.”
“Oh? Okay?” Yuki was confused. She did not seem to understand why Nana was suddenly covering her. As far as she knew, her inner robes were no different from her outer robes. They covered everything and were not see through. 
Nana pulled Yuki to sit down and had her sit on her lap. She then wrapped her own robe around Yuki so they were sharing the same robe. Maiko looked at the two and smiled. “You two are very close.”
“Mmm…. Nana is my family.” Yuki nodded and leaned into Nana’s chest. She always felt calm when she took in Nana’s scent.
 “I see.” Maiko felt slightly jealous. In this sect, she was all alone. She knew from the start a cultivator’s path was normally a lonely one, but when you see people as close as Yuki and Nana together like this, it made her feel slightly homesick. 
Fatty did not know what to do. He was doing his best not to look in any direction. He did not want to be seen as a Kenji. But he knew that the silence was killing him most of all. “So when Maiko’s cloths dry, we will continue towards the river. We are still in the outer ring, so later on, when we reach the middle ring, I will ask you, Yuki, to take a look around from the air to see if you see any parts in the trees.” 
“No problem.” Yuki was very happy to do this since she did not want to spend days just searching for a river. The faster they got this done, the better. She looked up at Nana, whose eyes were closed and was softly breathing and smiled. “Let’s give Nana a few  hours of sleep as well.”
“Mmm…” Fatty smiled and nodded. “I think the two of you will one day be a name that will send chills down people’s spines. Maybe we should give you a nickname now so that we can spread the name out now.”
“Haha, I am all set. The more under the radar I am, the better. I already have some crazy old man trying to kill me for some reason. And then there is Kenjia.” Yuki replied with a chuckle.
But the word radar that slipped out of her mouth made Fatty tilt his head. He felt like he understood what the word meant but never heard it before. “Radar?”
“It means staying low. A word I came up with.” Yuki quickly explained. She did not want anyone to know that she was reincarnated. She would have long forgotten about it herself if not for the fact that she would say things and remember things from her past life. Although she did not have much to go on besides what she read and watched on TV. 
“I see. I like this saying. I might use it sometime since it will confuse people.” Fatty replied before thinking of something and asking: “The movement technique you used earlier was that the sky ranked movement technique?” 
“Bah! That technique was a scam!” Yuki snorted. “Do you know that the first thing it asked me to do was to walk up a tree!? It didn’t even say anything else. It just said walk up the tree!”
“Pfft! Hahaha! So what did you do? You seemed to have figured it out since you are now using it at will, right?” Fatty was very interested in how Yuki mastered a sky ranked movement technique on her own.
“Well, it’s more of my own creation now and tuned for my own fighting style. While others can probably use it, the concept of how I am walking on air is much different.” Yuki explained. Of course, she would not give out details so easily.
“No matter what, you achieved something that many would find hard to do. This just shows how talented you are. But to walk up a tree… Yeah, I don’t see how that is possible. Especially if you are trying to keep your weight balanced.” Fatty knew he could never do it. 
“I fell on my butt quite a few times….”