Violet and Transmigration 1.1
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In a clean and elegant room, a man sat in front of his computer. The light from the screen illuminated his good-looking face as he was wholeheartedly focused on the task at hand. On the screen was a loading bar that quickly reached 100%.


"At last, it's finished downloading," I sighed, pushing back my fringe from my forehead. The game had taken an eternity to download, and time seemed to drag on endlessly to savor the pain of people.

On the computer screen, a game called [Cultivation Online] was being loaded.

I had played this game way back in high school but it was incomplete. It was an open-world game where you could play as a protagonist or various side characters, so I had spent countless hours completing several routes. But now that the game was completed and still on the trending list, I wanted to relive my high school days for a bit.

I loaded the game on my computer. The first thing that caught my eye was the wide variety of customization you could do to your character.

First, I set the character's gender as male. Though it would be fun to play as a female character, I still gave up on the thought for my first playthrough.

Then, set the height to 5'3''.

Hair color black. Let the eyes be of beautiful violet color. A gender-neutral face that was both beautiful and handsome. I customized the body to be of a slender frame. Skin color, let's go with pale.

Now the age could be altered from 10 to 10,000. So, I just set it at 10,000 for shit and giggles.

I looked at the character I had created, seeing that it was to my liking. Okay, now the name.

The first name that came to my mind was Boy.

I shook my head.

A hard pass. Without the 'Ghost Of Sparta' as my father, the name loses a bit of its charm.

I tried to think of another name but -Blank.

Non. Nein. Nada. Nothing comes to mind. So, I just go to the almighty google and search for some names. After, 20 minutes of struggle, I finally choose a name. Bai Yu it is.

As I completed the character, I clicked next.

A pop-up text appeared in the field of my vision.

"Spin the wheel to choose your spiritual root."

From my previous playthrough, I knew that it meant cultivating talent. So, I pressed start and the golden wheel spun and finally stopped on a red spot.

"Congratulations! You have obtained a Top-grade spiritual root."

Looking at the message, I was quite happy. In my previous playthrough, I only had a mid-grade spiritual root, which made the playthrough significantly harder.

I was about to click finish when another text popped up.

"As a welcome gift, please spin the wheel to select a special talent."

I was quite surprised since there was no such thing in the incomplete version of the game. But I just took it as a newbie gift and clicked spin.

The giant golden wheel spun and stopped on a golden spot. An outline of an eye could be seen on the spot.

"Congratulations! You have obtained a unique talent, [Insight]."

I nodded and feeling that this talent must be good since it was placed in a golden spot.

Finally, after an hour of initial customizations, I clicked on the finish icon.

"Do you want to start the game?"

I clicked on yes but another pop-up text appeared.

"Do you want to start the game?"

I blinked at the double confirmation but didn't pay it much heed and clicked yes again.

A bright light shone from my computer that engulfed the whole room.
My eyelids were tightly shut and my body felt heavy. I could feel the hard surface I was lying on. I tried to keep my blurry consciousness awake.

I finally managed to open my dreary eyes. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light. Despite the protests of my body, I sat up.

I was in a room, but it was not my room.

Why? The room was quite simple, and there were no wallpapers that I had in my room before. The floor was made of real wood, and my prized katana was missing.


My voice. "Hello." It was clear and high, not like my usual hoarse voice.

My hands were different, and my hair was also long. What the hell was going on?!

I stood up quickly and walked to the lone window in the room to see outside.


An unknown world. The street was bustling with people. I could occasionally see a carriage, a vehicle that is quite outdated. Everyone was wearing traditional Chinese clothes and murmured words that sounded distinctly Chinese. Where was I?!

I panicked a bit and saw a mirror hanging on the wall. The figure reflected in the mirror was eerily similar to the character I had customized in a game... My phone.

I searched for my phone but found nothing.

Finally, I set my sights on the old bookshelf. There were some old tattered books. Thankfully, I had studied Chinese and was able to read the books.

I picked the first book and looked at the title, "Collection of Famous Poems."

Not this...

"101 Tricks to Woo a Girl"

Why was this book here?

"The Tales of the Swordsman of Flowers"

A fantasy?

Finally, I looked at the last book.

"Azure World"

I paused for a bit. The world where the game took place was also called the Azure World. It is just a coincidence, right?

I took the book and sat on the bed and started reading the book. The reading speed I had cultivated by reading hundreds of novels made me able to finish the book in an hour.

After finishing the book, I sighed.

Though I had already suspected it looking at the mirror, I had transmigrated into the game I was playing. Most of the things matched the description that was in the game.

I finally fell onto the bed and now only one thing plagued my mind

"So, what am I supposed to do now?"