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[Fingers of flowery Swordsman] is a very famous technique made by one of the previous sect leaders of the Floating Cloud sect. Yun Che, the creator of this technique was one of the people who reached the Nascent Soul stage at the very young age of 101. He was a dual cultivator and the majority of dual cultivation technique present in the sect was developed by him such as the "69 Heavenly Thunder."

The sect leader Yun Che can also be considered one of the icons of the Floating Cloud Sect. He dual cultivated with many maidens of the great sects, increasing his cultivation at a rapid pace but this also resulted in his death.

On the day of his death, it was said that blood rain poured from the sky, as he was stabbed multiple times by his dual cultivation partners before they also committed the unthinkable.

Yeah, Yun Che died due to the fabled Hatched Ending. He provoked too many beauties with his face and technique, building resentment and jealousy among his harem members. Ultimately, they picked up their swords and killed him so that if they can't have him, no one can.

The whole issue was so large that it provoked war between two great sects but that is a matter for another time.



Looking at the technique in front of me, I just steer clear of it immediately.

It is said that the way of Heaven is Balanced.

If the cultivation technique is too good to be true then it probably is. [Fingers of Flowery Swordsmen] does have excellent effects during dual cultivation but it also leads to an extremely unstable foundation.

Sect Leader Yun Che was said to have a physique very suitable for Dual Cultivation so he was able to even reach the Nascent Soul Stage.

But me? My physique is indeed a bit special, but it is not a dual cultivation physique.

I searched a bit more before finally finding a suitable technique.

Even my extremely high inspiration made me believe so. It was a cultivation technique of the Lightning Element.

[Lightning Splitting Technique: Qi becomes as erratic as lightning, splitting others at the speed of lightning]

After a long sigh, I picked the technique and went towards the exit.


Bai Yu walked out of the Scripture Pavilion and walked towards the two elders who were talking about which spirit wine was better.

"Sorry for disturbing your conversation. Elder, I have chosen this cultivation technique."

Bai Yu respectfully put the "Lightning Splitting Technique" in front of him and also took out the wooden token he obtained from Elder Liu.

After a while, the two elders finished drinking the spirit wine in their glasses and then turned their eyes to look at Bai Yu and the manual on the desk.

"Have you already reached the fourth stage? Very good kid. You seem to have chosen Lightning Splitting Technique, it is a good technique."

Bai Yu watched as the old man of the Scripture Pavillion then launched a small spell making a few gestures with his palm, as the restriction of the manual was released and the manual became readable.

"Since you are a talented and hardworking disciple, I will help you a bit more." Then, in the hand of the old man suddenly a long and narrow jade strip that was crystal clear appeared and he pressed it on the manual.

Countless black ink characters then crawled out of the book like insects and sank into the small jade piece that was only about a finger wide.

After a while, the three words "Lightning Splitting Technique" appeared on the jade piece, and the elder raised his hand again and pressed the cold jade on Bai Yu's forehead.

"Don't resist, stay calm."

Bai Yu realizing what was happening hurriedly opened his [Insight] and stayed put, not evading.

The next moment, a cool feeling rushed into his mind, accompanied by a paragraph of mysterious and complicated ink-colored writing, that deeply embedded itself into his memory.

[Lightning Splitting! Split the Lightning!]

[The way of Heaven is lightning. Lightning covers the cloud, Lightning can't be avoided]

[Temper your body with the element of lightning and split your opponent at the speed of lightning. All Heaven is bound with lightning. Envelop yourself with lightning, Praise the lightning, transform all Qi into lightning...]

In just a few breaths, thousands of words and complex images flooded his mind.

Bai Yu immediately recovered and digested the sudden rush of information.

"Hm? You have quite strong mental strength. I thought you would be dazed." The elder who was talking with the old man said with a bit of surprise coloring his words.

"Thank you, both elders for helping this disciple." Bai Yu cupped his hands and said respectfully.

While the sudden help of elders may be useless for Bai Yu since he has a photographic memory, he still appreciated the thoughts.

Of course, Bai Yu also wondered if this was the way they slowly train you to be polite and follow the elders.

"I do not want to disturb the elders anymore. So, this disciple will retire." Bai Yu returned to his residence.


You know, when I said the author of the Basic Qi cultivation manual was underpaid, the author of this technique seems to be the exact opposite.

I filtered the excessive descriptions and then wrote them in a notebook. Unlike the basic cultivation manual, it seems that in this manual, I need to visualize the complex pictures and cultivate using them.

I did not rush into cultivating but reread the technique several times and comprehended its true essence using Insight.

I then sat down cross-legged in the lotus position as advised in the manual. Then I started to take small breaths. In the manual, it was said to take one long breath for every small nine breaths. Falling into a rhythm, I slowly began to visualize according to the description and diagrams in my mind.

In my mind, a small black cloud appeared. It was small at first then started to slowly expand covering the white canvas I imagined. Small streaks of lightning flashed occasionally among the black clouds.

Fifteen Minutes...

Half an Hour...

An hour later, I let out a long breath, as I produced a wisp of lightning Qi. I circulated it along my meridians and I felt something.




It was a small tingly back feeling. Am I going to become a super sa*yan?


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