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"It's the leader of the Demon monkey!" shouted one of the guards upon seeing the monster.

"Sixth Stage of Qi Condensation! The Demon Monkey Leader has broken through and become even stronger," exclaimed one of the cultivators among the guards in horror.

Patriarch Hong, though worried, did not lose hope. His instincts reminded him that the figure he had seen earlier could definitely contend with the Monkey leader. So, he shouted, "Don't give up! Everyone, fight! There is still Daoist Bai Yu."

The guards, though still worried, chose to believe in the disciple of the fairy sect and regained their composure.

At that moment, the Monkey leader jumped and unleashed a giant palm, gathering Qi as it suddenly punched towards Bai Yu.

Bai Yu narrowly dodged the attack, as the Qi-filled palm hit the earth below.

The ground trembled and shook as cracks started to appear in all directions. Bai Yu couldn't help but sweat drop at the strength of the leader of the demon monkey.

[Petal Tribulation]

Bai Yu conjured pink petals out of thin air, which accelerated towards the leader of the Demon Monkey.


The Demon Monkey didn't dodge the incoming petals, and instead rushed towards Bai Yu, confident that its thick hide would protect it. As it suspected, the petals bounced off, unable to penetrate its thick hide.

"As expected," Bai Yu thought, not holding much hope of defeating the leader monkey with just his [Petal Tribulation].

The specialty of the Demon Monkey was its thick hide that was extremely tough. Most attacks from the same realm barely managed to scratch it, so a [Petal Tribulation] of such low proficiency could not injure it.

The demon monkey let out a deafening roar and charged towards Bai Yu. He dodged to the side, narrowly avoiding the monkey's crushing fists. He swung his sword, but it barely made a dent in the demon monkey's thick hide.

The demon monkey swung its tail, but Bai Yu was able to leap out of the way just in time.

Despite the Demon Monkey's powerful attacks, Bai Yu's insight and agility allowed him to dodge every attack. He was able to study the monkey's movements and predict its next move, giving him an advantage in the battle.

As the fight raged on, Bai Yu began to notice a weakness in the demon monkey's defense. Its vulnerable spot was on its tail where the skin was a little thinner. He raised his hand, a burst of petals appearing out of thin air, and launched themselves towards the eyes of the Demon Monkey.

The Demon Monkey hurriedly swatted the pink petals, blinding himself for a split second and that would be its undoing.

[Shadowless Movement Art]

With a sudden burst of speed, Bai Yu darted forward. Demon Monkey was startled but didn't think too much, only knowing that the prey was delivering himself to its range.

Demon Monkey launched its massive fists. Bai Yu dodged those fists as they came crashing down toward him. The demon monkey swung its arms wildly, but Bai Yu was always one step ahead, his enhanced predictive ability allowing him to anticipate the beast's every move.

The Demon Monkey got angry that it could not touch its prey so, it took a wide swing at Bai Yu hoping to crush him in a single move. 

But Bai Yu was like a floating feather, he dodged the wide swing with a side step and took this chance to cut through the monkey's tail as it let out a blood-curdling scream.


Demon Monkey roared in pain as it looked at its now cut-off tail. Its eyes became red with pain and rage, and any thought of retreating was pushed to the back of its mind. It wanted...Revenge!

The Demon Monkey went into a frenzy, it charged toward Bai Yu with murderous intent, fist clenched tightly, fury in its eyes, ready to lunch a barrage of punches at the thought of pounding Bai Yu into minced meat...

-before suddenly plummeting to the ground.

The Demon Monkey shouted in surprise as it hit the ground. Then Demon Monkey was barely able to lift its head as it was incapable of moving its hand and feet. A glimpse at its wound revealed the cause- gone was the formerly impenetrable skin with minor scratches, instead, there was a thick, black liquid oozing out, filling the air with a putrid stench.


This was what Bai Yu had been waiting for after seeing that he could not injure the demon monkey with his sword and magic.

He never intended to kill the Demon Monkey in a straight fight, he only needed one good penetration to inflict a wound that was deep enough to spread the poison.

Bai Yu had coated his sword with the poison extracted from the Poisonous Lilies that he had collected earlier. If you ask from when then the sword was laced with poison was drenched from the very beginning.

Knowing that he would fight against the thick hide of the Demon Monkey, it was impossible for Bai Yu to not make prior preparation. He did not want the Demon Monkey to suddenly go into a Berserk state as the monsters did in his first mission.

So, with this simple preparation, he made beforehand...he guaranteed his victory.

Furthermore, with the precedent set by a spiky black-haired alien monkey, who always gained power-ups in the middle of battle with a huge roar, Bai Yu didn't want to take any chances.

The leader of the monkey let out a small pained cry as the light in its eyes slowly faded away.

At the same time, Bai Yu, looking at his defeated foe, popped a Qi replenishing pill in his mouth, preparing for his next move.




It was Lootin' time.


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