Chapter 2: elder woods
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After dave vanished his body was soon reborn of that of a young tree 2.5 meters tall located in the last large forrest on the contient known as the elder woods.

When dave woke up he was surounded by tall tress some, with some reaching over 1000 meters tall but he dident have long to take it all in before he heard a voice in his head

System: "greetings master i am your system that you have requested"

Dave: "F#CK YES IM ALIVE AND I HAVE A SYSTEM" he scremed at the top of his no existing lungs, but no sound came out 

Dave: "system why cant i talk"

System: "because you are a very young dryad and have not grown a body to usea voice" the system said in a plain voice

Dave: " calling you system dosent seem right so im going to give you the original name siri"

System: "understood, i will be now known as siri"

After there confersarion dave felt some ominous and dark energy disturbingthe forrest

Dave: "siri what is that" dave asked in a cautious tone

Siri: "that is a demonic beast they have been running rampet in this forrest since the dryads went extinct thousands of years ago, i suggest dealing with it to avoid further damage to the forrest and your own safty"

Dave: "how do i fight back?"

Siri: "say status" 

Dave: "status"

A bright blue screen apeared infront of him stating his race, skills, level ect


Name: Dave

Level: 1

Class: tree spirit

Race: dryad

Age: 0

HP: 500

MP: 250

Defense: 150 

Attack: 15


STR: 5

DEX: 5

VIT:  5

INT:  5

WIS: 5

Free Stat Points: 0


Last dryad: the last surviving dryad granting a 25% increase in defense when fighting in a forrest

Forrest guardien: a titles creatures get whn they protect a forrest from invaders, gives 10% increase in all stats when protecting there forrest


Gaia's last gift: the last and strongest blessing gaia could give using the last of her divinity grants skill: nature control and grants natures love on creature making all her creation love you 50% more


Nature control: control nature at your will 

Root spike: stabs your roots into enemys

Auto-pilot: gives a set of intructions to siri to follow while you sleep

Photosythsis: convert sun light in mana

A grin slowly showed on his face as he looked at his stats, but this moment was intrupted by the demonic beast that he could now see whitch looked like a dark wolf wuth red eyes running at him.