Ashwood Chapter 14 – Tifa and Evil’s Torture
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“Would it help you if I tell you I have no idea how to leave this place?”

“No,” Tifa smilingly closed her eyes, taking another breath of darkness, which made her feel restless, “thank…you.”

Ashwood hugged Tifa’s naked body; the weight of her boobs pressed on his arms. He kissed the nape of her neck, moving up a little, kissing her jaw, cheek, and she placed her palm on his face, pushing him away, asking the question that was on her mind, “what are you doing?”

“This place is weird,” Ashwood whispered to her, “you know it too…or you wouldn’t be pushing me away like I am your lover but punching me like I am the strange naked guy holding your naked body in his arms.”

Tifa backed into his arms, resting her head on his shoulder, stroking his arm, raising them to her boobs, pressing his palm on them, “this place really is strange…I feel like myself…after such a long time…and yet….”

“Yet, it made your senses go haywire…you think I am Cloud.”

Tifa slowly looked back, seeing the guy with purple eyes. He was mostly a stranger to her. The only thing she ever knew about him was that he was one of the victims of the systems. As for why he was chosen? She had no idea. The only other thing that stood out about him was that he was the only guy in the list of victims she knew about. Yet, right now, she felt it, as if it was the man she loved was holding her lovingly.

Ashwood shook his head, “there are feelings…not mine…I don’t know you enough to love you…a connection? Projection? I have no idea…right now…Tifa….”

Tifa closed her eyes, hearing a familiar voice in place of the strange one, “Tifa…Tifa…Tifa!”

She opened her ruby eyes, looking around the single room where she stayed, and then the blue-eyed blonde, looking at her with slight worry in his eyes, “Cloud!”

‘Cloud?’ Ashwood was taken aback. He looked at the girl before he looked around the room, ‘it changed…mph…what is going on here?’

“Cloud!” Tifa wrapped her hands around him, hugging him tightly, shivering with joy and tears. Ashwood raised his arms to hug her, but they stayed there, in an awkward position of whether or not to hug her, before they hesitantly rested on her back.

‘That wasn’t me…are her thoughts affecting my actions? Am I here…to play a part in the play? To begin with, what is this place? Kurama’s Magatama…coffin…my body…like a spiritual place that Naruto had in his head. Is it like that…? Even if that was the entry point…main change took place when I took the negative emotions out of Tsunade and this message from the system appeared.’

[You found a Fragment of Evil – Ashwood Bloodline is showing signs of awakening]

‘There is another dialogue box,’ Ashwood turned his eyes towards the next one.

[You gained Ashwood’s Domain.]

[You found a Fragment of Evil – Ashwood Bloodline is showing signs of awakening.]

[You gained Ashwood’s Presence.]

“Cloud,” Tifa raised her chin, stroking his head, kissing his lips. She pulled closer to him, pressing her boobs against his chest, running her fingers through his hair. She looked at the blonde and pushed him on the bed, leaning over him. She climbed on him, kissing his neck, placing her palm on his lower face, resting her fingers on his lips, and she pressed her finger onto him, pulling his collar with the other hand, “I want you…Cloud.”


Tifa smiled at her lover's voice, lowering her body, pressing her palm on his groin. She rubbed the sweet hard thing trapped under it, opening his belt and buttons, pulling down the chain. She dragged it out of his underwear, taking a deep breath, smelling it, “Cloud…I missed you, Cloud.”

She parted her lips, gripping it between her arms, sucking on the shaft. She lapped her tongue on the familiar taste, dragging it to her tip, lowering her jaw, taking the tip of his cock, swallowing the head. She closed her eyes, lowering her head, moaning on it. She stroked it, moving her hand up and down the shaft, sucking on the upper shaft. Her tongue circled it. Her saliva lacked it, dripping down the shaft, until it touched her fingers.

She opened her eyes, watching her palms around the cock, holding the shaft, her lips twisted around it as she sucked it. She bobbed her head faster and faster, as if trying to get rid of something, escape a memory, and the nightmare took shape.

Ashwood felt the surrounding moves, the whole room was moving, and it zoomed in to another place altogether. He watched the darkness separate from him and form a figure behind Tifa. Through the darkness, he saw himself playing the second role. The darkness took shape of a tall black man, nearly 200 cm tall, holding Tifa’s hips, with his cock buried inside her snatch.

“You are such a slut,” Barett smacked her ass, sending a shiver down Tifa’s spine, “you pussy is trying to bite my dick off!”

‘No~!! Don’t~!!’ Tifa screamed inside her. She didn’t know why, but she kept sucking on Cloud’s cock while her pussy was getting pounded by Barrett, harder and deeper. She wanted to stop, her heart wanted to stop, yet the darkness encroached her heart, tickling her desire, making her shake her ass.

She felt his fingers sink inside her meant, stretching her ass out, his cock ramming inside of her and she lewdly twisted under their assault. She let out a primal moan when Cloud shoved her head down, making her gobble his cock like her pussy was gobbling the black one.

Her pussy spasmed from the thrust, her walls clamped down on it, and she breathlessly drooled on Cloud’s cock. The two seemed to be working together. Cloud rammed his cock through her small mouth, while Barret’s body slapped against her round ass, reaching for her uterus.

Her breasts swung in all directions, and Cloud’s thrust made her collide with Barret, whose cock tore through her with its thickness, and then her body shook even more when Cloud propelled her forward. The two of them pounded the air out of her, using her body like she was a cheap whore.

Inside her, she could only cry, not wanting Cloud to see this side of her. This wasn’t her, and yet, she was being forced to enjoy this. Their cocks were throbbing, about to cum inside of her, and she went crazy when they came inside of her, over her, covering her. She helplessly looked at Cloud, who patted her head, and the cum on her face, inside her, her thighs, ass, turned into sticky darkness. It wrapped her, covering her eyes from the world in front of her. Her senses went haywire, and when it retreated, she was on a bed, with a cock between her tits.

She looked up, seeing the fat mobster she recognised. She jerked back in repulsion but he held her head, pulling her back in, “did ya forget the deal? That’s not good.”

He threw her on the bed, sitting down behind her, digging his fingers into her toned ass, “Aha! Someone works out. Don likes it!”

Don Corneo smacked her ass, and she shuddered from the praise of the man she despised from the bottom of her heart. She looked in front of her, finding Cloud sitting there, watching her, “Cloud! It’s not! It's not what you think!”

She lurched when the thick cock pierced through her, shoving into her. Tears came out of her eyes, hearing his disgusting voice, “gah! So tight! Take Don’s—”

“Come here,” Tifa abruptly got pulled away, the surrounding environment melted into darkness, the Don melted, and so did Cloud, and she took a few steps forward, realising she was still naked, surrounded by the darkness.

She looked up into the eyes on the purple-haired man, wearing black-red glasses, sighing at her, “you had to go ahead and cry.”

“This was…your doing?” Tifa clenched her fist, only to see him shake his head.

“No…I was…observing about what it wanted to achieve. Since you were enjoying that—”

“I wasn’t!”

“I decided to observe a little longer,” Ashwood stroked her cheek, wiping her tears, rubbing the leg she kicked on the other shin, “and from what I see…it trapped you. Took all the negative emotions out of you, and when you are yourself…it feeds them back to you again, taking you the other extreme, and then back to zero point, stretching your will to break you. I wonder what would happen at the end…will it…break you just mentally or physically and spiritually too?”

“How do I get out of here!” Tifa shouted.

“Hm…” Ashwood looked at her, then the domain, thinking, “try killing me.”

“What? NO!”

“You are trapped inside someplace which will torture you till you die or you lose your will or worse and you are…rejecting the idea, why?”

“You are trapped here too,” Tifa took his palms in hers, looking around the swirling darkness in all direction, where there wasn’t darkness, there was the void. She gripped tightly on his palm, getting the only sense of reality in this dark, cold, and scary place.

“Tifa…kill me….”