Hell One: Chapter 5
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Kevin lay down on his bed the entire morning. At first, he cried the pain of loss.

Then he went silent. The hurt was in his torso, filling him up with emotion and fear for the future. Without Amanda, he felt lost.

He picked up his phone to call Eula but remembered she was dealing with RedEye already. If he called and there was no answer, she was a zombie. If he doesn’t call, she is still alive and breathing and still her.

He put the phone down.

He thought about his parents, both had passed away years ago, and wondered what they would say.

His mother would remind him to pray and be thankful, to be kind to others and to keep moving forward with life no matter what.

His father would say that if you are still moving, you still have a chance. Keep looking for answers to problems. To understand which emotion was fucking up his mind, sort it out, then start thinking.

He was not sure what to believe anymore.

Being kind may not be the right option moving forward, assuming he moved forward, although he already knew he would.

He had no idea how to deal with his current emotional state, or whether taking the time to deal with it was even an option if he wanted to keep living.

What options were available?

Push the pain down, bury it, deal with that later.

Move. The car was packed with food and camping equipment. All he needed to do was attach the bikes and drive.

But, as doing this solo a viable option?


Who can he call that would improve his chances?

Workmates? He didn’t even have their numbers.

Amanda had good friends, but not fit and healthy like she is. Was.

Eula. She would be a great addition to the new post-zombie tribe. A tribe of two.

He picked up the phone to call her, then stared at the phone for a few moments. If she failed to answer, she was either dead or too exhausted to answer.

Maybe he should go to her place unannounced.

She had flatmates. They could be sick, or zombies.

He dialed her number.

The phone rang.

Eula answered, “What?”

“Are you a zombie yet?”

“I feel like one. Hey, are you doing anything at the moment?” She sounded like death. He felt the same way yesterday morning.

“Did you know that since you are not a zombie, you have survived RedEye?”

“I feel like I am about to die. Hey, listen up numbnuts. Are you and Amanda able to pick me up?”

He couldn’t bring out the words. He had to.

Bury the emotion, the exact thing his father advised so strongly against, because dealing with it will kill him and deaden his mind.

“Amanda caught it, she died last night. I am alone.”

“Oh, shit Kev, I am so sorry. She was wonderful.”

“Yeah, hey, look, let's not talk about that right now. I have a spare seat, you have a spare butt, do you want to join me in my escape from Melbourne before the zombies take over the place?”

“Of course. But I am bedridden. I can barely move, I even had to piss myself in the bed because I am too exhausted to move. Actually, that is not the only reason. And this is why I need you to pop over. My three housemates caught RedEye before me and are now zombies who are bouncing around the house. My door is locked, I can’t move, and I really want to leave this place. Are you up to killing them for me? If you do, I will owe you one.”

“Eula, why would you think I would want to know you pissed yourself in bed?”

“So you know to bring some clothes for me. Mine are all dirty and disgusting. I am the same size as Amanda, bring some with you.”

“The car is packed with her stuff, consider it yours. After I kill the zombies, you have to have a shower before you get into my brand new stolen car.”

“Hurry up, I don’t want to die by a zombie.”

She hung up.

Kevin sat up. Suddenly, he had a mission, a purpose. He stood up, feeling surprisingly good, almost fully recovered, then made his way to the kitchen. He rummaged through the knives but he couldn’t find one big enough. Then he considered the idea of stabbing one to death, it seemed like a messy way to do it, and it meant getting up close and personal.

He had no guns.

He did have a baseball bat though. He walked to the spare room, quickly found the bat and ball, picked them both up and walked into the garage.

He gave the bat a few decent swings at the cabinet for practice and smashed it up a bit. He knew that he would have to swing hard and fast, he would aim for the head, and to make sure he cracked the skull properly.

He had watched the people hit and stab the zombies that walked the streets, it did not kill them. Only the tasers stopped them, and one person who used a bat to the head.

He swung at the cabinet again, this time at head height. After a few more practices, ensuring that he could damage the wood more with each swing, he felt he had a feel for it again.

He loaded the bikes onto the back of the sedan using bike racks, Amanda said the car would be good, but running out of petrol and refilling would be bad. The bikes fixed that issue.

He got into the car, opened the door using the door control, then drove outside. As he drove onto the road, he instantly spotted a single zombie walking the footpath. When it heard the car, it turned towards him immediately. He noticed the zombie had trouble turning quickly and wondered if that was normal for one.

Eula lived in Melton, a thirty-minute drive away.

He wasted no time getting there and it was made easy with the light traffic. He was pleased about that. He was not pleased to count seven zombies on the way.

Whatever the news was saying, it was far worse than being reported.

He pulled up to Eula’s place, picked up the bat, took a look around for wandering zombies then got out.

Walking up to the house he was terrified. But he kept moving, if he stopped, he would drive away without Eula, his first Post Zombie World Tribe Member.

He stood at the door and knocked three times. The zombies, within a minute, were on the other side knocking back.