Chapter 1:A servents start
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(This chapter has been edited so that all typos and grammatical errors may be fixed)

"Hello sir would you like to buy some cookies. The proceedings will go to our local boy scouts."

"How much are they?"

"The cheapest goes for ten dollars sir."

...Thats a little to much.

"Im sorry I cant afford that, would it be fine if i just donated some money instead?"

I can afford to give a buck or two.

"Of course sir."

Alright lets see what we have.

I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and gave its insides a look.

...Only five bucks huh...I should really start keeping dollar bills...Screw it after all there's no harm.

"Heres five bucks."

"Thank you very much sir. Come here kids thank the nice man."

Such a nice girl.


So loud...ah its fine it's normal for kids to be loud. Now to just fill up the trunk and head back home.

I walked to where I believed my car was, making sure to wave back to those kids...and of course I have no Idea where I parked...Its fine the food shouldn't thaw out that quickly.

I began to spam the lock button on my keys hoping to get a honk but of course nothing.

"Guess ill have to push the cart around for a while longer...Oh well."

After around five minutes I eventually found my car. I immediatly loaded up my groceries putting away the cart after finishing.

"I refuse to be like those assholes who put carts in the middle of parking...Im fine with doing a little extra work after all why not."

After finishing up I hoped in and started up my car.

"...I wish it was raining damn it."

Swear to god, kids are never going to let me rest.

I began my drive home.

"Seriously people you see a car and you decide to move slower."

Of course it was a hassle to get to the exit but after a minute or two I made it to the exit.

"Swear to god light if you take five minutes im just going...okay not really but please hurry."

After about five minutes I finally managed to make a left turn.

Alright I should be carefull there's a bar around here... 

I went straight for a while and eventually made it past the bar...

"Alright now to just focus on the music."

-Around three and a half songs later-

"There arent that many groceries...Alright guess im doing this solo."

I grabbed the groceries, closed the trunk, and immediatly entered my sweet sweet home of course...after unlocking...huh...Its fine

"DADDYS HOME!" response...the door was supposed to be locked...the cars outside...Ill wait a bit...

-A bit later-

...Shit shit shit...

I immediatly called 911...

"Yes sir what is your emergency."

"I belive some one has broken into my house."

"Yes sir did you manage to escape."


"...Sir what are the sighns?"

"...The locked door house is quite despite the fact that i have two kids...And i just arrived from the grocery store with my kids promised chocalate milk..."

"...Help is on the way."

...Yeah theres no reason for them to have gone out...I have to know...for now I'll go in through the back...

I went to the side of my house and climbed over the fence.

...maybe I should get something from the shed.

I went to my shed walked in and made sure to close the door.

"Ill use the shovel...or should i use the no shovel would work better."

I grabbed the shovel and immediatly ran for my house stopping as soon as i opened the shed door...

A man...a man covered in house...hes wearing...


He has a gun...

He began to walk towards towards the fence behind me...

"Good now dont move and drop the shovel."

I dropped it...As soon as I did he began to walk eventually making it past me...He isnt even looking at me...Its about time I finally apply myself...

As he was about to climb the fence behind me I ran up to him and kicked his testicles as hard as I could...He almost fell but I grabbed him by the nuts and dragged him back to my backyard.

He began shooting randomly hitting me twice. One bullet to the shoulder and another to the hip. Before he could fire again I stepped as hard as I could on his wrist making him let go of the gun. As soon as he let go of it I kicked it as far away as possible. It landed right next to the dropped shovel

He grabbed onto my ankle and gripped it hard trying to pull me down...I kicked him in the face as hard as I could...He let go and I immediatly ran for the gun. He tried to stop me but failed...I grabbed it...I walked up to him with blood staining my clothes red...I made sure to stomp on his face and kick him hard in th nuts again...and then finally i held the gun up to his forehead and shot him...

He died instantly...


Neighbor...Why didnt you do anything...No its fine...sweety...little idiots...daddy's home...

I walked slowly into my house still bleeding...Fuck it hurts so much...

"IM HOME!!!"

Still no response...

I began to walk around eventually finding a trail of blood leading upstairs...

I made my way up following the trail right little girls bedroom...

I opened it slowly trying my hardest to stay awake...

I saw my worst nightmare...They were all dead...all of them with bullet holes on their head...


I walked up to them gave my wife a kiss and my two geniuses a big hug...

"How about daddy and mommy take a nap with their two angels..."

I gave up and accepted the intense sleepiness, the pain, and sorrow I felt...

Goodnight...daddy will...see you

-In some unknown place-

"Well now we cant just let such good material go to waste."

"I know but he most likely won't agree."

"Its fine we have three especially pretty bargaining chips now."

"...Are you sure you want to go along with this...humans will rebel for any reason and we would be granting this one power even we couldnt fully control."

"Its fine I already found a suitable suppressor."

"Allright then lets go along...Bring him back and make sure to keep those other three safe..."

"But first move on with the first servent."