Chapter 2:Lazy collar
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(This chapter has been edited so that all typos and grammatical errors may be fixed)

"Hey old man wake up."


"Come on gramps."

Who you calling gramps...

"...Okay get the water!"


As if I'd fall...for...

"Hey gramps you died but your soul was snatched and brought here."


"Calm down great one let him get a sure he'll need a moment to calm down."

I opend my eyes and looked around.


"Its fine old man its just like a normal isekai just demon style."

Im surronded by eyed demons...they brought me back.

"Hey can you bring my wife and kids here to...they've...they have passed as well."

"Yes but it will take a while. The bodies you two are in while being copys of your previous selfs,are completely different."

"...What do you need? Will my soul be enough?"

"...Corpses we need lots and lots of corpses."


"Wheres your nearest grave yard."

"We need human corpses..."

Demon I need to kill people?

"Listen we called you here because we are in the middle of a war. The ter."

"Yeah yeah king gramps listen short story is humans are hating on demons for no reason. You know the whole all demons are heartless murderers thing. Anyways the demons summoned us heros to end the war with divine weapons."

...Isnt this like one of those animes...its been a while since me and her have watched an anime together......

"So if I bring you enough corpses you can bring my family back?"

" like it if you became our hero but we wont force you since we already have another." I'd I could say no

"Thats me. Oh and gramps I won't be helping you."

"...Give me the weapon."

"Yes...for you we grant an ember of the origin sin of wraths flame."

As soon as he finished speaking his clothes began to glow patterns covering every inch spreading slowly more patterns appearing all over his body.

"King gramps you dont have to be so flashy."

...Damn brat...

As soon as his whole body was covered in markings he began to dig into his chest.

"Accept the remains of an anger too strong to survive and become our faithfull knight."

...Sure...I should probably prepare some safety plans...

"Till my family is revived."

As soon as those words came out of my mouth he pulled a glass ball with a small light out of his chest.

"Our pact is made."

He broke the glass and sent the small light right at me.

"Fuck that's hot."

The room suddenly heated up as the light flew towards me.

That small light entered my body before I could even blink.

Im starting to feel sleepy...I feel pretty warm...

"Its fine just sleep and let your body adjust."

"Why do you care so much king grandpa you have me The Best Swordsman!"

Annoying little shit...Wont be to long till I see my little shits...maybe ill have a nice dream with them...yeah ill sleep.

-Five Minutes Later-

"Thank you for your assistance oh great incarnation of pride."

"Its fine. Now tell me what do you want me to do to him."

"If possible we would like you to imbue one of your curses."

"...You flys know your places damn well so why do you overstep?"

"I...Its nothing oh great one...we figured you would enjoy training your new brethren...We are very sorry for overstepping but we did what we did in hopes of giving the true sin a feeling of joy."

"You truely are a smooth talker...Fine but if you overstep again my blade will end you."

"Thank you oh scion of sin!"

"Alright lets get this over with...I the inheiretor of a true prides broken tears command you by the name of the new sin, release the illusion of ones meaning and become solely mine."


"I said become mine."


"Hey grandpa king im ganna kill him."



Its so dark.

"Hey there partner looks like we'll be spending quite a bit of time together starting now."


"Anyways im ganna help you out. That king is quite the idiot unfortunately I cant say the same for his assistants...anyways im going to have you rember some bad things okay...okay!"

Ughh fuck my head


What happened...oh yeah I was in the middle of a hunt...Damn lizard...I SWEAR YOU DAMN T-REX I WILL KILL YOU AND MAKE A DAMN FULL SET OUT OF YOU!!!"

...Okay that was way to quick...ehh better for me.

"YES YES YES JUST A COUPLE MORE breathing piece of shit...breath going through trees and rocks..."

Maybe I wont have to use that memory...Awww.


This is actually kinda fun to watch.

" im not giving up...ill wait for that FUCKING t-rex to run...wait...wait did it die?"

Damn so many emotions at once


Damn killed in a instant. Alright this should be enough ill go ahead and let out some special flames.

-Throne Room-


Fuck that damn ugly lizard...Wait why's there fire that was just a dream...The fires spreading really quickly...

Did that guards armor just catch fire...Shits burning like wood...

-Hope you enjoy my all eating flame you fuckers. Fuckers right?-

...that voice...wait so I have rathian powers...I AM A no wait think I am an adult...

"...So king you WILL bring back my family if I bring you enough corpses right...Actually be clearer."

The flame spread all over the place burning everything. Everybody looks alright...except for the whole naked part...actually the kings fine.

"...Pin him down."


"...Im sorry?"

Obeying the king those...naked...okay seriously is there a uniform dong size too?

...Anyways im currenly being held down by a group of naked men

"You were already awake...Put the collar on him."

Suddenly one of the guards put a deep blue leather collar on me...Im actually fine with this.

"Good luck starting fires without fuel."

Oh hey its that pride kid. Why's he asleep on the floor.

"Take him away."

"Its fine its fine where do you want me to go."

"Alright follow the guards well have you escorted to your room."

Oh yeah walking...

"Hey I dont care if your naked can ya carry me."

And so I was carried by my fellow nudies to a nice...prison cell? Ehh oh well at least theres a bed.

"Hey can you guys toss me on the bed."

And so they did.

"Alright time for a nap."

-.....okay okay....i can do yeah he just needs to dream a bit.-