Chapter 3:Sins first use
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(Disclaimer-This chapter is not for the weak but if you read novels that go deep into gore this counts as weak...If your new to semi detailed murder get outa here)

(This chapter has been edited so that all typos and grammatical errors may be fixed)

"Okay so maybe if I build it up a bit. Yeah that should work...Hey partner your dreams are going to last more than a couple seconds tonight."

"Who are you?"

"Doesnt matter anyways lets make a deal. You feel a little pain and I tell ya how to get you babys back without having to kill a couple thousand people."


"Alright then become my servent and ill give you my strength."

"...What will you have me do?"

-...hmm he's more active then I thought he would be. Truly a foolish king.

"Your annoyance,irritation, anger and some other things will be taken by me and held onto in exchange for some strength and I can make you angry whenever oh and I get full control when you break I guess? Ah and dont worry ill make sure to solve whatever problem broke you fair deal eh."

"So I get to control my body?"


"I agree then. Now let me sleep."

"...Good luck trying to sleep in a dream...Actually...hmmm no no...anyways as the rules have been clearly stated and an agreement has been formed by both parties our deal is sealed. Now lets piss you off a bit."

-Strangers View-

Dumb light thing as if ill let you take over. Hehe.

I went ahead and began my nap.

"Hey dumbass wake up foods ready."

...That voice.....

"...Yeah ill wake up whats for dinner?"

"Whatcha know you woke up immediatly."

"Yes yes now come on. Oh and fuck it lets spend today with those midgets no need for school today."

"...Did you have another nightmare?"

"Yeah...Id just like to spend some more time with my family."


"Anyways. Did you make pancakes or am I ganna have to lift your shirt up and take a bite?"

"...Your nose is as good as ever huh...Yeah I made pancakes but I also made something for the kids...since you feel nice why dont you switch with them."

"Sure but you might want to change."

Ill go ahead and let them have as much syrup as they want.

"Good Idea ill put on the pajamas in the dirty clothes bin."

"Go ahead. Ill see you downstairs."

I got off our bed...Maybe these sunset sheets arent so bad...Nah they still are.

"Nothing like lazy pants."

"Yes yes now come on."

I went ahead and walked downstairs without shaving or brushing my teeth. As I made my way downstairs I looked at the pictures hanging on the hallway making a stop every picture or two.

"Hehe I remeber thats when sammy missed the ball and hit himself. Seriously it was held up and he was helped by the coach yet he still messed up...he really is my little idiot."

"Isnt that Ms. Pommer. Seriously she was a bitch of a teacher but she did a damn good job helping me out...Still cant believe I was lied to about college. I think Ill invite her out on a thankyou meal instead of just dropping a gift off."

"My lily was always such a scaredy cat...Is is...My lily is such a scaredy cat."

Eventually I made it to the dining room.

"Hey dumbos daddy's decided to give you pancakes today."



"Yup come on give Daddy a hug."

Sammy ran right up to me but of course lily tried to wait for sammy to finish.

I grabbed onto sammy and walked right to lily.

"Come on sweety you dont have to wait."

Seriously you and sammy get along so well so why do you have to act so shy around me...its fine kids like to play favorites...Ill have to stop that for today.

So I scooped her up with my arm after making sure sammy was safe on my shoulder.

"Give daddy A thankyou for giving his sugar demons some sweets please."

"Thankyou daddy!"

"Daddys nice today?"

Come on lily im always nice...

"Daddys always nice but you guys can be meanies so daddy has to be not nice."

Seriously me and her learned what not to do...Wait does she hate me because I banned fruit gummies? 

.....Oh well.

"Dont listen to daddy it was mommy who made her little monsters fluffy candy."

"Yea yes but that candy was supposed to be daddys. He wanted to thank his monsters for letting him sleep."

"...Thankyou mommy!"

"Thankyou daddy!"

Atta girl Lily.

"Now come on lets eat."

-Alright thats enough of a build up now for the fun.


"Hey kids where do you keep the valuables."




Whered everybody go...I hear them...I please no.


I looked behind me and I saw it. I saw him pointing a gun at my wife...she stabbed him in the back.


He smacked dont cry daddy's here...Hes hitting her so many times...

I ran up to the man and tryed to hit him as hard as I could but I couldn't even touch him I simply passed through him.

Why cant I touch him...Please no...Im fine with any nightmare...Im fine with being eaten alive by some horror movie monster just not this...please...please...

"...Hey your not so bad looking huh...I mean you got nothing to show...Fuck it...HEY BITCH LETS HAVE SOME FUN!"


He tore off her clothes and immediatly gave a look of absolute disgust.

"Good face shit body of course...Your wearing a nice necklace though."


Right Behind him as all this happened I immediatly tried to grab the knife my wife stabbed into him...

I succeded...I can hurt him...

I pulled out the knife and kicked his ankle hard. That didn't knock him over so I kicked it again I continued kicking his ankle even after he fell over...I suddenly began to calm down...Im still pissed but...I can think...I can only think of how best to make this asshole suffer.

-Heh didnt think youd go this far...Looks like an easy escape.

Not noticing the silence I began the fun...First i stabbed both his knees and elbows so he wouldn't move...Hes bleeding out a bit to much...

I took of my lazy pants tore them in half so I could twirl the two parts around the area above his knees...I made sure to twist them on as tight as possible...

Ignoring his screams I continued.

"You were going to have some FUN with my wife huh...Maybe we should have some fun..."

No that would kill him instantly...I'll save that for last...I know I'll cut off his eye lids.

"Lets see how like seeing everything without being able to stop it."

I pride his left eye open makeing sure to rub his eye a bit with my thumb

"Stop crying your making this difficult."

I pulled his eyelid and with the big kitchen knife i cut off both lids making sure not to hurt his eyes to badly.

"Alright now you hit my wife a im going to kick your dick till becomes an overblown ballon snake."

I pushed him onto his side and began kicking him...again and again and again till his pants turned red.

"Alright now time for the final trick...Im going to show what it really means to go fuck yourself."

Despite what I was about to do i remained calm. Thinking only of him and my wife...I didnt feel sad I didnt feel angry I didnt feel happy I simply felt like doing what I was doing.

-Alright we cant have you get over this in anyways so why dont you wake up. Oh and dont worry as a favor Ill let you forget about this dream and let it be know I technically held our deal of me helping you with whatever broke you okay. Anyways good morning.-