Chapter 4:Escape
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"Uhhhh fuck my head."

-Hey partner I got good news and bad news. Which one ya wanna here first?

I ignored that irritating voice and began to feel my skin...huh?


-Good news is your free and alive. Bad news is you have the body of a badly burned demon.

I began to look at my body...Im covered in scar patches and skin is brown?

-Yeah I went ahead and healed the spots my flames touched. Couldn't do much about what the hot air did to ya. Anyways you might want to find A new pair of lungs.


-Yeah im that little light and I just saved your ass.

...What happened?

-Yeah im that divine weapon. You know angry fire. Anyways you accidentally triggered me.

...looks like I had a nightmare.


I feel like shit and I just slept I had a nightmare...

-...Nah this guys soul is gone...your a tad to calm...As my weilder you cant be like this.

Yeah yeah so what.

-...Alright...okay...ummm...Anyways you might want to start running the king is definitely gone and prides little bitch will probably send a slave or two over so ya...Lets leave...Ill help you out just walk into that forest over there.

...well I dont want to die again...okay...

I stood and began to walk making my way through the remains of the castle.

"So why am I a demon now?"

-You overdid it with the fire and kind of turned half your body into a pile of black dust and wierdly shaped rocks...just a small bit...anyways you came from another world and you think moving your soul from body to body is a big issue.


-Fuck okay so you know how you have a brain that has memories and stuff.


Whats he going on about?

-Well that soul is in your words a back up. As long as your new body has a brain your safe just make sure to aim for kids we dont want you over loading.

I looked at my thick muscular body

"Im a kid?"

-.....I may have gone a tad to far. Ehh oh well at least this idiot owes me one.


-You heard me now come on go go.

I began my long walk towards who knows where.

I walked and walked and walked not stopping regardless of the corpses, destroyed buildings, and ashen dessert.

After an unknown amount of time of walking I eventually made it to some unknown forest.

"I did all that?"

-Yup now come on keep walking go go.

Seriously everything was beyond burnt. Building were cracked and rough all clearly turning to ash. And the corpses...It was disturbingly clear what those people felt as their faces...they despite being melted and burnt showed what they felt clear as day.

-Still cant believe that asshole left all those people. At least he made sure to take the kids.


-Yeah citys have people and people have kids.

"I almost killed kids?"

-Hey hey dont stop.


-Its fine the king makes sure the innocent are safe so all the people you killed were definitely criminals.


-.....Okay nope you cannot do this now go back to sleep.

"Im fine im fine just let me rest a bit."

-Hmmmm fine.

I sat down and began to relax.

After a while I managed to successfully put my mind back together and I regretted it immediately.

"Fuck fuck fuck im a demon now."


"What the hell did I agree to Damn it."

-Basically you became my battery and i can charge you whenever also your custom made. I have to say your worlds words make things a lot easier to explain maybe Ill visit some day.


Fuck fuck fuck that hurts.

-Hey im not one of your stupid demons so dont hold me up to those idiots standards.

"....just tell me what you took."

-Lets see umm its going to be a little harder to feel happy, fear skips straight to anger, and emotion isnt going to be that big anymore.


Shit I cant breath.

-Wrong your pissed now come on we still have to find you some new lungs.

After struggling for a little bit I eventually managed to catch my breath.

-Alright all better now. Now hurry up and go.

Okay okay...and so began an even longer walk.

-Around half A day later-

"...Do you really want me to walk around in some forest with who knows what?"

-...Shit...okay give me a moment...



"Its been a moment."

-...Maybe I shouldn't have messed with you pettyness levels...Oh well anyways go right and walk for an hour then youll find some demons.

".....So you could find people anytime you wanted?"


"So if I decided to take a right instead of a left earlier today Id be fucked..."


"....Be happy I cant scream."

-Hey I didnt want to waste any more fuel and besides you wouldnt be able to talk if It wasnt for me so be thankfull.

"Fuck off."

-You really are a good battery. Alright lets hope you last long.

.....Fuck off.

-An hour of walking later-

-Alright wasnt expecting to make it to a path but hey now you dont have to do as much work.

"The hell are you talking about."

-I though wed go through a bush or two and maybe walk right into the side of the village. I guess were pretty lucky huh.

I went ahead and ignored that asshole and started walking the path. After around five minutes I made it to what I think is its entrance.

"I guess the demons really are at war."


Suddenly a bunch of demons in armor appeared in front of me each holding some kind of weapon.

-Alright I reccomend you listen to me for now.


-Good now just repeat what I say.


"I am one part of the royal guard and have come here in hopes of receiving help. As may already know the king used a ritual to summon us a warrior today unfortunately while the summoning was a success the result was terrible. He managed to save most of his people. I was one of the unfortunate ones thankfully the king healed me enough to spread this info."

...Are you the same asshole?

".....Men help him to the infirmary."

...Their faces...shit...Hey asshole tell me what is my supposed role in the demons life?

-Ill tell you when you sleep. Anyways im going to leave the rest to them.

What are you saying asshole.

Suddenly I felt really weak. I can barely stand actually no I cant stand.

Thankfully before I could fall one of those armored guys caught me...shit I have to make sure im not suspicious.


Another armored grabbed me though this time by the legs. The two armored people lifted me up slowly and carried me with another two next to me keeping me at a straight angle with their arms.

After a while of carrying I eventually arrived at a large stone house...This definitly isnt a village.

The maybe boss guy opened the door and those armored guys dropped me on a bed...a bed?

-Yeah just cause theres magic doesnt mean people will only live in huts and sleep on hay. Your people can also be beyond stupid huh.

...Fuck it who cares all I know is this thing is comfy. Good night you asshole.

"Sir I am baban the head healer within this town. I ask that you stay with me for a while longer."

"Sorry but I need to rest for a bit." THE FACE OF A TRAP....

-Shut up and sleep already we need to talk. Oh and stop with the reactions all your doing is repeating stuff mindlessly and it is beyond annoying.

Fuck off...alright to sleep I guess.