Chapter 5:Surgery(1)
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In an instant things became pitch black.

-Alright go ahead and take a seat.

A small table appeared in front of with two lawn chairs...

"Why did you have to choose this you jackass."

-It looks nice thats why.

It was the relaxation set from my old man cave.

"True but this doesnt exactly bring up the best memories so ima go ahead and change it."

My dream my rules.

-Not ganna work now come on.

"...Damn it fine."

-Alright so come on let me tell you what your role is.


-Basically you were supposed to be the kings hero slave. Someone built to end the war between humans and demons.

"Okay...Now tell me all about the slave thing."

-So if you decide to summon something fully capable of making its own decisions and is capable of ending a war between two large nations your going to want that thing to be under your control. You really do lack common sense huh?

"Fuck off...actually dont fuck off just yet what did the king do to me and is there a tracking device on me?"

-Your good just make sure not to die and we're going to need a human body otherwise we'll stick out were I plan to drag you.

"So I dint need new lungs anymore?"

-Youll need new lungs if you want to live long enough to make it out of the demon kingdom but hey your currently in the middle of surgery so maybe we wont have to take the risk of taking over a human slave.

".....Jesus christ you really are evil huh."

-Yup now come on lets play some monster hunter. It took me some time but I managed to rebuild the game...but seriously 152 hours thats to much.

"...I call lance."

-Nope your bow ill go ahead and go big stab.

"...You really do like to piss me off huh asshole."

-Its my job now come on I want to grow to a lighter flame.

"So what you only get strong when im pissed."

-And acouple other things now come on I want to play.


I went ahead and moved onto that damned lawn chair and took a seat grabbing the controller that appeared on the table and turned on the pc that also suddenly appeared on the table.

"Cant you at least choose something better."

-Remember your partnered with wrath so get ready to be annoyed before you maybe explode and besides im going off your memories here.

"Fine fine anyways who we hunting?"

-Lets finish off our favorite elder dragon one last time.

And so a long aggravating hunt began.

-Babans View-

"Finally I can take a break."

Just I got off my special chair A group of knights rushed in...with the commander?

If hes here then...

Before I could fully process the situation five soldiers dropped his nose is moving and his eyes are still open by a small bit. They immediatly droped him off carefully at the bed closest to the entrance.

I rushed to the patient knowing full well I cannot afford to be anything but serious

"Sir I am baban the head healer within this town. I ask that you stay with me for a while longer."

...How is he even still alive...

"Sorry but I need to rest for a bit."

As soon as he finished he looked at my face and put on a suprised look...No no I have to be serious.

He fell asleep...I panicked and pressed my finger againt his neck while placing my ear on his chest trying to find a heartbeat.

"How is he..."

Good although faint his heart is beating.

"Commander Famlas I need your help and I need It now."

"...What do you need?"

"I need you to use your magic to clean his body. I will also need many numbing herbs with a mid class mana level as well as some clotting herbs with a low class mana level."


...his body is so burned and theres so much puss.

"Sir we cant risk anything so bring only the lowest level high class physical damage catagory herbs if were going to need them."


After screaming at his soldiers he immediately cast a low level water summon spell and began to wash his body.

"How do we go about washing his back?"

"Place his arms in the braces right above his chest then grab the two small metal bars on the right side of his bed and pull on them a small bit bring them down by two inches."

He obeyed my orders perfectly and succesly raised the patient a small bit.

I made sure to place support on his head and neck.

"Okay wash around the burns and watch out for places with deep discoloration be very very carefull around those. Make sure to do a heavy wash on his genitals and butt and I mean a heavy was make sure not to miss a spot."

As the commander began to washing I began to examine the patient.

His eyes are fine but the skin of his face is rather rough with a clear difference in skin color around his cheeks mouth  and neck. The burns extend to his arms and partially covering the chest. His legs are a mix of extreme and light burns with clearly healing patches and his back is just one big burn though not as bad as the rest covering his body.

His throught is fine though his tongue does have some cracks and there is some discoloration. It seems that the patient is having difficulty breathing.


"Not to loud damnit!"

They passed a large box to the commander who then placed it on the floor right next to me.

With burns this bad his internal organs must be a mess.


If the commanders here then he has to be important.

"Okay done washing what else do you need me to do?"

"Set up a barrier so we can fully steralize the area around him."

"I can keep a low class going for five hours at that fine."

Damn it...

"I can try but there is no promise that ill be that quick."

"Call three mages now..."



I grabbes a caged wind spirit from a shelf at the bottom of the bed as well as a large tube with a mask at the end.

I placed the mask on the patient and fed the small spirit some mint leafes so that it would work better after connecting the tube to the cage with some small locks placed on the side of the cage.

Shortly after the soldiers came back with a small chest and several of my assistants. They passed the chest to the commander who passed it to me.

"Alright beginningg further examination."