Chapter 6:Surgery(2)
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"Begin documenting." 

I summoned a small ball of light and began the examination.

"Patients name is unknown and his age is likely to be in his early to late thirty's. His pupils are dialated with the blood vessels in his eyes being incredibly clear. He is covered in sever burns and it is unclear as to how much of his nervous system is damaged. His height is approximately six one."

...Shit were probably going to have to use every herb we can.

"Commander grab one of the high class herbs and begin washing it. After washing it I want you to to wrap it in a ball of water and begin melding the water with the herbs mana. After doing that drop some of the liquid in the patients eyes and spread the remaining on the burns but focus on the ones that seem to have barely begun healing."

As they started working I began to make a paste of the remaining high class herbs.

"Wind I command you grind and crush these herbs."

The blessing on my arms began to glow and the small herbs in my hand began to rise a bit only to be sliced by a ball of small fast spinning wind blades while being crushed by a small membrane of expanding and shrinking mana.

After about two minutes of this the herbs were successfully turned into a paste. I placed the paste in a small blending bowl

"Okay commander I need you to do the same thing you did to the numbing herbs."

"Of course."

The commander finished creating the regenerative and immediately controlled the ball of regenerative water to drop a bit of itself on the patients eyes.

"That's enough now begin spreading it on his burns. Mages cast purifying barrier."

The three mages formed a triangle around me and my assistants summoning a barrier as soon as they were ready.

As soon as the commander finished spreading the regenerative the patients scars began to heal. The fresh ones completed the process of scarring and the complete scars began to grow lighter and smoother blending with each other with the burns begging to lighten. The patients eyes began to go wet no longer showing an extreme dryness with the blood vessels begining to recede.

"Begining procedure. Cast spell mana blade."

The blessing on my arm began to glow once again as a small thin screen of mana shaped like a small daggers blade began to appear on my pointer finger.

"Commander spread the numbing liquid on his stomach and chest."

"Yes sir."

I began by making a large incision forming a straight line begining on his lower stomach area and ending at the mid point of his blood...he's been given a good blessing hasn't he.

After that I made two more incisions at the ends of the first cut each going left and right with an angle.

After making sure the cuts were deep and clean enough I pulled back his skin...Its fine his blessing should make it so that it doesn't hurt so much.

".....His lungs are black with burn spots. They are barely functioning. Its seems that everything but the lungs and liver is fine."

...Of course he drinks.

"I will now remove some of the patients ribs so that I may apply the paste onto the lungs. Commander I need you to assist the mages and add a minor healing element to the barrier."

Suddenly patches of glowing marks began to appear on the patients chest and back...the patients blessing marks...they're partially damaged...what has the king summoned.

I began cutting a small portion of the ribs on the lower mid place of chest passing each rib to my assistant who placed them on a small tray.

"Okay commander im going to split the portion of high regenerative paste into half I want you to summon a ball of water made of plenty of mana then mix it with the paste and spread it inside the lungs. Make sure that the water ball will dissolve back into mana when you release it."

I proceeded to take half the paste and spread it on both lungs evenly.

Seconds after the paste made contact with the lungs they began to heal immediatly. They began to gain size and color with the black spots begining to clear a small bit.

After the paste was fully absorbed by the lungs they had succesfully healed moderately though they were clearly still damaged.

"The lungs have successfully recovered but it seems they have aged a bit...Commander he'll live but the side effects of exposing his lungs to such high levels of mana is there...I please ask that you forgive me."

"...It cant be helped now hurry up and do whatever you were planning im starting to run extremely low on mana."

I made a small incision on both lungs and stretched them a small bit so that the minor regenerative liquid the commander made could safely enter the lungs.

I nodded at the commander. As soon as he got approval he slowly placed the ball of minor regenerative liquid into his lungs.

After to minutes of the commander spreading the liquid around the insides the patients I put my arm on his shoulder.

"That's enough it was a success. The patient will live a while longer take out that water ball but leave a very very small portion left. In fact leave five drops in each lung."

"Are you sure."

"...Yes the lungs should absorb it since its made of mana."

I grabbed some of the mid class herbs and made a paste out of those as well.

After making a paste of the herbs I placed a small portion of them on the incisions I made on the lungs after pushing both incisions together. 

After holding the incisions together with the paste for five minutes they closed.

"Can you hurry up the mages wont be able to keep the barrier up for much longer."

"Should be another hour."


I then placed a small bit of the paste on the connecting end of each rib and reconnected each one individually making sure to keep each rib in place so that it would reconnect properly with were it was removed from for at least five minutes each.

"I will do the rest with my blessing."


After I finished connecting each rib I began connecting the flaps of skin.

"Mana I command you heal my target."

A small green light began to emerge from my finger tips.

I began to reconnect the skin. I pinched the bottom incisions right portion making sure the severed skins edges were making contact.

Good blood will come out when pinched. That will make things much easier.

 Every minute I moved my fingers after I had seen that the skin had successfully scabbed together. I repeated this process for one hour until the flaps have closed and the skin had reconnected.

"Okay tell your mages to rest were done but ill need them to come every day for the next month and keep a high level healing barrier around the patient for at least thirty minutes a day."