Chap 4, the Adventurer’ Guild and the Church
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--last chapter i put "chap 2" but it was chap 3, sorry for my mistake xD. Well i'm here again just to make you read unnecessary things before the novel starts, will our protagonist follow the cliche of getting a harem of beauties at the start or will he be a normal person who doesn't want to stand out? I don't know, our MC doesn't know and even the goddess doesn't know, but one thing is sure, is neither of those!--

When i entered the city i saw that it was the same as those generic isekais, inns, A LOT of merchants, the road is not made of cement, etc. Why is this so medieval? Next time i will ask this to Sireia too.
Walking a bit i saw a building that has a sign saying "Adventurer's Guild" painted in red and blue.
Entering there i saw some muscular men drinking in group, some "normal" people drinking and some people staring at a board with papers in the wall, and on the side of this board i saw 2 girls that looked like recepcionists.
Well lets act like those isekai MC that asks things there.
Walking there i asked one of the recepcionists.

"This is the adventurers guild right? How do i register here?"(Ryuto)
"Wait a second please"(Recepcionist)

After saying so the recepcionist searched something and gave me a formulary.

Job(not required):

(Put any finger here and put mana)]

After filling it i put one finger there and put mana, the paper glowed and transformed into a card attached tk my right arm.

[Name: Ryuto
Rank: F]

"This will be your adventurer's card and it will display your rank, if you complete requests it will automatically raise."(Recepcionist)

So i just need to complete the requests and it will raise? Easy peasy.

"Do you want to hear how does the quest system works and the rules of the guild?"(Recepcionist)
"Sure, why not"(Ryuto)

After saying that and smiling to the recepcionist, she smiled back and started explaining.

Of what i understood i can pick quests 2 ranks above mine and if i subjugate a monster without picking the quest for him i will gain half the point, the ranks are F, E, D, C, B, A, S.
If you pick a quest depending on the quest it may have a limit time to complete.
The rules are normal things like don't pick a fight inside the guild, don't steal from other adventurer, etc. But one picked my attention: if someone 4 ranks above you wants the quest you picked you need to give the quest for him or complete and give 75% of the reward to him.

"Thank you, i will be going now, bye."(Ryuto)
"Bye, good luck becoming a famous adventurer"(Recepcionist)

Well i would like to not drag much attention so i will only rise a bit my rank.
I got in front of the quests board and i looked for a quest without time limit.

[Kill 5 slimes
Proff part: magic stone or nucleous
1 copper coin per magic stone
5 copper coins per nucleous
Time limit: None]

Thats the one!. After picking the quest i got out of the guild and walked a bit to see the city.
10 minutes walking and i saw the church, guess i will enter there now to do what Sireia told me.
Heading there a male clerk in priest clothes saw me and said.

"Good morning, in what can i help you?"(Male Clerk)
"'Sireia told me to take the test and then ask for help on magic', this is what i was told to say, can i do this 'test' now?"(Ryuto)
"Sure follow me"(Male Clerk)

After hearing me i saw he making a disgusted face and then smiling again. Did i say something wrong?
While following him i heard he saying with a small voice "those idiots that think we will trust everything that they say just because of the goddess are the worst type" but i didn't say anything.

After reaching a room with a stone pillar in the center and a magic circle around the stone pillar the clerk said.

"Put your right hand in this stone pillar, if the pillar shine is because you passed, if he doesn't shine is because you are not worthy"(Male Clerk)

When he said so i walked to the pillar and put my right hand on it, and the... the pillar didn't shine... but i did, what is this!?

"Hey hey, why i am shining!???"(Ryuto)

No response. When i looked behind i saw the clerk with a dumbfounded face.

"Hey, say something!"(Ryuto)

I said that and removed my hand from the pillar, and then... the pillar shined and i stoped shining.

And while waiting the clerk to say something i saw that some priest and priestess are looking here with blank expressions.

After some time passed a priestess came rushing towards me and said.

"Sorry for our rudness, it seems like you are a summoned one and has a power greater or equal to the hero that was here a while ago."(Priestess)
"A power greater or equal to the hero... but i am only lvl 9 and i am weak!"(Ryuto)
"It seems that you misunderstood the word 'power', the power i talked about is based on your talent points, a normal person has 2 in every point, the hero has 4 in every point but 'Def' that awas 2, your talent is greater or equal!"(Priestess)

So i am really strong! But i still need pratice, i renember the Sireia saying that stats its not everything.

"Sireia said that after passing in the test the church would teach me some magic and skills, can i do it tomorrow? I am really hungry now and i still need to find an inn for me."(Ryuto)

After looking at the pillar the priestess said.

"We will be waiting you Ryuto-sama!"(Priestess)

I think she saw my name on the pillar, well i will just say something before i leave.

"Can you keep the fact that i am the 'summoned one'? I don't want to attract attention"(Ryuto)
"Sure if this is the will of Ryuto-sama!"(Priestess)

She seems to be happy and energetic, maybe they send't her to talk because she is more cute than the others.

After leaving the church i started looking for an inn to stay and eat something because i did not eat anything yet.
After i found one and entered it i asked the recepcionist.

"Is there still a room to rent?"(Ryuto)
"Yes, its 50 copper coins a room without lunch and dinner, 150 for a room with lunch or dinner, and 200 for a room with both. Which one do you want?"(Recepcionist)
"A room with both please."(Ryuto)

I said that and gave 2 silver coins, btw 1 silver coin is 100 copper, 1 gold coin is 10000 copper, and 1 platinum coin is 1000000 copper.

"Thank you, your number is 6, here is the key."(Recepcionist)

After picking the key i entered the 6th room and there was a simple bed, a desk with one chair, a lamp, and there was no window.

I don't know what time it is... i should ask the recepcionist. It should already be time for lunch.
Before i left my room something happened.

[New Skill Learned: Body Clock]

[(Active) Body Clock
Consumes 10 mana to see what time it is precisely]

Wut? But i didn't lvl up or did anything, i just imagined what time it was...

When i activated the skill something poped in front of my eyes

[11:29 AM]

Wow such a useful skill, with this i don't need a clock!
While i was thinking that i heard a knock from the door and opened it.
There stood a little girl smiling, and she said.

"Its time for lunch, do you want your lunch now sir?"(Little girl)
"Yes, where should i eat?"(Ryuto)
"Just go down and sit on a table, my mom will bring it to you."(Little girl)

She said that and smiled brightly, how cute.

"Thank you miss"(Ryuto)

I said that and got down to eat my dinner.
After waiting a bit the recepcionist came here with a plate full of meat, rice, and beans.

"Sorry for the waiting, did my daughter ask you properly to come here?"(Recepcionist)
"Was she your daughter? Yes she explained to me that is here that you would bring the food"(Ryuto)

I said that and smiled, but i couldn't stay smiling like that and started to eat, because i was really hungry.

"Oh my, you seem to be really hungry, were you hunting for long time or did someone steal your food?"(Recepcionist)

Tecnically i was hunting so i said that i was hunting and then she smiled and left.

--thank you guys for reading my novel, now that i finished this chap i already has 4 votes on the chap 3 wanting for the chap 4. And again, if you guys see anything that i can make better, don't hesitate to say, i want to get better at writing. And someday maybe become famous? Nah thats too much of a dream to me XD. See you guys next chapter!--

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