Chapter 295: Reclaiming what was lost.
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Yao Jun embraced Guo Luo, who returned the warmth by wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her cheek on the top of his head, pressing his face into her chest and allowing him to cry freely. But there was one among them who wasn't as emotional as the two of them, Yao Xuelian exerting all her force to push the two of them apart so that she could free herself, struggling to squeeze out a few words before scolding them after pushing them apart.

"Can't...Breathe...Need...Space... Bad Papa, bad Mama!"

Yao Xuelian pointed her small finger at the two of them, huffing for breath with a slightly red face after getting squeezed between them. They hadn't embraced each other so strongly that she ended up getting hurt, but they still ended up so close that her face was squished into Guo Luo's stomach. Yao Jun couldn't help but smile at his daughter, wiping his tears and picking her up with his right arm, holding her close and giving her nose a soft pinch.

"Sorry sorry, please forgive this bad Papa, I won't do it again."

Yao Xuelian puffed out her cheeks and snapped at Yao Jun's fingers, just barely missing them as he pulled back his hand. She turned her head away in a pouting manner, but she didn't try to escape his grasp so Yao Jun turned his gaze back onto Guo Luo. He stretched out his free hand and cradled her face, his thumb tracing the outline of the eye that had just been reconstructed and still had to be blinked several times to get it accustomed to the light.

He didn't say anything, nor did Guo Luo open her mouth and break the silence. One was quietly gazing at the fresh pink eye and the other was gazing at the still red and moist eyes of the other party, neither willing to break the tender silence. But once again, Yao Xuelian proved that she had no problem with interfering in their tender moments. She turned her head back and looked at Yao Jun, softly squishing his cheeks while speaking as if she had completely forgotten about her earlier pouting.

"Papa Papa, now that you've beaten up the baddies, what are we going to do here?"

Yao Jun and Guo Luo's tender moment was once again interrupted, a somewhat wry smile forming on Yao Jun's face as he turned his head and once again pinched Yao Xuelian's nose. He moved his hand a little, forcing her head to follow him since he was still pinching her nose, gesturing towards the closest mountain of trash with his cheek while doing so.

"You really love interrupting us, don't you, you little rascal? But you see that mountain there? We're going over there to pick up something important that I lost quite a while ago."

Yao Jun stopped pinching Yao Xuelian's nose and stretched out his now free arm, taking Guo Luo's hand into his own and leading her towards the mountain of trash while carrying their daughter. Yao Jun had already scanned this entire planet with his law of space the moment they got close to it, that was why he knew exactly where the items he was looking for were located.

The group of three quickly arrived in front of the cone-shaped mountain, a black and scaled tail shooting out from Yao Jun's shadow and piercing directly into the mountain. The tail quickly retracted back into his shadow, leaving behind a large hole that went almost all the way into the center of the mountain. Yao Xuelian gawked at Yao Jun's shadow with sparkling eyes, this was the first time she had ever seen her Uncle Shei do anything like this.

Yao Jun simply smiled at her and tapped her forehead to return her to her senses, the group of three entering the hole that Ba-Shei had created. They simply followed the hole deeper into the mountain, reaching the end of it, as well as their targets, before long.

Buried in the trash in front of them were several emerald robes that were covered in small holes or tears thanks to the passage of time and having to weather some tough conditions. And mixed in with the green clothing was a very simple and standard longsword, now rusted and worn due to the passage of time and how it had been treated.

Seeing these items, Yao Jun couldn't help but be overcome by emotion. His mother had personally created these green robes for him before he left Flying Fish town, and the sword was a gift that his father had given him when he turned five. He lost them long ago when his first interspatial ring, also a gift from his parents, was taken away by Guo Jiahao and then destroyed at some point.

But now the items had returned to him, albeit in far worse condition than they were back then. They were minor items that were of no use to him, but they were still oh so important to him, they were a sign of his past and the dreams he once carried. Yao Jun dug out the items and held them carefully, softly explaining what they were to the curious Yao Xuelian.

"These were given to me by your Gramma and Grampa long ago, I sadly lost them after an unfortunate incident and only managed to find a clue about them a short while ago."

Yao Xuelian let out a drawn-out 'Oh~' while gazing curiously at the items, even tracing the side of the sword with her hand. Yao Jun carefully placed the items into his God Gate, there would be plenty of time to repair them at a later date, but for now, there were two other things he wanted to do first. His shadow wriggled slightly, Yao Jun sending a quick order into it as he turned around and left the cave along with his family.

"Alright Ba-Shei, we'll head out to the Hollow Waste first, you can head to the Heaven's Secrets Company, it's about time we reap the rewards of that mission we posted two years ago."