Auxillary Chapter, Law Tier list.
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I received a suggestion that I should put out a tier list for the various laws to make it a bit easier to see the relative strength of some laws, as well as how some laws are connected to each other. I felt that it sounded like a pretty good idea so below you will find that tier list. 

A slight disclaimer, however, is that everything that I list here is done so without taking into account the person using the law. With the right mindset and enough power, a wielder of a Common Law can defeat someone of the same level wielding a Heavenly Law. 

Ascended Laws.

The grand peak of all laws, the greatest height that can be reached in the Sphere of Existence, they exist outside of any form of logic and physics. The laws at this level are nigh impossible to even get in contact with and they are almost completely unattainable. To resist an apex cultivator of an Ascended Law, one needs either another Ascended Law or an incredibly mighty Unique Law. This tier contains only three laws.

Void. The Ascended Law of everything destructive, merging every single destructive law in existence holds a small chance of creating this law. It does as it says, all things turn to null, even the Sphere of Existence itself.

Existence. The Ascended Law of creation. Whereas Void has a chance of being achieved if one merges every destructive law, Existence can only be achieved by merging the Zenith Law of Creation with every other physical law and a handful of the non-physical laws. Existence is the apex of all things, a wielder of Existence can spawn forth everything in creation and even form a new Sphere of Existence should they have the energy. 

Balance. Void gathers all things destructive and Existence gathers all things related to creation, but Balance gathers all things without care for their origins. To achieve Balance, one must merge every law below the Ascended and Unique tier, thus making it the hardest law to acquire. But a holder of Balance can negate even the attacks of Void and Existence, it serves as the stopgap that prevents the two other Ascended Laws from going rampant.

Unique Laws.

Unique Laws are technically below the Ascended Laws, but whereas the Ascended Laws can be considered static as they have already reached the peak, Unique Laws are ever-evolving and endless in number. With enough time, power, and insight, there is nothing stopping a Unique Law from reaching the level of an Ascended Law. At the same time, some Unique Laws are so weak that they are even below the Common Tier.

The list of Unique Laws is endless and grows without pause, the tier contains every law that is a result of a fusion between two or more laws. Even if two people fused the exact same two or more laws, the end result would be a different Unique Law based on the respective insights and habits of the creator. A few examples of Unique laws would be as follows.

Law of Evolution, a fusion between the laws of absorption, adaption, expelling, and control.

Law of the Bright Night, a fusion of the laws of light, darkness, Yang, and karma.

Law of the Underworld God, a fusion of the laws of life, death, pain, and reincarnation.

Law of Heaven Severing,  a fusion of the laws of Yin, space, sealing, metal, sword, netherworld, and blood.

Law of the Falling Star, a fusion of the laws of gravity, speed, pressure, heat, and force.

Zenith Laws.

Laws that are the closest to reaching the peak of all creation, they are ephemeral laws that are much like the Ascended Laws in that they are concepts rather than something physical. These laws are the goal of almost all cultivators, and the tier only contains six laws.

Destruction. The end of a life, the end of a building, the end of a world, the end of a universe or a multiverse, all of it falls under the law of destruction. Even energy itself can be twisted apart or disintegrated under destruction, but where it differs from Void is that the resulting destruction creates a special type of energy that cycles back into the Sphere of Existence, resulting in a final loss of energy that is negligible.

Creation. Similar to Destruction, this law has close ties to the Ascended Law of Existence, the main difference between them being the scale at which they can create something, as well as what they can create. The law of Creation can create nearly everything, it can even create a universe and certain forms of energy at the highest levels. But while Creation can conjure up perfectly healthy bodies, it cannot spawn souls, nor can it ever hope to create a Sphere of Existence, even crafting a multiverse will be hard for the user.

Yin. The law of Yin is hell, it is hatred, corruption, cold, pain, and evil, it is an agglomeration of all things cruel and vile within existence. It is the law that embodies the concept of all things negative, the collection of all the world's evil. 

Yang. Whereas Yin is hell and evil, Yang is heaven and kindness. It gathers love, warmth, kindness, empathy, and sympathy and merges it into a law of salvation, the concept of all things positive. But just like Yin can be used for good, Yang can be used for evil, it only depends on the person who wields it.

Yin and Yang, while conceptual laws that sound like they fail to offer much in the way of strength to their wielder, still retain their places as Zenith Laws due to their strength and the domineering and violent energy they grant their wielder. One must take care not to underestimate a wielder of these laws, otherwise, one might end up feeling the freezing touch of hell or the scorching embrace of heaven.

Time. With the passage of time, even universes and multiverses will meet their end, withering away until even their names are forgotten. In time, nearly all of creation will vanish and turn to dust. Cold and merciless, it brings about the end of almost everything while flowing forward unending, urging you to spend every second happy.

Space. Nearly everything takes up space. The pebble on the side of the road, the man walking through the city, the planet where the city is built, the universe that houses the planet, everything requires space. Space can be so large that it seals off an area as large as a multiverse, or so tiny and thin that it can slice through the openings between molecules. 

Space and time, while slightly weaker than destruction and creation, deserve their rankings within the Zenith Laws. With time, even destruction will fade away and become creation again, and with a slight movement of space, all of creation can vanish, thrown into the empty void between multiverses or thrown into a separate dimension of space existing on top of the normal one.

Heavenly Laws.

Heavenly Laws were once known as Elemental Laws, but the sheer number of laws contained within each Heavenly Law has resulted in the name being changed over time. The Heavenly Laws contain all the purest forms of the elements, so just having the law of fire doesn't mean that one has actually acquired the Heavenly Law of fire, it means that you have the General Law of fire. Just fusing the branch laws into the General Law of fire wouldn't create the Heavenly Law of fire, it would create a Unique Law of fire for you, the only way to actually acquire the Heavenly Law of fire would be to study the complete form of the Heavenly Law from the very start.

Fire. Hot and fierce, it scorches all creation as the sun yet heats up a small cozy house as a bonfire. The Heavenly Law of fire not only contains fire itself, but it also contains heat, light, expansion, devouring, warmth, explosion, and a myriad of other laws.

Light. Fast and formless it moves unimpeded, it can let you see the beauty of life or it can rob you of your vision. The Heavenly Law of light contains, speed, power, illusions, lightning, vibrations, and a myriad of other laws.

Water. It provides mortals with nourishment yet can also crush them and everything they have created. The Heavenly Law of water contains pressure, crushing, weight, reflection, heat, life, and a myriad of other laws.

Earth. It is the world you stand on and the matter you will be buried in, it gives beings a place to live and a place to die. The Heavenly Law of earth contains pressure, crushing, weight, crystal, stone, darkness, and a myriad of other laws.

Existing within the tier of Heavenly Laws are also the laws of devouring and life, degraded versions of the laws of destruction and creation, as well as the laws of death, soul, body, defence, and attack. Each of these is a law that exists below Zenith Laws but above General Laws, resulting in them becoming Heavenly Laws.

General Laws.

General Laws are the branch laws and the degraded versions of the Heavenly Laws, they contain every law used to make up the purest form of the Heavenly Laws. The more common examples for General Laws are as follows.

Speed, the law that determines how fast something moves, as the name suggests, it is the fastest law in existence. Reaching a high enough level in the law would allow one to even control how fast molecules move.

Heat, the law that determines the temperature of things. It works both ways, it can add or subtract heat, meaning that it actually serves as an upgraded version of the laws of warmth and cold. This property also means that the law of heat is present within several of the Heavenly Laws and some higher tier laws.

Size, the law that does just as it says, it determines the size of things. It is the same as heat, an upgraded version of two laws, in this case, the law of growth and shrinking. It differs slightly from the laws of expansion and compression as it alters the normal state of the item rather than forcing it to become smaller or larger.

Sand, a degraded version of the Heavenly Law of earth that consists of an unfortunate merging of the law of crystal and the law of shrinking, resulting in a law controlling tiny crystals. But with enough tiny crystals gathered together, even a mountain can be swallowed and turned into a desert.

Common Laws.

Described as the lowest tier of laws it contains just what it suggests, the most common laws, laws so common that people more often than not don't even realize it. But being common does not necessarily mean being weak, it simply means being common. Due to this unique point of the laws, the tier also contains the embryonic forms of some Heavenly Laws, mainly the Heavenly Laws of devouring, attack, defence, soul, body, life, and death, laws that are so common to living beings that they simply fail to notice them most of the time. Some more examples of common laws are as follows.

Motion, the law determining how something moves, an example would be forcing something to twist to the left when it would normally continue to move ahead.

Shadow, the degraded version of the Heavenly Law of darkness, it controls the darkness that is a result of something blocking light from reaching a surface.

String, the law that conjures and produces small strings of various types that the creator can then control with varying degrees of fluidity.

Sleep, the law that controls the sleep of living being, mainly used to either wake someone up or put them to sleep.

The laws of the various emotions also fall within the tier of Common Laws, as emotions are something all living beings feel every day.