Ch-4 Clash of belief.
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The wagon pushes through the darkness as Kang-Yoon tries to make sense of all the substantial data he has received through the memory merge procedure.

Regardless, he was still dazed about one thing, how the hell did that portrait abruptly arched into an artefact and transmigrated him to this niche?

Although he did not have much affection for his prior life, he still wished to settle some scores before he perished, such as his feud with the potato owner of that shabby house.

‘What a waste, I could've easily gotten away to another world.' Kang-Yoon thought as a smile appeared on his pale face.

After a lengthy and tiring travel of about an hour, they drove towards a barren land. This barren land was cursed because despite its foyer being a gloomy and horrid woodland in which numerous types of trees, buds, and herbs thrived but still this land did not show any sign of upgrading itself to evolve toward fertile furthermore.

The wagon passed under the open sky amidst the sounds of horror and predatory howls from where the man-made hearths were visible.

After some juncture, the wagon arrives in the veneer of those residences, seeing which Kang-yoon's mind turns sour as catching a glimpse of them only conveys one word in his mind, Rubbish.

Departing through the avenues, the wagon halted in front of a striking castle, where two gatekeepers were patrolling the vicinity, who upon noticing the coming of the wagon, blew up a whistle.

"Young master, we are here." Arthur announces while opening the gate for him.

The Grand castle unfolds in kang-yoon's vision as it was kind of glowing in the dusk, but when he scrutinises carefully he discovers that those shiny dots were just lanterns lit up in the windows in an orderly fashion while the back of the castle was clad in darkness which was a slightly horrifying to call upon.

As Kang-Yoon steps down from the wagon, he begins to hear some muffled noises, but when he looks around the vicinity, he finds the patrols with their eyes shut down more than half from being dozing just a moment ago.

Noticing the poor constraint of the guards, he gets a little nervous because in this situation, even if a dog attempts a little too extensively to gnaw on them, it can smoothly prevail.

Somehow, dismissing all this fuss, he strolls inside and gets mesmerised by the interior architecture of the castle as it was a millions of times more adequate than the alarming image of torment from the exterior.

"Young master, I'll let them set up your dinner in the meantime you get fresh." Arthur said, now that he carefully scrutinised kang-yoon's complexion he looked like he was kept famished for a decade.

"There's no need, I'm feeling exhausted so I'm just gonna sleep it off. You should live it leisurely too, gramps, or who'll take care of me in the future if you pass away from tension." Kang-Yoon said while dragging himself to his bedroom.

"As you wish, young master." Arthur said while bowing and saw him move toward a specific path.

'Sigh, is he going to do that in this situation too?' Arthur couldn't alleviate but felt pity for himself.

Kang-Yoon drags himself wearily to his bedroom and unlocks the entrance.


With the metallic sound buzzing the door unlocks and a rosy perfume assaults his nose, the frostiness seemed to vanish the instant he came into the room and warm aura engulfed him.

Supposing of it as a heavenly bliss he strides toward his king-size mattress and throws himself on it and before he could know he had already fallen drowsing.

[scene change]

"Arthur-Nim, where did you locate him?" A young man clad in red armour inquired.

"Before answering that, can I put forward a question on how precisely did our prodigal young master getaway through your patrols?" Arthur asked, his eyes shimmering with a tinge of disappointment.

"Even I'm bewildered about it, there's only a one-way route here that guides to that bandit morfus's town and our patrols are continuously safeguarding that area so proceeding outside throughout that path without someone detecting you, it's inconceivable." The young man said, summing every possibility.

"That won't do, young William, young master is not an individual who thinks by convention so step up the patrol in the outskirts and spot an individual at the rear of the peak." Arthur said while tiring out his mental prowess.

"But Arthur-nim, who would dare to move toward that red-class dungeon?" Willian asked as he couldn't deem on the same page as the old butler.

"Some addictions can't be shirked even in the countenance of death, so just accomplish it." Arthur let out and stormed off toward his office, resigning the young warrior in a daze.

'what the Fuck does that denote." The young William couldn't help but swear as he couldn't comprehend what the old-boot meant by that.

William, who hailed from a lineage of warriors, demonstrated his pure mastery in swordsmanship from an early age, which ushered in his being apprised as a prodigy.

At the age of fifteen, he developed very adept compared to his peers, that's when Duke Lucien's sights fell on him. Impressed by William's swordsmanship, he asks him to enter his household as a warrior.

Believing he'll be able to understand a high level of swordsmanship and clashing his blade with old fogeys like his father, he acknowledges the Duke's proposal.

At first, everything was proceeding according to what he had reckoned, his improvement in sword mastery was going smoothly , he was able to practise with his rank of warriors and more significantly, the duke himself occasionally gave him pointers.

One day while practising he received the duke's summon, assuming that it must be regarding his foremost attack in the dungeon he precipitously cruised toward the Duke's post.

But fate had something else in its store for him.

Because instead of the majestic duke before him lay a sick aged man who wished to ask something of him.

The youthful and valiant William was delighted with his grinds as the duke himself asked of him.

But now standing in this chill and gloomy locale a thought constantly aroused in his sanity, 'Was it really worth it?'

And now at this point, he didn't wish to get his conscious muddy from the remorse so he decided to keep up until he could get to a proper way to cease this misery.