Quest Hunting and My Family Background
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English is not my first language, so please feel free to correct me if I make any mistakes.

It has been a day since I was transmigrated here, yet I've not been hungry. From my memories, I know that I shouldn't get hungry as a Nascent Soul Rank Cultivator doesn't need food. But my mind is hungry. 

What kind of foodie would I be if I don't even try some fantasy food? Was I a foodie? I've no idea. I remember eating lots of things, well, lots of different things. Since I've already practised a lot with my acting as my predecessor. I can also try it out. I spread out my Spirit Sense and contacted the head servant of the Cloudy Dragon Peak. His name is Gao, something, I'm not Chinese, how do I even remember these names? On top of that, my predecessor also didn't care about people's names. 

"Young Master." He replied, bowing. And yes, Spirit Sense calling can also express things like that. 

"Prepare some food for me, I'll be having dinner today," I said without any emotion, well it was as close to my predecessor's way of talking.

But it's still around 4ish pm so I should just do something else. Well, I do have a Quest, I've two but the other one.. let's just ignore it for now.

I pressed on the Beginner's Quest and found out that I need to go roughly 358.26 km 47° North. 

Why am I being so precise? I'm always this precise. 

Yeah, yeah, I'm just showing off. Wouldn't you show off if you could suddenly become this powerful existence?

I started walking (on air, of course. I'm not like you mortals..) toward the direction.

I saw an Inner Sect Disciple, getting beaten by a Core Disciple and his lackeys. By the pattern on the core disciple's uniform, I should find out which elder is his master. But my predecessor was useless and didn't even remember the pattern of each peak. 

He only remembers a few, like his own peak has a cloudy pattern with Thunder around it. His father's peak has a Roaring Dragon because he's the Sect Master. And a few other important ones.

Well, at least I know he shouldn't have any important Elder as his backer. I landed on the ground.

As soon as I landed, everyone's eyes turned to me. Everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing. 

"Elder… Li, Junior greets Elder Li.. we were… our apologies for disturbing your… walk." The one in Core Disciple robes started talking. But I stopped him with a glare. Because currently, I was reading the blue panel in front of me.

{Quest Update:  Yu Huang has just become an inner Sect Disciple of the Roaring Dragon Sect by completing a rare mission. Thus the current Saintess of the Sect Ji Xian talked to him and appreciated his efforts. After watching this, Core Disciple Liang Xiaoran thought he could earn some points with the current Saint by beating this guy up. After all, the current Saint is pursuing the Saintess. Help Yu Huang get out of this matter to complete the Quest.}

That's too much useless information, System. Just tell me you want me to save him, what the hell would I do with all the backstory anyway?

I slowly walked towards them. Then I remembered something I was thinking about in the morning, does my Status checking work on others? Let's try it on this Core Disciple. 

{Checking Authentication → Authority 2 (+ !) found. Displaying Status.}



Name: Liang Xiaoran

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Spirit Roots: Wood (80%) Water (20%)




Qi Cultivation: Core Formation (1st Stage)

Body Cultivation: 

Soul Cultivation:

Cultivation Techniques:

Martial Puppet Scripture 

Rank: Mortal (4)

Power: Extremely Weak

Potential: Early-Nascent Soul Rank 

Mastery: Beginner (29%)

Requirements: null


Other: 1


Will: 2

Talent: 3

Comprehension: 1

Luck: 0

Cheat: 0

Total: 6


Well, he's an utter disappointment, how did he even become a Core Disciple? More importantly, how did he even reach Core Formation? 

Or maybe… Am I just too good? That's also possible. 

Let's see the other one.

{Checking Authentication → Authority 2 (+ !) found. Displaying Status.}



Name: Yu Huang

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Spirit Roots: Fire

Bloodline: Flaming Condor [Consternation: 3% | Power: Extremely Weak | Unawakened]



Qi Cultivation: Foundation Establishment (3rd Stage)

Body Cultivation: Foundation Establishment (1st Stage)

Soul Cultivation: Soul Refining (6th Stage)

Cultivation Techniques:

True Monarchy Scripture

Rank: Mortal (10)

Power: Extremely Weak

Potential: Peak-Nature's Visp 

Mastery: Advanced (99%)

Requirements: Strong Will and Compensation.


Unknown(Authority Insufficient): 0.671

Usurper: 0.329

Potential: (Awakening ↑ )

Will: 1 → (Awakening)

Talent: 0 →  (Awakening)

Comprehension: 2 →  (Awakening)

Luck: 1 →  (Awakening)

Cheat: 0 → (Awakening)

Total: 4 → Awakening)


Why do I feel like he's a Scion, but my Job should notify me, right?

Instantly I used my Job function to look at him.

{A Scion in Awakening: not suitable for Conquering till Awakening is completed.}


Basic:  (Information restricted due to Unawakened status)

Type: Possession

Time till Awakening: 22 days. }

So is he getting possessed? Or will he get possessed after 22 days? 

Does possession mean that he'll get possessed by some powerful being or will he get an old grandpa?

Well, we'll see. I'll just put someone to keep an eye on him.

"Why are you beating him? Would you care to tell me?" I said, looking at Liang whatever. 

"Ahh… Elder, we… he was talking to the Saintess. No.. yes he was harassing the Saintess, so we were punishing him." He replied, shaking. He's already shaking, what if I released my Aura of a Nascent Soul? Will he wet himself? I would not like to find out.

"Is that so? Why don't we find out." I said and using my Spirit Sense I contacted Elder Lu.

Elder Lu is the First Elder, and also the Master of the Current Saintess. Since my father didn't take any Disciples other than myself. The current Saint is the First Disciple of the 2nd Elder while the Saintess is the First Disciple of the 1st Elder.

They are both only in name Saint and Saintess since the position can not be left empty. Well, the Saintess at least has some credibility but the Saint was just made Saint because I left the position Empty when I became an Elder. 

"Greetings Elder Lu, I was hoping to get your assistance on something. I wanted to solve a simple issue here, would you send Saintess Ji to my location." I said.

"Has something happened, Young Master? I'll be right there with Ji Xian." She replied.

Well, I only wanted the Saintess but whatever. All the Elders that call me Young Master are from my father's faction. There are two more factions, the Second Elder Faction and the Discipline Hall Elder Faction. 

My predecessor never paid attention to these because his father.. well, now my father had told him that no matter what factions are made, they can never do anything to the Li Family.

Elder Lu soon Flew over with the Saintess. 

"Junior Ji Xian Greets, Elder Li," said the Saintess.

"Greetings, Young Master. What's the issue that's troubling you?" Elder Lu asked.

Well, there was one thing that I was really worried about, turns out my worries are not for nothing.

I remembered from my memories, almost all the people I've met were extremely good-looking. While I don't care about the guys. If I'm surrounded by beautiful girls, it'll be very hard. 

No, I'm not talking about that, that'll also be hard but I'm talking about my life being hard because I'll have to control myself and get used to the beauties. 

Elder Lu is an extremely beautiful woman in her early thirties. Yes, I know she's like older than 500 in reality but she looks like a 30-year-old. The aura of a mature woman with a cold aura around her. But when she looked at me, the cold aura seemed different, like it dimmed instantly. 

As for Ji Xian, she was also very beautiful. I remember her being the senior sister type, always helping out others and stuff. Even when I was the Saint, it was she who handled the Saint and Saintess jobs. 

She still had a beaming smile. As far as I can tell from my memories, she really admired my predecessor because of how dedicated he was to Cultivation. 

"Junior Sister Ji, this Core Disciple says that that guy over there was harassing you. Thus he was punishing him. I just wanted to confirm with you." I said. 

But I found out instantly, my acting isn't that good. Why do I sound like a Caring Senior Brother and not like an Arrogant Young Master? Also, I called her Junior Sister because that's what my predecessor used to call her, as she's the Saintess. But, I guess now she's not my Junior Sister, since I'm already an Elder now.

Well, my plan was already to slowly change my personality too, well, my personality. After all, acting all the time would be pretty tiring. 

"No, Senior Br… Elder Li, I don't think he even talked to me much. He's actually the person who cleared a very important mission. You see, there were a lot of mortal towns getting massacred close to our Sect. But since they were just mortals, no Disciple was taking the Quest. So with Master's permission, I announced whoever will complete the Mission will be instantly made an Inner Sect Disciple. He's the one who solved the problem and found out about a Demonic Cultivator. I had already sent some Deacons to handle the matter. Senior… Elder Li, he is innocent. This Liang Xiaoran is the one that's lying."

Well, I do remember her being talkative. Anyway, simple 'he's lying' should have been enough. 

"Well, do you have anything to say?" I asked Liang guy. 

"It's a misunderstanding, yes. Elder, it's all a misunderstanding. My Apologies to the Elders and Senior Sister." He said shaking.

Elder Lu, I've just become an Elder and am not sure how one should be punished for lying to the Elders and doing violence in the Sect. So I'll leave this matter to you." I said. I asked her to handle it because, from my memories, I can tell that in a similar situation, my predecessor would have simply crippled him or even killed him. While I don't mind acting like my predecessor, I wouldn't just go killing around people who offend me.

Well, you can't live in this world without killing and such, I know that. So if at some point I've to kill people, I would not hesitate. But killing without a solid reason is just too much. 

As I was going on a monologue in my mind, Elder Lu waved her hand. The Core Disciple and all the Inner Sect disciples that were with him vanished. If I was some mortal or low-level Cultivator, I would think she just teleported them. But as a Nascent Soul Rank Cultivator, I knew what had happened. With just a wave of her hand, their bodies became wood and then were decomposed and Absorbed by Earth instantly. 

Here I was going on about not killing people and asking her so she can just punish them a little and let them go, but she went ahead and destroyed them to their essence. Scary Women… I would definitely not like to be her enemy. 

"I've already disposed of them Young Master, do you have any other orders for me?" She asked.

Why does she sound like a servant and not an Elder? Actually, now that I remember, everyone in my father's faction is like that. Whatever, I should just leave, after all the Quest was finished as soon as those guys died.

{Quest Completed:

10 × System Coins Received.

Beginner Quest (3/7) issued.

Helping People: A person in need will be indicated in your Spirit sense, reach into their 100 m area to find out about what help they need, and help that person.

Quest Giver: ΠΞΓ#μ0β

Time Limit: 15 Days, remaining (14:23:59)

Rewards: 20 System Coins

Bonus Rewards: Next Quest


Good thing the new Quests have bigger Time limits. However, since there are Time Limits, that means I can do these Quests anytime between that timeframe. 

But when I decided to do my last Quest, I found this, Yu Huang getting beaten up. What if I had come later?

Does the System influence the world? Like will they have not beaten him up if I was not coming?

Or they'll beat him but my Quest will change?

Understanding the System is my top priority, after all, it's basically my lifeline. I need to know about the system as much as I can. 

It's still not evening, I can do another Quest right now. The more data I have, the better.

After bidding my goodbyes to Elder Lu and Saintess Ji, who was using her sword to carry the unconscious Yu Huang. I started walking away from them.

Soon after, I clicked the Quest and found the location. It was quite far away, still with my speed I shouldn't have any problem reaching there in half an hour. 

Wait a minute, the location is moving as well. Or probably the target is moving. 

I found a guy running, he was beaten up and had a swollen face, tattered clothes, and a deep wound on his shoulder. 

Well, his face is distorted so at least this one shouldn't be a Scion. A protagonist, no matter how beaten up, will always look good.

As I came close, I received the familiar notification sound. 

{Quest Update: Joe Greenson of the Greenson family is falsely accused of Stealing their family's Treasured Battleaxe, currently he's getting hunted down by the Greenson family's Heir and his lackeys. Stop him from getting caught and help him out of the situation.}

Maybe if I had come late, he would have already been captured and my task would be to save him. 

I'll need more data to understand the situation. 

Since it doesn't matter when I complete the Quest, even after getting the Quest Update. I'll just go back and see what happens.

After getting back, I was greeted by the head servant. 

"Young Master, the dinner is ready." He said, leading me toward the dining hall.

What greeted me was a feast. There were dozens of servants each standing with large bowls of dishes. There was a single large table on which each of the dishes was served in small portions. There was only a single chair around the table. 

Well, being a Young Master had its own perks. After eating like a maniac, because everything was delicious and no matter how much I eat, I won't get fat.

As a Nascent Soul Rank Cultivator, I can cleanse my body completely with ease, so getting fat is out of the question.

 Well there are some Cultivation Techniques and such that can make you fat or thin but I don't think I'll use any such techniques, these techniques should be reserved for the protagonist's best friend, the one who'll never get a girl but every girl he admirers become part of protagonist' Harem.

Cultivators don't need sleep either, but I still slept anyway. Maybe I should try to Cultivate tomorrow.

Who am I kidding? I already have a Golden Finger in the name of the System, why would I Cultivate? 

The next morning, I was practising my skills and methods/arts. While I can go without Cultivation, I can't do shit, if I don't even know how to use these. 

Should I learn Alchemy or Blacksmithing? Like everyone values them and they have a lot of protection. I mean as a Young Master, I also have a lot of protection as a Young Master. But I don't know how long will it last. Are my parents powerful enough? After all, in the Cultivation world, there's always a bigger fish.

I know my father is quite powerful as the Sect Master, and there's also my mother. She's from another powerful Clan, my grandparents on both sides are alive as well and extremely powerful. So it should be alright unless I offend some Protagonist or whatever. Even if I've to deal with Scions due to my Job, I'll have to be very careful with them. 

Well, I should get back to my test subject. I again flew over towards where my Quest pointed.

In front of me was an estate, it was close to a city, which I don't know/ remember the name of, and was decently sized. Well, I say decent but by Earth's standards, it's huge. But still smaller than my Palace on Cloudy Dragon Peak. 

I landed in front of the estate and started walking towards it. After all, my target was inside. The guards didn't stop me, how can a bunch of Qi Refiners will stop a Nascent Soul anyway. 

As I started walking, people started gathering, everyone was looking at me and whispering. 

"Isn't that the Robes of Roaring Dragon Sect? What is he doing here?"

"Did Elder Wang send him? But at least he should show respect to our Greenson Family and wait for someone to get him."

"No, don't you see, he's clearly not from Elder Wang, Elder Wang always sends his people in large groups and holds his token."

Either they didn't know or didn't care that I can hear them. Isn't Elder Wang, the Second Elder? Are they related to him? 

All of these people are in either Qi Refining or at most in Foundation Establishment rank. But these are just normal people. The Elders and Patriarch should definitely have higher Cultivation. I can't just demand them to come inside, what if I offend some Domain Creation rank or worse a Unity Rank and die before a reinforcement comes?

I can't use Spirit Sense to contact someone right now, because my Spirit Sense isn't powerful enough to reach them in the Sect. Whatever, I have a life-saving artefact with me. It can surely protect me for enough time to use Emergency Communication Talisman, which will directly Summon a Solar Creator with 20 Void Sky ranked Cultivators. A force that I'm 100% sure this family would not be able to handle.

I walked on, in an arrogant manner and sat down in the guest area. 

"Call someone with authority around here," I said not loud but infused with Qi so everyone could hear me.

An Elder came in arrogantly and asked.

"Who are you? Did Elder Wang send you? Do you have his token? Didn't we tell him already that the herbs aren't ready yet?" He sat down with a 'hmph'. 

"I'm not sent by Elder Wang, I'm here for Joe Greenson from your family. Bring him here." I said releasing a bit of my Nascent Soul Aura. 

He was at late-stage Core Formation Rank, so my Aura was enough to intimidate. His legs started to shake but it turns out that others were waiting as a few Nascent Soul Rank Elders started coming out. 

"How dare you enter our House and try to Intimidate us?" A voice boomed. 

Suddenly in front of me was a tall white man with a thick blonde beard and bald head. His Aura was definitely above Nascent Soul, but I couldn't tell his Aura without further offending him.

As to find out someone's Aura, who's stronger than you, you've to take a little bit of that Aura and envelop that in your Spirit Sense. If you've met someone else of that same rank before, you can tell the difference. But it's actually considered rude.

I was thinking of activating the emergency Talisman, but before I could he got punched.

Another guy, with a similar build and somewhat similar face, punched him. 

"You idiots, don't you see his robes? He's Young Master Li, the Elder of Cloudy Dragon Peak." He bellowed loudly. 

His Aura felt even more powerful, he gave me a slight nod and said. 

"Young Master should have informed us beforehand, we would have definitely prepared a welcome for you."

"No need, I'm just here for Joe Greenson, if you would hand him over to me, I'll get going."

"Of course, of course. As the young Master wishes." He said, chuckling. But the chuckle was so fake that an unborn child would not be fooled.

He signalled an Elder and the Elder went away. My target started moving towards me. But it was quite slow. Just as I was thinking, why are they so slow? I felt something. I didn't know what happened, but there was a change in the Qi. 

"Looks like it's taking some time, how about you drink some Spiritual Tea, young Master?" The guy, who I think was the Patriarch said. Just as he said, some servants brought in Tea.

My sixth sense started ticking, something is wrong. There's something very wrong here. But I couldn't understand what?

These people can't be trying to harm me, I'm still in my territory. If I die, their 7th generation will be burned alive. Trying to capture me is also extremely hard, as I would just use Emergency Communication Talisman. But my intuition was telling me something is going on. As a Nascent Soul, my intuition is definitely very powerful. 

My target stopped moving, everything became extremely quiet. I felt something coming from the Patriarch. I thought to use the Emergency Communication Talisman instantly, but an Extremely Powerful Aura enveloped everyone, stopping the coming attack from the Patriarch. The Aura wasn't suppressing me, but still, I felt that it was very powerful. 

"A mere Unity Rank dare go against our Young Master." A voice full of mocking came from everywhere. 

"An Earth King…" mumbled the Patriarch as he fainted, and so did everyone else. 

A middle-aged man came walking in like it was his backyard. 

"Young Master should have just told one of the servants to do these mesley tasks." He told me and then asked, "Which one were you looking for, Young Master?"

"Someone called Joe Greenson," I told him. I try sounding confident, but I definitely was not. Where did he come from? Is he really Earth King? And most importantly, why is someone at Earth King rank talking to me with respect and reverence? 

After waking up one of the elders and finding out where this Joe guy is. The Earth King Destroyed the rest of the clan. He gave some mercy to the elder who helped us find Joe and only crippled him.

Isn't that too excessive? I don't know and I definitely won't question the judgement of an Earth King. 

Earth Kings aren't called that for no reason, their Spiritual Sense can cross continents, they can Teleport thousands of kilometres, and destroy Kingdoms with a flick of their wrists.

As I met Joe Greenson, I got the Quest Completion notification. I just left him there, he's no protagonist and not really important to me anyway. The Earth King looked at me questionably but I didn't explain myself. What would I even explain? That I hallucinated a blue holographic box that told me to help him.

{Quest Completed:

20 × System Coins Received.

Beginner Quest (4/7) issued.

Helping People: A person in need will be indicated in your Spirit sense, reach into their 100 m area to find out about what help they need, and help that person.

Quest Giver: ΠΞΓ#μ0β

Time Limit: 15 Days, remaining (14:23:59)

Rewards: 50 System Coins

Bonus Rewards: Next Quest


Well, looks like this time, the time limit didn't change. I've also found out that the Time Limits are probably related to these people, maybe after the time limit ends, there'll be nothing to help these people.

"So Elder, how did you know I was in danger?" I asked him.

"Oh that, I'm always protecting you from the Shadows. I'm Li Min, the Li family assigned for your protection. You see, as soon as they activated the Communication Blacking Array, I knew something was wrong, I was just waiting how far they were going, of course minding Young Master's safety. These are probably lackeys of that Wang. If they did it under Wang's orders or not, we'll have to find out. Of course, you don't have to worry about any of that. I'll tell Master Li about it, he'll handle it himself." He reported.

There are only a few people in the Li family that I've met, my father, grandfather, and cousin. If he's also from the Li family then he's probably from a branch family or so. After all, he's behaving like that. I don't really know much about my Family it seems.

On the same note, I don't know about my mother and her family either. My mother usually behaves like a mortal, she has no aura or anything. But she's definitely not a mortal. She doesn't even live here but on an island Quite far away. If I've to say anything, I'll say she's probably a Hidden Expert type.

Well back to completing the Quests, since I'll be busy in that Disciples Recruitment Ceremony.

After 3 days of hard work, I completed all the remaining Quests. Excluding the extra quest, of course. They were all similar.

{Quest Completed:

500 × System Coins Received. 

All beginner Quests Completed.


(Mortal)Constitution Copying Token × 1

(Mortal)Bloodline Copying Token × 1

Quest Distribution is now active.}

In the end, I earned 880 System Coins from the beginner quests and I got 500 from the newbie gift. So now I've 1380 Coins. With these, I can go up 2 minor Ranks. Obviously, I didn't do it, if I suddenly start jumping ranks, it'll definitely arouse suspicion.  

1 Also, I'm using my phone to post these, so formatting might not be good. Because whenever I paste stuff in here, it just distorts.