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Another chapter for the week, hope you enjoy it.

Ezekiel and Tao stuck around for a while longer after the first fight ended. It just seemed to be some kind of illegal underground fighting arena as far as they could tell. After they watched the second fight in a row Ezekiel said, "Let's head out."

Tao then pulled them both into the mirror dimension the next instant. Everyone went quiet again right after they disappeared and more guards ran out to finally collect the first set of guards who were sleeping.

Ezekiel moved around the entire place with Tao as they looked for a place Ezekiel could connect to with his tablet. It didn't take them long to find a security room along with a server stack. Tao opened a tiny portal behind the stack, which allowed Ezekiel to access it with his tablet. The small portal was kept open for about ten minutes while Ezekiel took over their systems and started to dig for information.

The portal closed and Ezekiel let out a sigh as he said, "Well good news, I found out what is going on. Bad news, we need to act fast."

"What did you find?"

Ezekiel flipped his tablet around and showed the display to Tao. On it were rows of cages with a bunch of different people locked inside them. Tao noticed the issue immediately, all of the people in cages were fighters for the arena.

Tao frowned slightly as she asked, "They are forcing people to fight?"

Ezekiel nodded his head as he said, "Not just that, every fighter is kidnapped and they are forced to fight under the threat of death."

Ezekiel frowned as he said, "But we need to hurry, our little stunt spooked the people running this place. They are planning to move as soon as the matches for tonight are finished. They are currently working on disassembling anything not used for the matches and loading them on trucks."

Tao opened a portal back to base as Ezekiel talked. They quickly stepped through it as Tao forced them back out of the mirror dimension. Ezekiel walked out of the main area of the portal room alongside Tao as he typed on his tablet.

Once finished Ezekiel said, "I just alerted everyone to what is going on. Some of my clones are headed here and then we need to stop by Xavier's school to grab him and Magneto."

Tao nodded as she asked, "So what’s your plan?"

"I would like to say smash and grab, but I wanna talk with Fury first. Depending on how much of a headache he wants to deal with, will depend on our actions. Since I already have control over their systems it should be pretty easy. Also Fury will need a portal in five minutes.”

Within a few minutes a group of people arrived all wearing anbu type gear and each one with a different mask on. The one in the lead wore a wolf mask and his spiky silver hair was very noticeable. Another man with less spiky silver hair walked next to him and also wore a wolf mask with a single pronounced fang. Ezekiel smiled as he asked, “Who is the team lead?”

The second man spoke up as he said, “I am.”

“Good to have you White Fang. Here’s everything you’ll need. We need an attack plan made and you only have about twenty minutes.” Ezekiel handed his tablet over to the man before he turned back to Tao.

White Fang looked over the tablet with two other people, a man in a cat mask and the other man with the wolf mask. As they were quietly discussing what to do, Tao opened up a portal and out walked Fury along with Coulson.

Ezekiel smiled at the both of them as he said, “Thanks for coming on such short notice.”

Fury had his normal scowl on as he asked, “We have about ten minutes before anyone will realize we are missing, so make this fast.”

“When scouting out our last recruit, we found him in a secret underground fighting arena calling itself the gilded cage.”

Fury looked a little excited as he asked, “You actually found them? Where are they located?”

“In Eastern Europe, Zloda, Belarus to be exact. But they are currently scrambling to pack up and move. I think we have about an hour or two before they pack up and leave. I can trace them since I am currently in control of their systems. But since they are currently holding fights, it would be better to take them now.”

Fury grinned wickedly as he said, “That’s perfect, me and Coulson could be there in an hour or so.”

“You’re in Eastern Europe currently?”

Fury nodded as he said, “I know it’s a waste of time, but we’ve been trying to investigate the winter soldier base to keep up appearances. But the Russian Government has given us a lot of push back. Might as well tell Pierce we can’t get anywhere and head back now. Plus taking out the gilded cage will be nice.”

“Sounds like a good idea, I was planning to have Magneto make a new video and post it on the website when we are finished with all the info I found. But I could make the post sooner and add the video later. That way you have more of a reason to head there.”

Coulson spoke up and asked, “If you’re bringing in Magneto, then they must also have meta humans with them? How are they even controlling them?”

Ezekiel lifted his hand around his neck and made a motion around it as he said, “They have an explosive collar around their necks.”

Coulson nodded in understanding as Fury said, “We are headed back, contact me if anything unexpected happens.”

With that Fury turned around as Tao opened a portal for them and they walked through it. Ezekiel looked over to his clones as he said, “Let's go pick up the rest of the team.”

White Fang and the others stopped looking at the tablet as Tao opened a new portal for them. They walked through it and appeared in the underground area of Xavier’s school. Xavier and Magneto were already there waiting for them.

Xavier smiled as he said, “So what is the emergency we need to take care of?”

“We found a secret underground fighting arena that kidnaps normal people along with meta humans and forces them to fight under threat of death.”

Both Xavier and Magneto frowned before Magneto asked, “So what is the plan?”

Ezekiel pointed to his group of clones still talking as they looked over a tablet as he said, “Give them a few minutes and they will tell us. White Fang is the mission lead for this. Once the mission starts I plan to post the info on the website, so we will be on a tight time table. We might even run into Shield or government agents before we finish.”

“Why not wait till we’re finished to make the post?”

Ezekiel had his trademark smirk as he said, “Fury is about an hour away. If I post it when we start, there is a good chance he will be there to take over when we finish.”

Xavier nodded in understanding before he asked, “Do you know how many meta’s they currently have?”

“Five, but they are all adults. So I am not sure what you will want to do with them. One of them is a recruit for us though. So I need to talk with him once we are done.”

Xavier nodded as White Fang walked closer, handing Ezekiel his tablet back. He looked over to Magneto as he said, “Your main job is to work on controlling the outside. You will be placed outside and you need to take care of their transportation. If you see anyone outside, capture and detain them.”

White Fang then looked at Xavier as he said, “When we enter inside, you will be with Tao and your main job is to put everyone in the arena grandstands asleep. My team will handle the rest of the building and the fighters. A few will be sent to the prison area when we start while the rest will enter with you and Tao.”

White Fang looked over at everyone as he asked, “Any questions?”

When no one spoke up, he looked at Ezekiel as he asked, “How long till you are ready?”

Ezekiel typed away on his tablet as he said, “Not long, five to ten minutes at most.”

“Good, everyone double check your gear and your henge seals. I don’t want any mishaps.”

Ezekiel finished up over the next few minutes before he pulled out his bear face mask and put it on. He looked over to Tao as he said, “Portal Magneto now.” Ezekiel glanced over at Magneto as the portal opened for him Ezekiel said, “Wait thirty seconds, then start.”

Magneto nodded his head as he floated through the portal into the night sky above an abandoned looking warehouse area, a few miles away he could see the lights of a city. He looked over the area for a few moments deciding the best course of action, until he heard people yelling and gunshots.

He raised an arm and wrapped up all of the people outside loading trucks with metal that he ripped off from the trucks. He looked over to one of the buildings and lifted his right arm as the entire roof of the building was ripped off. Inside of the building were a bunch of car’s, truck’s and limos parked in rows.

Magneto smiled to himself as he thought, ‘This never gets old.’

He raised his left arm as all of the vehicles in the warehouse floated into the air before he moved them into certain spots. He waved both of his hands downward and the roof along with the vehicles slammed into the ground causing a small earthquake and some small explosions.

There was now a wall around the entire warehouse area being used for the fighting arena. Magneto then lifted the roof off of the fighting arena and slammed it into the ground next to the other roof. Afterwards he floated in the air like a god as he watched for anyone trying to escape.