00082: Is something wrong with your head?
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How is everyone doing? I hope you had a nice weekend. Here is the first chapter for the week.

Agatha looked around the massive room Tao had portaled them into. She had to admit it was impressive but also a little bit confusing. She understood the area where she stood with Tao, most mystic practitioners would be in heaven in this place. But the large almost barren area in the middle was a little weird, maybe it was used to practice spells? But that didn’t explain the massive rock wall or pool of water below it.

The area on the other side of the room was what really confused her though. She saw a bunch of different weight equipment along with massive data storage towers. The kind you would normally see in a data center, but here they were just lined up against the far wall.

Above the server towers along the wall were three giant TVs that she didn't even know existed. She could easily see what was displayed on their screens from here, one showed a staircase, one a hallway area and the last one a bedroom, all of which were currently empty of people. Maybe they were made with magic? She couldn't feel any magic from them, but that was the only thing that made sense to her.

As she looked around Agatha asked, "So what exactly is this place?"

Tao grimaced as she said, "Ezekiel called it… His training room…”

Agatha nodded as she said, "I admit it's rare to find a mystic practitioner who cares so much about body training. It's a shame more practitioners of the arts don't put in the effort to hone their body."

Tao nodded in agreement before she said, "We're in agreement on that, it's why I force every one in Kamar-Taj to practice martial arts."

Tao smirked a little as she said, "Also you're wrong about Ezekiel, he is not yet a sorcerer or even a practitioner of the mystic arts."

"Then why is all of this here and how did he make those constructs without the mystic arts? It's not some type of inborn power, right? They look to be made with a complex spell matrix."

Tao motioned to everything around her as she said, “I am going to start training him in the mystic arts, so I brought everything we will need. As for his constructs, he calls them shadow clones and they are kind of like an inborn power for him. It’s a little complicated to explain properly honestly.”

Agatha glanced at Tao as she asked, “You are taking him as a personal student? I thought you were saving that for your replacement?”

Tao nodded as she said, “I was, but once you meet him you will understand why.”

“Actually, where is he at? I thought he was going to meet us here?”

Tao smiled a little as she said, “At this time he is probably reading a bedtime story to his little sister. I would give it about half an hour before he makes it down here.”

“Then while we wait we can get back to our earlier conversation.”

Before they could really get into a deep conversation, Theo appeared from the portal into the room. He quickly used body flicker and appeared next to Tao and Agatha bouncing up and down on his feet as he asked, "So what's Tao's real name?"

Agatha smiled as Tao frowned before Agatha asked, "Wishing to know a lady's secrets and not having the decency of a proper introduction first? What are you, a savage?"

Theo paused for a second before he said, "Sorry, I was excited and forgot my manners."

Theo gave a polite bow before he said, "My name is Theodore Ezekiel Mercer and it's a pleasure to meet you Miss. Harkness."

Agatha nodded her head as she said, "The pleasure is mine. But I must ask, why do you look like a child?"

Theo smirked as he asked, "Because I am?"

Agatha studied Theo for a while and even used a few spells before she looked at Tao and asked, "You aren't playing a joke on me, are you?"

Theo laughed and Tao smiled before Theo said, "This isn't a joke, I'm reincarnated and currently living my second life."

Agatha glanced between Tao and Theo for a few moments and then asked, "How is that even possible?"

Theo shrugged as he said, "Having really good karma lets you meet GOD and he uses your karma to help in your reincarnation."

"I would love to hear about everything you remember from your experience."

Theo pointed at Tao as he said, "Just ask her about it, she's seen it and we've discussed it at length a few times already."

Agatha pouted a little as she asked, “Second hand info just isn’t the same.”

Theo shrugged again as he said, “Well I really don’t wanna explain it again and answer a bunch of questions I already answered for Tao.” Theo paused for a moment before he said, “I could just show you, but you would have to lower your defenses.”

Ebony meowed a few times sitting next to Agatha’s feet. Agatha smiled and looked down at Ebony as she said, “It’ll be fine Ebony, Saskia trusts him.” 

Tao let out a sigh as Theo stopped and stared at her for a while. Before he confusedly asked, “That’s Celtic?”

“No, it’s old high German.”

Theo glanced at Agatha as he asked, “I thought she was Celtic?”

“She is.”

Theo frowned as he asked, “But I thought Celtic people were from Ireland or something?”

Tao let out a sigh and Agatha shook her head before she said, “The Celtic culture originated from… You know it doesn’t really matter, her real name is Saskia. Now give me a moment and I will take down my defenses.”

Agatha sat down in one of the chairs Tao had brought over from one of the sanctums. She started to weave her hands a few times as she chanted. After about a minute she looked at Theo as she said, “Alright you can show me.”

"Actually one question before we start. It’s been bugging me, how did Ebony find our base? It should have been protected."

Agatha glanced down at Ebony as she said, "Ebony has the ability to slip into places she isn't allowed. She can also sense portal fluctuations and piggy back off them. With those skills it's easy for her to go to most places people don't want her to visit."

Theo glanced at Tao as he asked, "Is that something we can fix for the future?"

Agatha responded instead as she said, "Yes, I can help though, since I already know how to hide and block the skills."

Theo nodded before he went through a few hand signs and smirked as he said, “Alright, now open your mind.” 

Agatha’s eyes glazed over as Theo turned to look at Tao, the smirk still on his face and said, “So what do you want to start with Saskia?”

Tao shook her head as she said, “I would prefer it if you didn’t use that name.”

“That’s fine, I like the name I gave you better anyways. But it’s also nice to finally know your real name.”

Tao shook her head and said, “While you learn from me, you will call me master.”

Theo nodded his head as he said, “Yes, master. But before we start should we make a safe word or something? That’s how this stuff normally works right?”

Tao gave Theo a flat look before she pointed at a bookshelf and said, “That is everything a beginner needs to learn before they can attempt to start casting spells. I want you to memorize all of those books and then we can start your training.”

Theo let out a sigh and then weaved seals to produce ten clones. Each one grumbled about not being the lucky one who was sleeping in Theo’s bed as they grabbed a book and sat down on the floor to start reading. Theo glanced at Agatha as he said, “She should be out in about an hour, I am gonna start my body training for now.”

Tao nodded as she pulled out a book from a different shelf to read. Theo himself went over to the rock wall and began to climb up it using his chakra control technique he had been improving with his blocks. He increased the difficulty by making sure he had a perfect connection before he moved and then he would pull himself up to the next hand hold and repeat.

He only made it about twenty feet up before his grip faltered and he fell into the water pit below him. He popped out of the water and then swam over to the side of the pool before he pulled himself out. Another feature Tao made for the pool of water was it wouldn’t leave the area, so when Theo climbed out he was completely dry.

After taking a quick break, he started over again and made it about twenty feet again before his arm gave out and he couldn’t pull himself up. He dropped off the wall into the water again, before he took another break on the edge of the pool. He repeated the process a few more times until Agatha came out of the genjutsu.

Theo moved over to join Agatha and Tao once he fell off the wall again. Agatha was in the middle of discussing what she saw with Tao when Theo arrived. Agatha looked at Theo as she asked, “That really happened? Are you sure that wasn’t some kinda dream you had?”

Theo shrugged as he said, “Honestly no clue, but I am where I asked to be and I have the powers I asked for, so I don’t think so? Also I shouldn’t have to ask this, but please keep what you saw to yourself. You and Tao are the only people who know the whole truth. Everyone else just knows I'm reincarnated.”

Agatha nodded as she said, “I can do that, but I have to ask. Why do you trust me so much?”

Theo smirked as he said, “Because you and Tao are some of the most powerful people in the world and I knew you wouldn’t freak out knowing about something like this. Plus Tao keeps wanting to talk about it at length, so now you can talk with her about it instead of me.”

Agatha narrowed her eyes a little as she said, "That's not the only reason is it?"

Theo shook his head as he said, "Nope, that's about it."

Agatha kept looking at Theo for over a minute before he finally said, "Alright fine, I always liked both of you as characters when you came up in the comics and really wanted to meet you. Happy?"

Agatha nodded as she said, "See that wasn't so hard."

Theo blushed a little bit as he looked away making Tao and Agatha both laugh at his actions. Agatha then stood up as she said, "I'll be back in a while, I need to go collect some things."

Theo was about to ask why, when Agatha said, "I can't have little Saskia here teach you about the mystic arts and not help. While I know she will train you well, I will help out and plan to teach you about the more esoteric things. I will also teach you about the alchemy side of things. Which is something you can't learn in Kamar-Taj."

Theo glanced at Tao who nodded as she said, "I assumed she would help out."

Theo smiled as he said, "Well then let me give you a proper introduction to the place since I know Tao didn't."

Tao preemptively winced as Theo raised his arms and gestured to the room as he said, "This is the springtime of youth, super secret DBZ inspired enhanced gravity training room of the mystic arts, body training, programming and ninjutsu practice."

Theo smirked as he asked, "What do you think?"

Agatha was wide eyed as she stared at Theo for over a minute before she asked, "He's an idiot, right?"

Tao nodded her head and Ebony gave out a low meow as Theo let out a huff as he said, “At least Minato and Guy liked the name.”