Chapter 7 Are you alive?
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  • Full Mission.


  • <<It was added to the list of skills.
  • Knowledge of <<Maestria on Flight>> has been transferred to you.


Nero who was struggling to sit down. He stayed alert, thinking about the excitement he had caused when he fell. He didn't even have time to be happy that he completed the mission.


"Damn it! If only I had completed this mission before..."


Nero, who now has the information in mind, realized the reason behind his mistake in falling.


"Oh, list of skills?"


Nero who didn't have time to look at the window that opened in front of him when he completed the mission, hadn't noticed that. But the moment he thought of the skills list, a new window opened.



  • [Cell regeneration] Level 1.
  • [Berserk mode] Level 1.
  • [Flight Mastery] Level 1.


Nero was confused by these two skills that he didn't even know about his existences, he was about to click on cellular regeneration when he heard a voice echoing.


??: "Hello." Someone came up, "Are you alive?"


A pretty young girl in her 16 to 17 years of age asked. She had short hair up to her black shoulder and green eyes.


Although he heard this person speak as he approached, he could not understand what they were saying. Nero was alert when he saw that 3 more people, along with the one who had just arrived in front of him, were coming towards him.


"Urgh!" Nero tried to get up, but his injuries haven't had time to recover yet.


Although he feels that his injuries were recovering quickly, possibly due to his ability to regenerate cells. Nero didn't have enough strength to escape, because he was already surrounded.


Nero noticed that he now had two women and two men around him looking at him with curiosity and concern.


The woman who tried to talk to him at first approached him, trying to feel his pulse. Her pulse was normal, she sighed.


"I am Jana." She said, "We don't intend to hurt you."




They were confused when they noticed that Nero did not pronounce any words, thinking that maybe he was wounded in the throat...


But when they looked, they didn't find any injuries on her. But the reality was that Nero couldn't understand what they were saying to him. It wasn't a language he knew. So it was impossible for him to know what she was trying to say...


A young girl with long dark blue hair and purple eyes approached with a pot in her left hand. She crouched in front of Nero.



"Hi, I'm Choko." She said, "I'm gonna put that ointment on your bruises."



She said signaling with the ointment on her hand. But realizing Nero's strange and cautious gaze... Choko pulled a dagger from his waist, which surprised Nero, but his next actions surprised everyone.



"Choko!" Jana asked, "Why did you do this?"


The two young men beside him were also anxious to see it. They didn't expect Choko to do that to himself.


"Hrm." Choko answered calmly: "If I don't do this, she won't trust me, besides, if I apply the ointment where I hurt, it will heal soon."




They did not have words to refuel, but still, their action was very drastic.


Nero who saw this and noticed her putting the ointment on the bruise she had just done. Noticing healing very fast next. That surprised him a little. Nero was now able to understand that she just wanted to help him.



Choko smiled when he noticed that Nero was not as cautious as before. Still crouching in front of Nero, she began to apply to the visible wounds on Nero's body.


"Urgh!" Nero felt a slight pain the moment the ointment was applied.


Choko laughed at Nero's reaction, thinking she was cute trying to act strong.


If Nero knew what she was thinking... he could create a hole to bury himself, to hide his embarrassment.


Nero looked at this beautiful girl with long blue hair, surprised by his actions. He could say that they were human because they had no wings and nothing that seemed out of the ordinary in their bodies.


"Why can't she understand us?" One of the men asked, "Did she lose her memories?"


"I don't know either." Choko said, "But it must be something like this."


Nero was listening to them talk, but unable to understand. But he could imagine what they said in their conversations since they often looked in his direction to see his reaction.


"Damn system!" Nero shouted in his frustrated mind, "Give me a translator, or at least put a caption on it so I can understand what exactly they're talking about!"


Of course, your appeals have not been heeded. No translator and no subtitles showed up. He kept looking at them talking to each other, without being able to understand 1 word of what they were saying.


"In the end, is she an angel?" A young man with light brown hair and black eyes asked.


"Hard to tell, Breno." Jana said: "She does not seem to understand us, and her wings are pink with some black feathers. It's the first time I've seen wings like this."


"Hrm." Choko asked, "What do you think, Jair, is she an angel?"


Choko asked the other man with dark skin and short black hair with dark brown eyes.


"Fine." Jair answered: "Even if the color of their wings is a little strange, they look very much like the wings of angels."


In the end, they couldn't figure out whether or not Nero was an angel.


Nero, who was recovering very quickly, sighed with relief. In the end, the important thing was that it didn't seem like they wanted their evil, which made him think that they weren't prejudiced because he had wings, but he still didn't rule out the possibility of having on the part of other people.


"Can you understand me?" Nero decided to take a chance and try to communicate with them, using their native language.




"What did she say?" Breno asked confused.


"I don't know either." Jana shook her head.


Choko and Jair also shook their heads in denial.


Nero said in his mind: "Hrm, they don't seem to understand me either, well, I expected that."


Feeling his wounds were all healed. Nero took a deep breath a few times, then stood up and surprised them.


"What's up?" Choko asked worriedly.


Although I don't understand what she said, Nero nodded accordingly. Since he could see the worry on her pretty face.


New Mission: [A new language]

You talked to the first people on Planet Lumina, but you can't understand them.


  • Objective: Make a group with Jana, Jair, Choko and Breno for 1 day.
  • Reward: Language of the Nan Empire.
  • Reward: 25 Essence Coins.


Nero joined his eyebrows as he saw this new mission window appear.


Nero looked at them and saw that they were between levels 4 and 5 in Rank F. They also wore uniformed armor.


Jair had a sword at her waist, Choko a red glove, Breno a spear and Jana a wand.


"Hrm... even if I want to group with them and learn their language, I can't tell them that..."