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Izuku was standing in front of a store. 

Yesterday, Kuroha told him that he would have to meet a special hero on Sunday, which is tomorrow. 

To say that Izuku was scared would be an understatement. He was terrified. From what Kuroha told him. That hero was the sidekick of All Might in the past and also knew about One For All. 

If he couldn't please him, things might become truly difficult for him. 

So, he decided to use the move every being had to use at least one time in his life. Bribind!!! 

Kuroha told him that that hero was a Hardcore fan of All Might. So Kuroha decided to bribe him by buying some gifts. 

Of course, Izuku didn't think that such a simple move would make him like him in one go. But at least it could shorten the gap between them. At least he hoped so. 

He would have been better prepared if he knew at least the hero name, but Kuroha refused to give him that information.

The store in front of him was one of the best stores for All Might fans. 

It was impossible to enter here without receiving a VIP card giving at different events to the true fan of All Might. It wasn't something that could be bought either. 

From what he knew, in this store, some objects could be sold but some others were only on display. 

Izuku got this card after participating in a quiz game about All Might debut as a hero. But he never really used this card since the number of use was limited. This card gave him the right to come here five times. 


"Oh !!!! To think they have a costume from the silver age. There's even some tear. Don't tell me… It's the original?"

"Ah… This photo is the one we're All Might fought Despero gadget on a moving train."

"Kyaa!!! ...They even have the album N°1 of the ALL MIGHT CHRONICLES." 

Izukufeelsl like he was in heaven. How could this be possible? This store was really worthy of its reputation. It was like a temple dedicated to All Might. 

After turning toward another section, he saw another photo. But it wasn't any photo. It was THE photo. The one of All Might's first missions. 

He couldn't help himself his hand stretched toward it. But just as he was about to touch it, he stopped himself. How could he casually touch such a treasure? 


He heard someone clapping and turned to face a man that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. The man spoke 

"Good self-restraint young man. I was ready to stop you if you went farther, but I'm glad to see that I didn't have to."

Midoriya blushed in shame and began to stutter a little 

"Ah-ah...N-No. I.. I AM SORRY!!! " 

Finally feeling that he wouldn't be able to form a good line, he simply bowed and asked forgiveness. Nighteye, couldn't help but laugh 

"Ahahah. You're funny." 

Izuku blushed at the laugh once again before looking up towards the man. 

He seemed to be a middle-aged man. He wore a grey suit and a pair of glasses. His hair was light green with three yellow stripes. 

He tilted his head in confusion. This man seemed more like a serious CEO than a super fan of All Might. 

Then… He took a good look at the man. 

"Si-si-sir NIGHTEYE !!!" 

He couldn't help but scream. He knew Sir Nighteye. He was a hero famous for being strict and harsh on himself and others. Simply watching him through the TV gave him goosebumps. 

"Oh… You know me?" 

The man, Nighteye seemed intrigued by Izuku reaction. It was true. Nighteye wasn't really popular. He was more known in the inner circle of heroes. For a young man to know him was rather surprising. 

This question seemed to blow away Izuku shyness. 

"Yes. I know you. You were a sidekick for an unknown hero for a long time, but six years ago. You opened your own agency and become a hero. Since then, you arrested many villains such as Mega tank, Aqua gun, and Dark fire. You were nominated as the hero the most effective of all. You have two sidekicks. One is named Centipeder and the other, a woman, Bubble Girl. Your quirk is not known but you also resolved many investigations that were deemed to be impossible. Then.."

"Stop! Stop! I understand you know me very well."

Nighteye stopped the boy from continuing. To think that this boy would be so well informed about him. It was really a surprise. He looked at his watch. He still had some time before his appointment with the police. So, 

"Young man, I have a job to do in one hour. Why don't we seat at the table and discuss." 

This shop also had a cafe in it. They mainly served drinks and some cake to go with it. 

Izuku couldn’t believe it. He was eating with Sir Nighteye. Even though Nighteye wasn’t the most flashy hero, he was someone extremely respected. 

Nighteye found this boy rather interesting. He was extremely shy and stuttered every three or four sentences, but his love for heroes was undeniable. Finally, he asked, 

“Who is your favorite hero?”

Even though he asked this, he already knew the answer.

“All Might!!!”

The smile on the boy when he said that was extremely bright. Nighteye was satisfied. But ten minutes later

“NO!!! I tell you that this event was featured on the HERO GUARDIAN N°240: A hero dream.”

Nighteye couldn’t believe this. How could this child make such a mistake?

“Sir, with all the respect I have for you, I must say that you’re wrong. This event happened exactly four years ago and was featured on the HERO GUARDIAN N°242.”

They were arguing about All Might, this discussion was pretty heated. But despite the scream, the different people present didn’t seem to care. In fact, some of them even joined the discussion and began to argue.

This was normal here. Frankly, even fights weren’t uncommon. Since the discussion was going nowhere, they finally decided to do the most shaming thing any true fan could do….They used WIKIPEDIA.

The atmosphere was dark. The pressure high, the silence heavy. The internet was slow. 


Sound of swallowing could be heard. The sweat gathered on the brow of them. Finally, the one who went on Wikipedia raised his head from his screen and said with a solemn tone.

“We were all wrong.”


Screams echoed from all those gathered. The man seeing this said

“*Sigh*. This event was featured on the 241 then additional elements were found so it was re-featured on 242.”

All the other fans were disappointed. Some simply took their bag and went out of the cafe will others just took their seats with despondent expression.

 For a fan, making such a mistake was really da blow. Thankfully, this didn’t last. Izuku sighed

“Ahhhh…. To think that we argue so much for nothing.” 

It’s then that it hit him. What did he do?

(I-I have argued with S-Sir Night-NIGHTEYE? Oh my God!!!”)

His face began as red as the butt of a monkey. To think that he would forget his manners. 

Nighteye once again laughed. 

“Boy, You’re funny. Don’t worry. It was a very interesting discussion. He raised his hand to look at the time. There was still some time, but he hated coming late for an appointment. So he got up and gave him his hand.

“It was a good day. Now I must go.”

Izuku hurriedly got up also thanked Nighteye. After this saying goodbye to Sir Nighteye, he bought some gifts and also left the shop. Today was a good day. He hoped that tomorrow will also be interesting.

On his way, he stopped in front of a TV shop There it was announced that some hero discovered a penguin.

 What was strange was that the penguin suffered from multiples fractures and divers wounds. 

The report also said that it was most likely an animal who developed intelligence and obtained a quirk.

It was a rather interesting discovery. Izuku decided that he would look into it later.


The next day, 

“IT’S YOU!!!

“Ohh!!… What a coincidence. The world is really small.”