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A few minutes after Nighteye went away, he came back with Kuroha and Mirio in tow.

Kuroha took a seat without speaking and closed his eyes. He was very tired. But he still had to deal with some little problem.

Finally, after a while, Izuku finally found the strength to open his mouth

"What was it about?"

Nighteye went toward the kitchen in order to prepare some coffee. Kuroha, eyes still closed answered

"He gave you a chance. I won't lie to you. Uncle Toshinori is a shitty teacher."


"Hum...I may go too far in saying that he is a shitty teacher. More precisely, he isn't suited to teaching anything related to quirks or martial art."

Kuroha, even without opening his eyes could feel Izuku confusion. Since he decided to trait him more kindly, he decided to give a more detailed explanation

"You see. He is a genius. No more like, he was born for this quirk. He should have explained to you the strain One For All put on the body right?"

He didn't wait for Izuku to answer before continuing

"This strain never affected him. The very moment he obtained the quirk, he was immediately able to use it perfectly. His body was perfectly suited for One For All. But you?"

Kuroha opened his eyes and looked directly at Izuku as he said that. Nighteye who come back with his coffee continued where kuroha stopped

"I dare to say that if you follow All Might training plan, you won't finish before the start of the exam. Even then, From the knowledge I have of this power, it would be a miracle if you didn't blow up an arms or two and slowly destroy your body with each use."

"Why? If this power comes with such a high strain, only those who already had strength type quirk should be able to use it."

Izuku didn't understand. All Might told him about the strain, but from what he told, those few months of training should be able to barely meet the mark. Kuroha sighed,

"You seem so smart usually, why did you become suddenly so stupid. Should I make you remember one of the features of One For All."

When he heard those words, it was like thunder struck him. He muttered in disbelief,

"It becomes stronger."

How could he have forgotten such simple details? Kuroha clapped with an expressionless look. It seemed he didn't have to say more. Indeed Izuku continued his deduction

"One for All become stronger after each succession. It's not all. The degree of strengthening should depend on how much it was cultivated by the previous user. All Might is without a doubt the strongest user of One for All and also the one who used it the longest. Right?"

Nighteye let out a smile before opening his mouth.

"Exactly. You totally understood the situation. This means two things. One, it will allow you to potentially surpass All Might in the future. Two and without a doubt most importantly, it will be way harder for you to control it."

He paused before hammering the final nail

"All Might training plan might have worked for the version he obtained. But for the one, he will give you this amount of training will be far far far from enough."

Izuku was thinking deeply and quickly. One of the few things he could be really proud of was his analytical power. It didn't take long for him to reach an answer. He bowed deeply toward Nighteye and said,


Yes, this was the answer he found. He didn't know what metric Nighteye was using to test him, but it wouldn't hurt to learn more.


Kuroha was surprised to see him bow like that. This sight made him remember the day when Mirio bowed in the same way in front of Nighteye. When he turned to look at Mirio, he could see the same expression of surprise.

One thing that Nighteye always told him was that there's absolutely no shame in begin help from someone better. The shame only came when one let his pride cloud his judgement. Izuku might not know this, but Kuroha was sure that he scored some point with this move

 Indeed, after a while, Nighteye opened his mouth and said,

"The initial plan was for 10 months. We will reduce it to 8. Two months should be enough for you to have a basic understanding of your quirk. The result of my deal with you will also have it result at the end of those eight months."

Izuku nodded.

"I will inform All Might that I will take over your training. Your training will be divided into two different phases on week-day. Morning, and night. If it becomes too hard for you... "

Nighteye took a pause

 "...If it becomes too hard for you, you just have to tell me and I will adjust the intensity."

Izuku nodded, but internally, he wanted to curse. This guy just tricked him. He didn't know Nigheye criteria. It could be tenacity or understanding of one's own limit.

If it was the former and he asked the reduction of the regime, he would lose. If it was later and he stubroninaly continued with a flawed training plan, he would also lose.

He breathed in order to calm his heart as much as possible. Nighteye finished with this

"During the weekend though, your training will only have one phase, Morning. During this phase, Mirio and Kuroha will be your partners."

Izuku looked at Mirio who answered with a thumb up and Kuroha who had a fed-up expression. Finally, he looked back at Nighteye who had an evil grin on his face. Izuku began to fear for his future. Would he really be alright?

The answer was no. A big NO!!!

During the week that will come, Izuku will understand that his previous training regime was nothing more than heaven, while right now he was bathing in Hell.

This of course is another story.


Kuroha watched through the window of the office as Izuku left and went home.

"It's rare to see you so interested in someone.*gulp* *gulp* *gulp* Aaahh!!! The guys who created this drink is really good."

Mirio began to talk as he opened a can of sprite and drunk it all in one go.


Kuroha decided to use one of the techniques Nighteye taught him. The "HUM". 

This simple sound was magic. It could communicate acquiescement, refusal, refus de parler, anger, doubt and many more. This was a sound most official made when they didn't want to give a direct answer. 

Mirio, who was also trained by Nighteye understood what Kuroha was doing so he didn't press the issue

"Don't tell me, you. Fell. In. Love. With him? Just kidding."

He laughed at his own joke as he put his left hand behind his head and scratched his hair. Kuroha didn't grace him of an answer. He knew how Mirio was. Suddenly, he asked,

"Mirio do you remember what I asked him after your first week of training?"

"Of course, how could I forget that?"

----------------------------------FLASHBACK START

"Hey, Mirio can I ask you something? And please don't tell me a lame joke like by giving an answer like: You already asked one."

Mirio, who was about to open his mouth, left it hanging for a while before exploding in laughter

"You really got me this time. Ok, ask away."

Kuroha had always wanted to ask this but he never did now he guessed was a good occasion,

"What kind of hero do you wish to become?"

"Me? What kind of hero I want to become?"

Mirio looked down a little as he clenched his fists. His usual goofy expression was nowhere to be seen. He said with a serious expression and a firm conviction,

"I am not a genius with a naturally powerful quirk like your. I'm a simple guy with a simple power. That's why I don't have any lofty ambition like becoming the symbol of peace or saving everyone with a smile."

He slowly used his thumbs to point toward his costume where the number one million was written.

"One million. I don't have to save everyone, I cannot save everyone, but One Million, at least one million. That's what I want to do, so that's why I chose the name Lemillion."

----------------------------------FLASH BACK END

"Ahahah, Now that I think about it it was a little embarrassing to say that."

Kuroha flashed a smile,

"Those words were indeed embarrassing. At the same time, they showed your determination. That's why I respect you."

"Oh… So you still don't respect Midoriya?"

"Indeed. There's nothing wrong with his dream. But it's not enough, how long can pursuit a dream that isn't is?"


Mirio decided to use the same answer Kuroha previously used. It was truly a godly moves of deflection.


The same night, Kuroha was laying down on his bed as he looked blankly at his starry ceiling. Since he didn't sleep, he decorated his ceiling with a map of the sky. At night this gave a very surreal feeling. As if he was indeed laying down outside under the starry sky.

Finally, after having had his fill of stars, he closed his eyes, and then opened his mouth and said,

"Open the gate."