Chapter 5
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The two news released by the Emgrand Group completely detonated the entire Aurous Hill.

Hearing that the Emgrand Group has changed hands, the Willson family wanted to understand why the White Family was kicked out by the Emgrand Group.

It seems that the new owner of the Emgrand Group still looks down on families like the White Family.

But who is Mr. Wade? Is this person too good? The Emgrand Group, which has hundreds of billions, buys and buys, and the richest man in Aurous Hill is not as big as his!

For a time, countless families were ready to move. On the one hand, they were eager to have a relationship with this mysterious Mr. Wade, and on the other hand, they also longed for their daughter to marry Mr. Wade.

In addition, the Emgrand Group wants to invest in a hotel project of 2 billion, which also makes the entire Aurous Hill construction and decoration industry tremble!

Two billion!

Just get a little leftover material, and you can make a lot of money!

Countless companies want to get a share of it.

This naturally also includes the Old Mrs. Willson who is addicted to money!

Mrs. Willson was very excited at this time. This is a great opportunity for a two-billion project!

If the Willson family can get a contract from it, it will really be ascended to heaven!

So she immediately ordered a family meeting to be held at home tonight to discuss how to make a breakthrough in the new project of the Emgrand Group. Everyone must attend!

That night, Willson’s villa.

Because Lady Willson asked everyone to be there, Charlie followed.

He knew that Lady Willson was going to a meeting to discuss how to get a share of the Emgrand Group’s big project.

Therefore, he wanted to take this opportunity to help his wife Claire grow her face!

When he arrived at the Willson family villa, Claire’s cousin Harold immediately sneered when he saw him: “f*ck, Charlie, you have such a thick skin, and you have the face to see grandma again!”

Claire said with a cold face: “Don’t talk nonsense. Grandma asked everyone in the Willson family to come. Charlie is my husband, and naturally also from the Willson family!”

Harold laughed and said, “Though he is not considered a half-Willson family! But just a live-in son-in-law!”

Charlie touched his nose and said to Claire, “Forget about him my wife, don’t be familiar with him, go in quickly, save grandma waiting.”

Claire nodded, and owed Harold a good face, and walked in with Charlie.

Seeing this, Harold’s expression also became cold, waiting for them to look good.

After entering the conference hall, Charlie and Claire found a place in the corner to sit down.

Soon, Mrs. Willson stepped forward and the family meeting officially began.

The Old Mrs. Willson sat in the main seat, knocked on the table, and said vigorously: “The Willson family has been waiting for an opportunity in the past few years, an opportunity that can make us one of the richest in Aurous Hill! Now, this opportunity has finally come!”

Mrs. Willson said loudly: “This time the Emgrand Group has thrown out a two-billion-dollar project. Whoever can get a cooperation contract from it will definitely benefit a lot!”

“Moreover, this is the first major project of the Emgrand Group after the change of ownership. For the Willson family, it is a great opportunity!”

“If we can cooperate with the Emgrand Group and leave a good impression on the new owner of the Emgrand Group, then the future of the Willson family will be limitless!”

Although Lady Willson was very energetic, the people below seemed a little unmoved.

In fact, it is not a day or two for the Willson family to cooperate with the Emgrand Group. For such a long time, the Emgrand Group has ignored the Willson family. Lady Willson now wants to take a share of the new project of the Emgrand Group. How can it be possible?

Seeing that all the people present were silent, Mrs. Willson immediately questioned in annoyance: “What? Are all dumb? Don’t you have the confidence to take a little leftover from the 2 billion projects?”

Everyone looks at her and each other, but they dare not talk to each other.

Lady Willson was even angrier, and gritted her teeth and said: “I will put the words here today, who can talk about the 30 million cooperation share from Emgrand Group, will be the director of Wilson group!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone sitting was taken aback.

Lady Willson has always been arbitrary, so she has never appointed a director to the group. After all, the director has a lot of power, and he/she is almost the successor of the future group that is qualified to hold this position.

Lady Willson is now using this position as a reward. She definitely hopes that there will be a brave competition for the reward. It can be seen that she is extremely eager for the Emgrand Group project.

However, although the position of the director is good, it is not so easy to take.

In the eyes of the Willson family, if you want to reach an cooperation with the Emgrand group, you have to get a contract of 30 million. Don’t be kidding, even if Mrs. Willson goes out in person, the executives of the Emgrand Group will not see her, let alone talk about cooperation.

There was silence in the family meeting hall.

Seeing this, the Old Mrs. Willson asked angrily: “You are descendants of the Willson family, don’t you want to share the worries for the Willson family?”

After that, the Old Mrs. Willson looked directly at Harold: “Harold, leave this to you!”

Harold laughed a few times and quickly said: “Grandma, even Gerald’s house has been cleared by the Emgrand Group now. Our strength is worse than the Whites. How can we get the Emgrand Group contract?”

Mrs. Willson suddenly cursed: “rubbish! Deny yourself if you haven’t tried it. You are more rubbish than Charlie!”

In fact, Mrs. Willson didn’t know her heart, but she didn’t want to be at the helm of a second-and third-rate clan forever. She dreamed and longed for the Willson family to rise to the next level.

And this Emgrand Group project is the only opportunity.

Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, she would not give up.

She thought that Harold, as the eldest grandson, would be able to take over the task happily, but she did not expect that he would withdraw at this time!

Harold was also very depressed, who would take on such an impossible task? He was afraid that he will be kicked out before entering the gate of the Emgrand Group.

At that time, not only did things fail, but they were also ridiculed and laughed at by others, so he decided not to agree in any way.

After cursing Harold, the Old Mrs. Willson shouted and asked: “Where are the others? Don’t you dare to take this task?”

Charlie lightly touched Claire with his elbow this time, and whispered: “Wife, you take this task!”

Claire hurriedly said: “It’s crazy! It’s impossible for the Emgrand Group to cooperate with a small company like the Willson family!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said confidently: “Don’t worry, you can definitely talk about this cooperation!”

Claire asked in surprise, “Really?”

Charlie said confidently: “Of course! I don’t think you have a problem at all! Seize this opportunity, and your future status in the Willson family will skyrocket!”

Claire didn’t know why. At this moment, she believed Charlie’s words in a bewildered manner.

She stood up subconsciously and said to the Old Mrs. Willson: “Grandma, I’m willing to try.”