The Famous Possession…?
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‘Was it a dream?’

Jenny blankly blinked her eyes.

‘Or am I really dead?’

Seeing her in a painless ‘nothingness’ state, she could have really slipped and died in the bathroom. Bunny or what? The absurd experience might be a bizarre vision she imagined on the way to her death.

However, contrary to her speculation (hope), a golden barbed wire was revealed as her vision gradually returned to focus.

‘I’m trapped.’

It was already the second time I had woken up with such a clouded mind, so I wasn’t as embarrassed as before. Jenny closed and opened her eyes a few more times and slowly raised her hand.

‘It’s still a rabbit.’

Contrary to my expectations, my hands were still dainty paws. I was covered in silvery hair that was very soft even after I turned it over.

This unbelievable situation is not a dream. I heard this only in words, no, I only read it as a novel.

‘That famous possession…?’


Web novels usually start when the main character gets into a car accident or is in danger of drowning, and when he or she opens their eyes, they find themselves in an unfamiliar place and body.

She was also in a situation where she slipped and died screaming in the bathroom, so the conditions were sufficient.

‘I possessed.’

Regression, possession, reincarnation. The so-called ‘Hoi Bing-Hwan’ is a representative keyword that cannot be left out of web novels these days.

The main character, who was a child of depravity, possesses the body of a young princess and captivates dark actors with extreme cuteness, or a wife who is abandoned becomes obsessed with, unlike the original work.

Hoi Bing-hwan was a very popular subject because it made us look forward to the expected reversal and cider revenge.

‘It’s a very common cliche, but familiar things are delicious.’

Having always enjoyed reading works based on Hoi Bing-Hwan, she was often convinced that if she became the main character of a novel, she would not stupidly suffer irregularities in the work. She really, really knew she would.

‘No, not a rabbit!’ Why didn't I possess someone like a noble princess or empress, or at least a duchess? Why a rabbit that doesn’t even play the role of a passerby? Anyway, why am I not dead?'

Jenny suddenly felt a sharp headache and grabbed her forehead with her front paws.

‘A humble life.’


I let out an invisible sigh and turned my head to the side. An unfamiliar place unfolded outside the cage. It’s definitely a strange place… Still, she was somehow used to it.

‘It looks exactly like the emperor’s room.’

It was just as described in the novel. There was a bed with a golden drapery resembling Tenok’s eyes hanging over a wide, indigo carpet. The pure white bedding looked so cozy that I wanted to flop myself onto it.

When I moved my gaze slightly to the side, there was a luxurious table and chairs with impressive velvet seats that could only be used by people of a very high social status.

‘And... That mirror.’

A very important reversal device in the novel {The Tyrant’s Ugly Bride}. The witch who cursed Tenok watched his every move through the mirror in the room.

The emperor, unaware of such a fact, wakes up from a nightmare and sets out to find the beautiful creature the mirror shows.

And he cut off the breath of that life himself and went mad day by day. Due to the brutal setting, the reaction of the episode when the fact was revealed was so hot that it burned to the point of boiling.

‘The comment section exploded saying that the writer was a perverted psycho.’

Jenny shook her head as she lay down. As I strained my body to straighten it, I felt a sharp pain I had forgotten about.

The arrow shot by the demonic man hit me in the buttock.

‘Bad guy.’

When she read the novel, he was a male protagonist who was just saddened, but now he’s just a devil who kills weak and innocent lives.

Jenny barely got up and rubbed the bandage with her little bracken paw, her beard trembling.

‘BTW. I’m alive… ?’

Tenok definitely killed the rabbit in the original story. That was it. The mysterious rabbit with silver fur was an extra beast that was briefly seen as a device to show the sad curse of the male protagonist at the beginning of the novel. It was not even mentioned after that.


If you look at the sensation in the buttocks, it is true that it was hit by an arrow, but I am still alive. There are wounds, but they are being treated.

‘Isn’t that wrong?’

Many of the circumstances are similar to {The Tyrant’s Ugly Bride}, but I couldn’t be quick to conclude. Crucially, because the rabbit is alive.

"I need to know your name…"

The moment when I was wrapped in deep thoughts. The drooping ears pricked up. It was an animal sense that I never knew when I was a human being.

‘Who is coming?’

The wide stride is clearly a man’s. Unlike the steps without hesitation, the door opened quite quietly.

As if he was worried that someone inside would be surprised.

They say even a tiger will come if you say it. Now, Jenny has a monster more terrifying than a tiger.

Jenny, who had been sitting crookedly so as not to put strength on the injured area, met eyes with the person who appeared at the door.

Perhaps because she was a small rabbit, her opponent looked like a giant. My hair stood up in a suffocating sense of intimidation.

The man walked straight to the cage where she was sitting. Then he opened the barricade and put his hand in it.

‘Ah! This Brat!’

Jenny was taken outside with her ear bent in the man’s large hand. The dangling body swayed from side to side like a pendulum on a clock.

The ears that were held up tingled, and the buttocks where the arrow had been pierced below were sore. Tears flowed.

"You managed to live."

A low voice came out of the man’s mouth as if he had scratched iron with a nail.

‘Cruel Brat.’

Red eyes filled with tears glared at the bright yellow-gold eyes. At that moment, thick water droplets formed at the ends of the corners of her eyes wet the silver thread, and flowed down.

"Are you crying in pain?"

‘Of course I am, it hurts!’

Jenny stretched out her front paw. If you get a little closer, I should be able to punch you in the face. It was just one inch short.


The curse came up. He waved his hand casually at her crying heart. It was a struggle of its own, but with a rabbit’s body, it was like floundering sloppily.

Jenny desperately glared at him again. Then the man’s mouth twisted crookedly. Between them, a sigh of laughter flowed out.

"Me, me, me!"

He was clearly laughing at himself. Jenny, with her feverish body, forgetting that she was sick, kicked down her hind leg as hard as she could in the air.

Kiki! (Ouch!)

She screamed in pain from the raw flesh being torn apart.

...On the subject of an insignificant mountain beast.

The man brought his other hand to prop her back and strode towards the bed. And he put the rabbit down on the thick, puffy blanket.

Contrary to expectations, the hand was cautious, and my heart softened a little. I liked the cozy bedding and gently stretched my body to lie down.

But isn’t he also sitting down beside me?

‘Whoa, go away!’

There was no way a mere human could know the heart of an animal that wanted an uncomfortable partner to go away. Contrary to her wishes, the man’s heavy buttocks did not feel like moving.

He even looks down at himself.

‘Haven't you ever seen a rabbit?’

Embarrassed, Jenny lay down on her side and quietly rolled her eyes. The man’s eyes slid down my prickly bunny ears, moist pink nose, and bandaged hips, then back to my red eyes.

A perfectly aligned gaze.

‘It’s really yellow.’

It wasn’t a situation to be admiring, but the man’s eyes were so bright yellow as if they were studded with 24K gold. As if possessed by something, Jenny couldn’t look away.

This time, the corner of the man’s mouth curled up slightly, as if he was curious about the small creature staring at him.


Jennie raised her paw and rubbed her nose. The dainty nose that touched her paws twitched against her will.

‘He’s filthy handsome.’

It was a dangerous face in a different meaning from his cruel temper. I couldn’t look up properly because I was stunned by the monster’s huge body, but now that I looked back, the man’s face was no different from a statue.

Cool eyes, a high nose, and pale red lips. The shape and position of every feature were literally perfect.

‘To the heart… the crowd…’

I could feel the fluttering pulse. Yes, it's because I am afraid. Because she is facing the man who pointed his arrow at her just a moment ago.

This may not be simply because she is the ‘Eoppa’ who reveals her face. Jenny turned her head around and fanned her face with her paws.

‘It’s hot, it’s hot. It's because I'm wearing rabbit fur.’

My whole body was hot. The wound on my hip itched, tingling with infection. As she realized that the man’s bright yellow gaze was still directed at her, her body grew hotter.

While struggling in agony, a polite knock cut through the suffocating silence.

“Come in.”

Permission was given, and a maid with a silver platter entered.

"Your Majesty, I have received the instructions from the palace pharmacist."

“Forward.” The man nodded. Then his maid hurriedly held out her silver tray in front of him.

Jenny glanced sideways to see that there was thick dark greenish syrup in a small bowl.

If you collect only the harmful things in the world and use porridge, will that color come out? It was disgusting to see rippling bubbles rising from time to time.

While the bunny’s cute eyebrows were narrowed, the man’s large hand held up a small teaspoon lying on its side.

Then he scooped up the green poison and turned back toward the silver rabbit.

‘Wait for a moment. You’re not trying to feed me, are you?’

Anxiety crept in. There is always an uneasy premonition. I was a fast rabbit second to none, but the man’s hands were faster than that.

‘You bloody perverted killer!’

I wondered why they didn’t kill me and kept me alive, but it was clear that he wanted to see me poisoned and die painfully.

No matter how much he jumped at his horse and made it rampage, isn’t this kind of revenge too much?

‘No! I’m not going to eat! Me never… !’

The head hitting the sledgehammer was caught under the chin. The man’s thick thumb pressed against her cheek, causing her mouth to open.

The green liquid flowed into her mouth.

Woo-wook- (Euup-)

However, while gagging, I suddenly felt that the taste was not that bad. However, it was by no means delicious. How to say…

‘A healthy taste.’

It tasted just like green juice. I didn’t want to eat it, but I couldn’t vomit it because I closed my mouth and swallowed it in one gulp.

"If you want to show off your temper, first get well and see."

The previous action was repeated five more times until the bottle showed the bottom. The rabbit’s eyelids began to flicker down as the medicine was spreading through her body. The previous fever died down to a healthy temperature.

Leaving behind the faintly audible voice, the small head that eventually succumbed to the shock fell helplessly.


Tenok nodded again to the maid holding the tray. It meant to get out. The maid bowed her head and paid her respects. Then she disappeared along with the sound of her footsteps.

Tenok turned his head and looked down at the little life beside him again. The silver rabbit rolled up its body and buried its head between the covers.

The mouth that dyed the surroundings green sometimes murmurs. It was also very cute.

"You provoked me, so you will take responsibility."

Tenok reached out and squeezed the rabbit’s still-crumpled forehead to straighten it.