What could have been
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'It's been 4 years since I got here. I was 5 years old when my psychic powers first started to manifest, my parents being scared off by me resulted in them selling me to a research facility as a test subject. Ever since then, my life has never been the same. Once a life filled with joy slowly turned to self loathing of myself'

'Praise was all I ever heard from the researchers when I first got here. My esper ability allows me to create and control unknown dark matter for my own use. I was the one with the most potential in their eyes, the one who had the most value, and that made me happy. That was until he came along!'

"Kakine meet Accelerator, you're the newest competition" they said in a cheerful tone. 'I didn't know what they could mean. How could anyone be a competitor to me, the one who has touched the realm of god?'

'At first it seemed that Accelerator was someone who could not match up to me, he was a dud. However, as time went on he started to show growth, and soon he reached the likes of me. Someone who had trained for years only to be caught up in a single year by a nobody. I couldn't believe it, and I hated it. From then on there I loathed him, I hated myself and the fact that I could only match up to be second place to him.'

'The other kids that were here admired me, along with this one girl that was brought in when she was sold by her parents when she was only 7 years old. I had taken a liking to her since she was one of the few to also have above average potential according to the researchers. We were even the same age.'

"Hey Kakine, don't you ever want to back outside or reunite with your family?" said Tatsumaki as she sat next to me, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Huh? No, not really if they were willing to sell me to them they didn't really love me, and hence I have no familiar bonds outside of here. And besides I have other goals now" I said as a certain white haired albino came to mind. I looked at her as she appeared deep in thought.

"I do, I want to meet my little sister again after so long of not seeing her, I want to experience having a loving family again, I want to leave the godforsaken place"

As I went into thought 'I could only look at her with an unsympathetic look. While she wanted to be free of this place I wanted to be the very best and the first step to achieving my goal is Accelerator'

Weeks passed as normal with me producing results and Accelerator overshadowing every single feat I did. This infuriated me, it looked like he didn't even care about being the number 1. That this whole thing was pointless to him. That look in his eyes that showed that I was beneath him. I couldn't stand it. Him looking at me like I was unworthy of his attention!'

I left the room in anger frustrated with how things ended up like this. "This wasn't how it was supposed to go, it was supposed to be ME!!" I yelled as I screamed my emotions out. All the rage, the sadness, self deprecation all was let out today. The day I had forgotten my only friend's birthday. I was supposed to go celebrate with her and it turned into a day no one would ever forget.


'Today was my birthday and one of my few people I considered friends would come celebrate with me in secret' I thought to myself in a jubilant attitude.

'All thought I had come to hate this place and the people that kept being jailed in here, I grew fond of my friends here especially Kakine. The memories we made together here would be something I would always cherish in my heart.'

'I could still remember like it was yesterday, all the fun happy times we had here, and also the sad ones. The time we once pranked the other kids' ghosts were real by combining our powers together we could impersonate ghost like powers or the times Kakine would comfort me when I felt down because of memories of my dear little sister Fubuki. She was one of the few things keeping me going, giving me hope I would someday reunite with her' thoughts that suddenly came to mind.

'I don't know why but suddenly I got a bad feeling, like my life was in danger and I should get away' as I was thinking about how to get out of my room. I saw the scientist running in panic as if their life depended on it. I saw the personnel armed with sci-fi looking rifles rushing in a single direction, towards where Kakine was located.

'Maybe something bad happened to' a loud sound deadening explosion was heard all across the lab as it brought me out of my thoughts . Everything was on fire, ruble lay all over the area and the sky now exposed for everyone to see. Metal chunks could be seen screwed all over the place even on human bodies. The smell of iron could be smelled, thinking it was most likely blood. I knew a lot of casualties were made. The chaos was not over yet, as monsters that were kept locked up securely underground with thick tungsten doors separating us and them were now let free. With all the panic settled in and the fact that most if not all security personnel were killed point-blank in front of the explosion that happened mere moments ago. The monsters that were rampaging and devouring everyone that they came across were killed in but a second.

I was very scared, very scared for my life. All I could think about was if I would survive to meet my sister again. I thought about using my power's against them, but the fact was that if I attacked one, all of them would come to attack me. I wasn't sure if I could take them all on, but I knew Kakine could do it. I briefly wondered if he was okay and if there was a chance he was looking for me, but soon that thought was dispelled as I noticed that one of the monsters had located me and was coming towards me. I was very scared, I held my breath, huddled in a fetus position, shut my eyes and hoped for the best.

That was when I heard a voice call out to me. Thinking it was Kakine that had actually come and saved me, I shouted his name and opened my eyes in expectation. As the sun showed behind him, illuminating his appearance I saw a guy in what I assumed to be a superhero suit as I looked to his side and found the corpses of all the monsters that had come loose. I was very surprised someone else, not an esper, was this strong.

That's when I heard his voice question me, "why didn't you use your powers to save yourself?"

"I was too scared to take action, I didn't think I was strong enough to defeat all the monsters" I said to the spiky haired superhero while keeping my head down.

"It's not nice to lie, you know. Did you think someone else was going to save you" I heard him say to me, surprising me.

I was on the verge of tears as I slowly replied "it doesn't matter anymore, the family I once had is gone, Mama and Papa sold me off" as tears started to rain from my eyes.

"My family is lost to me, I have no idea where to find them. My friend was supposed to meet up with me, but then all this happened and I don't know what happened to him. Everything was taken away from my parents, my sister, even my Kakine" I screamed at him with shakiness in my voice and tears started to come out even harder. I cried and cried until my eyes could no longer cry.

"But you do have someone left your family, protect your family" he said to me with a smile as he rubbed the top of my head and I looked him in the eyes.

"Listen up, I'll give you one piece of advice for later to keep in mind for someone who has too much power." He said to me while I instinctively knew he was talking about me.

"When the time comes, don't go expecting someone to come save you" he said to me in a serious tone. He then proceeded to take my hand and lead me out of the now destroyed lab towards a city to restart my life.


Author: Okay so this is my first story to actually publish and I thought that Tatsumaki needs more love and I came across Kakine and was like he's super cool. Ima be honest i havent seen the Toaru franchise at all so I dont know to much, but I have been on the wiki a quite a bit some i might know bits of pieces of it. Basically he wont be like he was in Canon. 

Have a good day Chads ;)