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Lux Films production company was starting to go through all the necessary procedures to move forward with production, while producer Saul Zaentz pulled the strings, making his vast experience known. Many times, when a person with experience took charge to schmooze and acquire what was necessary for a film production, it was just the right moment. Billy's stroke of luck was that this time he had certain friends.

-I don't like socializing so much before a movie, - commented Anthony Magnolia.

-We'll meet the necessary people to make the movie happen. For now, I'd like you to talk to Billy Carson. He's been the cornerstone of everything, he's a handsome, lively young man who fits all your characteristics. He's made several movies, - said Saul Zaentz, a politician through and through.

-Bah, a waste of time, - Anthony commented.

-He'll be your actor, he's an investor, and he's allowed us to make the movie the way we wanted. Trust in the script, and he's brought Hollywood's angel to our side and paid her salary without dipping into our pockets, - Saul commented.

Anthony just closed his eyes. He wasn't a great director like those who had thousands of movies under their belt; he did his job methodically, doing everything as it should be done. But he couldn't seem to achieve the success he felt he deserved. This movie had good actors, good investment, and a good script; it was a recipe for success.

Lux Animation was excited, and the prospect of traveling to Tunisia and then to Italy for filming only increased their eagerness to immerse themselves in the role.

-It's the second time we've come so far for small meetings, - remarked Saul.

-And now you're complaining, -  responded Anthony, smiling at Saul's character.


Winona was having breakfast, reading The English Patient, a love script that moved her. It was sweet, tragic, and romantic, just as it should be. Her mansion in Beverly Hills was just another of her rich properties; she had a total of three of her own, located in specific places that she used for travel on certain occasions.

She was somewhat indifferent, but there was a broad plan of friendship between Winona and Gwyneth that hurt her deeply. Since when were they as cold as friends? The conversation they had less than a week ago was something that still churned her stomach; for now, everything was in a dark light.


-Why did you accept the movie? - Gwyneth asked, tapping her feet on the floor, furious at how everything was unfolding. They were getting ready for a party, laughter filling the air as they both took sips of tequila, but then the question began to sour their entire relationship.

-What are you talking about? Let's go to the party; they're waiting for us, - Winona questioned.

-I'm talking about Billy Carson, you unpleasant fool... you want to steal him from me! - Gwyneth exclaimed.

Winona's eyebrows shot up to the sky as anger surged through her. - What are you talking about? I haven't gone after Billy. Stop being repulsive. Ha. But you know, I wouldn't be surprised if he dumped you when he found out how rotten you are inside. Intelligent men have never been your style. Or can you tell me what you were doing with Leonardo DiCaprio at the last meeting? He'll find out; don't act innocent. -

Gwyneth flushed. - We were just talking, but as a damn liar, you're always spreading lies. What am I talking about? I'm talking about how since you broke up with Deep, you've become a tramp who sleeps with anyone for the slightest bit of affection. -

-You're nobody to question me, and if I sleep with Billy, it's my business. After all, he wants a real woman. After all, his supposed girlfriend is bedding someone else, - the raven-haired woman responded, totally enraged by the sensitive words, being treated like a nobody, completely denying that behavior.

-Arghhhhhh! Damn liar, you're a gossip, hateful, vengeful, deceitful... nothing has ever happened, but I fear you'll behave as you always do, dragging down everyone around you, - the blonde shouted in anger.


-Thank you for everything, Patrick, - said the raven-haired woman.

-It's my job. They were more cooperative this time. Well, you have to be in Italy by May 29th; filming your parts will start first, - commented Patrick.

-Well, I'll wait for you to let me know everything, - said Winona. Now, out of vengeance, she felt like sleeping with Billy, even introducing him to many of her friends, women, and models. Using her contacts, she called Monica Bellucci; if she was in Italy, it wouldn't hurt to tempt one of the most provocative women in the industry, whom she knew and had a presence.

-Maybe I can also do other things to annoy Gwyneth, - Winona thought. Before feeling deeply disappointed with herself, being a bad woman, and a headache for people wasn't something she wanted to do, even though her friend's behavior wasn't good, she had to be better.

-I have other movies lined up; your friend Daniel has signed on to do the movie 'The Witches of Salem', - Patrick replied. The acting calendar was fully booked, and Patrick kept presenting script after script, leaving a clear mark on the work and effort Winona had to put in.

Winona noticed the blue sky painted with small clouds above, taking Patrick's farewell as a signal to get up and resume her daily routine. She paced around her apartment to organize her thoughts. She felt somewhat lost when a beautiful blonde arrived for the meeting; contrary to expectations, it was Michelle Pfeiffer, an intimate friend of Winona's who had filmed "The Age of Innocence" with her in 1993. Despite her years, this blonde was profoundly beautiful.

Her prominent cheekbones framed an angular, oval face with greenish-blue eyes that would captivate anyone who looked into them. It was her style; her mere presence stopped everyone who laid eyes on her at thirty-six years old; she was the delight of any man.

-Darling, - Michelle Pfeiffer said, kissing Winona on both cheeks.

-Michelle, it's so good to see you. I thought you'd still be working on your movie, - Winona commented.

-Not at all; I always have time to greet a good friend. I thought you called me over more to chat about trivialities. You sounded a bit neurotic on the phone, dear, - Michelle commented.

-I can never lie to you. Sometimes I'm just a nuisance, - the young woman said, sighing deeply, which to Michelle's mature eyes meant only one thing: problems with men. Oh, these handsome, intelligent men who always used every means at their disposal to break the hearts of unsuspecting young women.

-Ah, dear, it was a man. Only men can make an angel like you sigh. I hope it's not Deep again with some of his incessant craziness, - Michelle commented.

-I wish it were! This one is worse, but he managed to hold on to me, - the raven-haired woman commented, ready to tell one of her friends everything, seeing her as her advisor. They both took a seat on the balcony while sipping some wine. Shortly after, Michelle managed to uncover the root of the problem and became furious upon discovering the manipulations this young man was engaging in—his coming and going, being attentive and then inconsiderate, always giving a tantalizing hint of affection but then pulling away, causing the girls to go crazy. Michelle even blamed Gwyneth for what had happened.

-You accepted the movie. God, how could you do something so foolish? - Michelle remarked.

The wide eyes just observed everything that was said.

-I didn't know; I couldn't refuse, - Winona commented. Michelle rolled her eyes at Winona's words, wanting to hit her on the head for her foolishness.

-You have to try to be as professional as possible. He probably wants to get you into bed, dear. God, men, are always acting in rather twisted ways. On the other hand, you can have fun at his expense, - Michelle laughed heartily. She would have done that—take the bull by the horns and make him understand that no one could make her look like a helpless woman.

-Don't pay attention to the last part; just focus, do your job, and leave, - Michelle commented.