Chapter 1-1: Devilish Demons and…
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{Bam.. Boom} "he...hey brothers take it easy... I..I am only a small pawn of the Familia I don't now anything about what you are searching for... please let me go." In an alley outside the sight of the public a porr guy with a black get up was being stared down on by two young men dressed in stylish black suits.  

"Ehhhh~? I don't know.. Are you sure about that? Let me ask you kindly again because I find that you aren't really getting what I am saying. Do you know Know where the Gun warehouse of the Grotto Familia is or not?" Standing a little further away from the person being interogated is a dashing young man, age 17 and with a height of 1,90 meters. Blond hair and green eyes. HE had a calm and steady demeanor that draws you in. while on frot of him was squatted a young man of the same age, but with a much different temperament. A Darker skinned and haired youth that stood more than 2 meters tall, with muscles that were large and defined. He was currently releasing an amount of killing intent that the small man had never felt before in his life.

"Marco.. I don't think this method will make him talk, want me to smash his head in a little bit first?" {ts...ts..ts}

"My unrefined parter Andrew, How can you let the teachings of that brute and that geezer get the better of you? Just because some people have labeled us, The devilish Demons doesn'y mean that we are actually evil demons. The old man wants the information and he will get it, there is no reason to rush things like this." Having said that with a light and joking tone Marco went forward, picked up the person from the head and brought him to the level of his face.

"Tell me.. brotha. which do you prefer?" Said Marco as he glanced at andrew and pointed to himself. "Fine.... FINE.. I will speak... I Will tell you everything I know just don't kill me!"

{Haa~~} "See Andrew? Simple as that." Marco left it at that as he knew that the reason it was so easy to get information out of the man was actually their title, The Devilish Demons.

"How did it come to this? It's only been one year since we joined the organization, the Boss has already made us the Deputy Vice-Leaders of the Rose Familia" 

"Hey boss.. What is the reason we decided to join the rose familia instead of all the others that exist in this city?" Andrew asked after much contemplation. Marco smile as he looked at andrew and didn't answer. This question has been asked a lot the past year, The answer marco used to give was A bunch of different reason like, the fact that if the familia was stronger then they wouldn't accept them. But this excuses stopped working after some time.

'Seems like this brother of mine has gotten smarter this past year.. I guess it's never too late to gain some intelligence and develop a brain. But anyway it seems that it's about time for me to enact my plans... we have done plenty for this familia.. Hmph, we made it one of the five leaders of this city. I guess it's time I visit that place.. I wonder how those rascals have grown.'

"Hey andrew.. after reporting to the boss.. We will be going to 'there' to pick 'them' up." As Marco said that Andrew's face lit up, and in an unusual fashion compared to his outward appearance, he started jumpipng around full of smiles as if we was a kid the morning of christmas.

An Hour and somehting later, a little after 2 o'clock the pair reached a place outiside of town. It was a farmstead, a large simple house with a shed at the back and big feilds fenced off next to it. 

When the black car, of no particular importance, stopped outside of the house, it broke the calm by honking once. Immidiatly the door of the house burst open as 4 teenagers around 17 run out of the house. 3 of them run exitedly towards the car, as they saw Marco get out. 

"Brother! You are back!"  "Hahahaha... I missed you brother Marco!" "Yeah me too, It's been a while... you know what? Fight me!"

The three teens one of whom was a girl ryshed out and hugged marco. "Hey what about me? Didn't you miss brother Andy?" Said andrew with a sad face as he walked alone towards the one person that didn't run over like a child.

"We missed you too obviously.. just a little less." Seeing all the same aged comrdes nod together like little kids as they led Marco inside was quite funny to Andrew and Matteo, though Matteo didn't laugh as he was more of a serious type.

"Hey Matteo how have you been?" "I have been doing well, I trained them to the best of my abilities." Said Matteo as he looked over t the other three. "Then that will be more than good enough, you are a very dependaple type indeed. So Violet, Luca, Leo and Matteo.. Let's go at the back to test your progress the one year we have been apart."

Marco New that they couldn't stay for a long time. They hadn't come here for the past year at all as they didn't want to give this place out to anyone, Or at least their connection with it. And so they came here today, after reporting the results of the mission they finished, when they knew the Familia would be getting ready to attack the Gun warehouse tomorrow in the morning, and also that in a week there would be the official first shipment of guns and ammo that they had managed to secure for the Familia in the deal that happened with a small time dealer 6 Months ago. The amountof guns and ammo wouldn't be that much, Only enough to outfit the most important people and a group of 5 sharpshooters. But even that is enough to give them the strength need to stand on equal footing with the top three families. The Grotto, the Valencia and the Aragosta Familia. The current dream and goal of the Big boss is to become the fourth power of the city and break the balance. Though Marco who could see the danger, had different plans.

Once at the back the mood of the cheery teenagers catching up on the missed gossip of one whole year changed. Everyone turned serious as Leo was the first one to step forward. he took off his shirt only to reveal Well defined muscles on his whole upper body. With his tanned skin and Blonde hair as well as his height of 1.98 meters he was truly a handsome man. But no one spoke. Marco went forward himself. though he was tall as well, compared to Leo somehow he seemed to pale in comparisson. He stood there silently for a while as he sized his opponent. He took of his tuxedo and reveale his body. Violeta cringed a little as she saw his back. Though marco's body was artwork, in its symmetry and the perfect muscles, on his back he was permanently scarred.. a lot of small and big scars decorated his back, reminding those who new him of the torture he had to endure as a kid.

"Leo... Come I am ready for you. Go all out or you will dissapoint me." Marco stated coldly. If someone didn't know him well enough they would take that along with his attitude as an insult but everyone here knew better than that.

"Here I come!" Yelled Leo as he blasted forward, at an incredible speed. He readied a punch and blasted it forward. Marco Lifted an arm and guarded the straight punch with his arm. Without waisting time he drew his leg back and used it explode forth with a punch straight to the gut. As the punch was Landing, Leo took his arm and deflected the blow. He then spun around an wen tfor a roundhouse kick, at that Marco instead of dodging backwards, he slid down beneath Leo's leg, and when he got back up he kicked towards the back of leo's knee. The hit landed and leo buckled face first towards the ground,but befire he hit it he used his hands to support himself and kicked backwards with his other leg. This made Marco Stop his incoming strike and dodge sideways. thus giving enough time to Leo to recuparate. 

{Ha...Ha...} "That bout was more intense than I expected it." Said Leo as he gathered his breath. "I would have to agree." Said Marco as he did the same. And it was indeed true. Even though they both could go on for many more rounds, the fact that this bout that lasted only 3 seconds was very explosive and tyring. 

"Let's stop here. Luca You come next." Said Leo as he ha already gouged the amount of progress Leo had made the past year. And because he was satisfied with the results he let him off easily.

"Hihihi... No one will probably be able to beat Brother Marco again!" Stated Violeta the hard truth while smilling and laughing slightly, Truthfully Even counting Andrew in, even when all5 of them teamed up against him they never managed to defeat Marco, Not even once. If someone from this group of future monsters is the one true beast then that without question would be the Master of intelligence and Fighting, Marco.