Chapter 1-2: Calm Before the Storm
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As Leo put his shirt back on and sat down somewhere further away, Luca went forward and picked up  kento sword from a rack on the right of him. Luca compared to the other two is thin and 1.80 meters in height. He has the image of a cute pretty boy instead of handsome, usually but in this moment, no one could call him cute. Serious, That is the only word that can describe the current look and aura of Luca. taking a stance Lyca started an intense standoff with Marco. They waited and waited, their nerves were tence, the air seemed suffocating and still, it was getting hard to breathe. The shirping birds and all kinds of insects had stopped making noises. It was pin-drop silence. and at that moment Luca charged.

'The attacker always has the initiative!' He thought as he run forward, he raised his wooden sword and in a simple smooth motion he swung it down. Even though it seemed easy to dodge the attack was fast. Incredibly fast at that.Marco barely managed to dodge to the side by a hairs breath. Raising his leg he went in for a kick. Luca used his sword to block it as he jumped to the side and went for a diagonal slash. Marco raised his arm to block. {BAM!} using the force from the hit, Marco spun around and did a round-house kick, targeting the legs of Luca.

He used his sword to parry the Kick but it;s imense force knocked him of ballance and taking the chance, Marco run straight at him as he charged a punch. Seeing that Luca tried his best to Hit Marco as a double edged move. As the sword was about to hit Marco's neck he dodged below it and punched Luca at the gut with a fast left.

{SWing.. BOOM!} The punch Threw Luca Back and as he was completly of balance he fell to the ground thus making it Marco's win. 

"Haa~~~ The fake at the end cot me off guard. Said Luca as he was dusting off his clothes.

"That is why it is called fake right? Well that is the end of that...Violeta and Matteo You obviously don't need to fight me but I am still expecting great things from you. With that said let's go in and eat real quick shall we?" Stated Marco with a smile and a clap as he headed inside, thus lightening the mood. 

As they ate and talked about their expiriences apart for the first time in the last 7 years the not so normal teen agers had a great time.

At the same time in an office with a Rose on top of it's door.

"As you two know, tomorrow is a very important day. Right now The grotto family is weak, as it had that major fight with the Famiia from the other city and they lost their heir. From your reports Orochi we know that the Boss is not here currently along with their main force. Just to make sure that information is 100% certain right?'

Orochi, the bespectacled man, The left hand man of the Rose familia bowed his head and continued. "About that other situation sir what are you going to do" 

"Hm? Oh! That ey? Gwafafaf! No reason to worry... Let the kids play." Stated Antonio Rose as he laughed with his mouth, as his eyes indicated the true sinister intentions of a person that has worked in the underground for more than 30 years.

And in one of the few villas of the city, situated On top of the hill at the southern corner of the city, overlooking all of it another meeting was taking place.

"Boss! It seems that the rose familia has set it's mind on attacking us while the Big Boss is away...What should we do? The other families may take the chance to gang up on us. Said A gorgeus Tall woamn with orange hair and blue eyes as her overflowing bossom threatend to breakout of her tight dress that was covered by a rich fur. She was wearing Jewlery all over her body but thanks to her countenance instead of apearring ugly they Made her extraordinary hot looks stand out even more. 

"Don't you worry aboun that Constance. Bring everyone here.. It is about time they discover the greatness of My Brother's intelligence." Said the Boss sittting comfortably in his chair-throne.

"Yes Boss!" As she got up and went off to gather all the executives of the Familia she thought to herself. ' This is getting pretty interesting... I wonder how that handsome blondie from the Rose familia will come out of this oncoming war.'

Inside the city, in the poor district, Marco and andrea were leaving a house inside a small alley. "Marco.... Is everything going to be ok? I know the plan is detailed even if I don't get most of it but still...."

"Don't worry about it Andrew, Everything will turn out just right. I got it under control.... We should go and visit that sexy Sister since her help will be really important in my plans." Said Marco as  he changed the topic. He smile dand started walking at his usual not too fast and not too slow pace. 

'How can I tell him that I have no ida if everything will go as planned. Nothing is set on stone and anything can happen in this world... But as a leader I have the job of imbuing confidence in my subordinates, if even I have second guesses about the plan I created then how can I expect others to believe in me and follow me. Ha~' With a self-deprecating laugh at himself, Marco marched on. Determination flashing in his eyes. In order to accomplish his goals he must succed so failure was not an option for him. He is now in the thick of it and if something goes wrong then he will have to face the consequences.