Han Cai
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Han Cai at the age of 10, was a young boy with a head full of thick, black hair that reached his ears. His eyes were a deep, dark brown, and they sparkled with a hint of mischief. His face was round and cherubic, with a small nose and full lips. He had a small build, but he was sturdy and well-built for his age.

As Han Cai stood on the hill, overlooking the town of Eagle Trail, he was dressed in the finest clothes his family could afford. His young master clothes were made of the finest silk, adorned with intricate embroidery of gold and silver thread. The colors were vibrant, a mix of red, blue and green that made him stand out in the white winter landscape.

The view from the hill was breathtaking. The ground was covered in a thick blanket of snow, and the trees were adorned with icicles that sparkled like diamonds in the sunlight. The sky was a deep blue, and the clouds were a mix of white and gray. The sun was just beginning to rise, casting a warm golden light over the land.


In his past life, Han Cai went by the name of "Hubert Watts." He was a millennial nerd who spent the majority of his days on the internet, hidden behind the anonymity of a screen. He was a loner, with few friends and little social interaction outside of online forums and chat rooms.

Hubert had always been interested in science fiction and fantasy and spent much of his time reading and writing about these topics on the internet. He was particularly fond of Marvel and Dc comics and spent hours each day reading and discussing them on various forums.

However, Hubert's love for these genres was not limited to reading and discussing them. He also spent a lot of time creating comic book characters and even wrote fantasy books. He even tried Wuxia novels.

Hubert's online persona was that of a bitter and cynical internet troll. Despite his negative behavior, Hubert found solace in the virtual world and the attention it brought him. But as he grew older, he realized that his actions and behavior had caused him to become increasingly isolated in the real world. He spent his days alone, with no real connections or relationships.

In the end, Hubert's past life was filled with regret and loneliness, and he was grateful for the opportunity to start anew in a world where he could pursue his passions without the negative aspects of his internet persona holding him back. He promised he would be a better man in the new world, but honestly, he knew he was a Scoundrel in his past life. He will be the one in this life too. But he promised himself that he would try his best to fake it and would not put much effort into making it.


As Han Cai admired the view, he couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness. He knew that this would be the last time he would see this beautiful winter landscape. He would be leaving with his father to the Sky Soaring sect, where he would begin his life as cultivator.

In that moment, Han Cai was filled with a sense of longing for the life he was leaving behind. He would miss the simple beauty of this place and the people he had grown up with. But as he looked out at the town, he knew that he had to let go and embrace the future that lay ahead of him.. Han Cai's father, Han Dai, was a well-known merchant in Eagle Trail Town, and he had used his wealth and connections to secure Han Cai a spot under one of the elders in the sect.

Growing up in Eagle Trail Town, Han Cai had seen the dangers of this world firsthand. The country Han Cai was born in was called Yin country. Life for the poor citizens of Yin country was a constant struggle. The harsh and unforgiving climate of the region, characterized by long, cold winters and short, cool summers, makes it difficult for them to grow crops and raise livestock. Many of these citizens lived in small, isolated villages scattered throughout the countryside, where they subsist on a diet of meager grains and root vegetables.

The poor citizens of Yin country were also plagued by a lack of resources and opportunities. Many of them are unable to afford the tools and equipment necessary to properly farm their land, which means that their crops often fail. In addition, there are few job opportunities available to them, and many are forced to work as laborers or servants for the wealthy elite.

Education is also out of reach for many of the poor citizens of Yin country. Schools are few and far between, and many children are unable to attend because their families can't afford the fees. This leaves them illiterate and unable to read or write, which further limits their opportunities in life.

If that was not enough, life for the poor citizens of Yin country is not without its dangers. Many of them live in constant fear of bandits and thieves, who prey on the weak and defenseless. In addition, the poor citizens are often at the mercy of the powerful noble families, who control much of the land and resources in the region. These families often extort money and resources from the poor citizens, leaving them with even less than they had before.

Han Cai had seen people getting killed in the streets because they offended some martial artists. Despite the outside world being dangerous, Han Cai had a very good life, as he was born into a wealthy merchant family. He had access to anything he wanted, and he was always safe, and protected by guards at all times. His family was one of the wealthiest in the town, and no one dared to offend them.

Han Cai's plans for his future were different from what his father wanted for him. His father believed that if Han Cai was lucky, he could become a powerful cultivator, and their family could become a legacy family, just like many big cultivator families. But Han Cai believed that he could achieve everything he wanted from the comfort of his home, thanks to his unique transmigration cheat.


Author's Note:

Besides my passion for writing, I am a full-time corporate employee trying to make ends meet. It gets hectic sometimes.

I do not have a proofreader as I cannot afford it. If you find any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or any sentence that does not make sense, please leave a comment in that paragraph so I can fix it and help readers have the best experience.