Chapter 116 – Carrying loads, what the fuck?
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We started walking around the city next to each other while people on the street are watching us. As Clevina was known, it was normal for this to happen. It is not so typical since their entire group is not here, but she must still be famous.

"I feel a little uncomfortable with so many people looking at me." I decided to talk to Clevina to see what she thought of that, but she just smiled at me and just told me to ignore all the looks.

Well, it's a little challenging to do that, but I think I can do it because now I just have to focus on buying my clothes.

"So, I'm going to go to the store where I bought that dress." I showed Clevina my dress and then continued: "So I wanted to stop by to see if I can find other dresses, what do you want to do?" I wanted to see if she would like to come with me or if she would prefer to go to other stores.

"I'm going with you. Maybe I'll find something good too." She just answered that with a smile, she was a lovely girl, I never had much contact with her, but this is being easier than I thought.

So while we were talking, we started to head towards the store where I bought my dress last time, this time I want to buy more dresses and also some underwear, and I also need a new shoe.

'Damn, I need a lot of things.' Well, I have a lot of money saved after I got the reward for bringing the three girls back, so I don't think it's okay to spend a little on clothes.

I can't just think about Emily either, do I believe thinking about myself from time to time is also good? Right?

"Hey Larissa, I'm sorry to ask you this suddenly, but what did you do before you met us? I know someone was chasing you, but before that, did you work with anything?" Clevina decided to ask me something dangerous.

That is very dangerous. I can't let anything leak out on me, and I have to invent something, think of something quickly.

"Well, I lived with a friend. I worked doing loading loads or things like that, as you know, I'm powerful, right? Hahaha," I put a forced smile on my face.

'Damn it, what the fuck was that? Did I carry loads? Who will believe that a child worked carrying loads? ' I was disappointed in myself because of that, but now let's see what Clevina has to say.

"OOh, so that was it, now I understand how strong you are, you trained your arms a lot, I understand, I understand ..." She said with conviction.

Haa ~~

I sighed in disbelief and started screaming in my mind: 'SHE IS AN IDIOT?' That is very stupid, how can she believe that? Well, I'm glad she thought it, but she's foolish.

Even so, I continued my lie, since she had believed in me: "Aaah, yes, it was because of that, my muscles are good worked... hahaha" I couldn't say it seriously, so I was smiling with nerves.

'Please arrive soon.'

'Please arrive soon.'

'Please arrive soon.'

The only thing I could think of at that moment, is that we arrive at the store soon to end this conversation, and it didn't take long for that to happen, the store was right there in front.

"Thank god ..." I ended up letting go of my true feelings, but Clevina doesn't seem to have heard anything.
When we arrived at the store, the owner of the store was not outside like the last time, and this time the store was with some people shopping when I came here the first time I didn't have any customers.

"Can I help you?" While I was walking inside the store looking for the same woman who attended me the last time I thought I was the owner, another woman called me from behind, I even got a little scared, but I immediately answered.

"Yes, I would like to buy some dress, and my friend here is also going to look at some clothes." Our roles have reversed at this point. It was usually for Clevina to introduce me since she is older, that was very strange.

"Okay, follow me, please." The woman started walking to the same place as the woman did the last time, but this time I was with her.

It seems that this is one of the employees who work here like that other one, it appears that the owner of the store does not stay there all the time, I had just confused that woman with the owner of the store.

'Well, it doesn't matter who owns the store, as long as I can buy my clothes. I think it's okay.' I thought when I looked around at the clothes.

I had bought myself some clothes when I came to buy Cibely's clothes, but I even forgot them, I only remembered them when I was already lying down with Eleonor, so I was looking around to try to find more clothes like that.

So far I regret wearing Cibely's panties if I could use the clothes I had just bought, well, sometimes people forget things.

"Here, we have these dresses." After some time walking through the store, we arrived at a place where several dresses were hanging from things that looked like hangers, they were just a little different, but their use was the same, just leave the clothes hanging there.

I started looking at all the dresses and found some very beautiful, they were all similar to the dress I'm wearing now, but their color and details were different, and that made them even better.

Clevina also seemed to have liked those dresses, so I decided, I'm going to buy some of them, the more clothes, the better.

I just hope I don't get carried away and end up spending all my money unnecessarily, hahaha.