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When I woke up I was at my house.
It wasn't actually inside my house, I was lying in front of my house, how did that happen, I hadn't been caught?

'Has Lara arrived yet?' Emily rose quickly from the floor and ran into the house, for Lara could have come from the hunt, and she wasn't here to greet her.

But Emily was confused if she was lying here, wouldn't Lara have to wake her up?
Lara would have had to walk through the door, so Emily thought something very wrong was happening.

Emily ran into the house almost breaking the door because she was imagining something was very wrong and wanted to know what it was.

When Emily entered the house she came across her father sitting at the table with his head bowed.
Emily approached her father and realized he was sleeping, she felt great relief because she thought something had happened to her father.

"Dad, Lara came by?" Emily's father spoke with difficulty, so she would have to have patience with him and couldn't force him to speak.

Emily's father knew who Lara was because Emily talked to her mother and father about her.

Emily waited for her father to say everything, and when he finished speaking Emily dropped to her knees and began to cry.

'She did it.' Emily put her hands on her head and began to despair.

Emily knew no one would kidnap her for nothing, and she was kidnapped after Lara came into her life.
So she already knew something, Lara who saved her, but she doesn't know how Lara is doing.

She doesn't know if Lara was caught or fled away, but she doesn't want to think about the worst case.


Lara was still unconscious, she was being carried to a place she never imagined she would be.

The queen's castle.

The queen's castle was only visited by important and authorized people, if an ordinary person entered this castle without permission, they would receive the death penalty immediately.

Lara could never get into this castle, and she knows it, but now she was unconscious so she had no idea she was entering it.

Who was carrying her was the man, the same man who kidnapped Emily, the same man who works directly for the person who wants to kill her.

'Now she will recognize me.' The man was thinking as he carried Lara in his arms into the castle.

The man entered the castle without being stopped by any guards, which showed that he had sufficient authority to walk to the queen without being stopped at all.

None of the guards questioned the girl in his arms, because whoever dared to go against this man could be killed by his hands, for all the guards here were disposable.

After a few minutes, the man came into a room with a large door, a door so large that a normal person would almost break his neck to look at her.

When the door was opened by the guards, a huge room was shown with a throne, and sitting on that throne was exactly the woman who ordered Lara's death.

The Queen.


If it was a few minutes since Lara arrived in the throne room, then the man did everything to wake her up and after a long time, Lara woke up.

When Lara woke up she was very confused.
She knew she had given herself up but she didn't know where she was and what the man had done to her.

Lara just remembers tying her feet, but now even her arms are tied, she's all trapped.
He thought of everything, even how to arrest Lara.

'I can get out of here anytime I want, but I don't know if I can fight this man, and I don't know where I am either if I try to run away now many people can attack me at the same time.' Lara thought as she looked around.

When she looked around she saw that there were many guards there that she had never seen.
She'd never seen people wearing armor like this, so it's big news for her.

But when Lara was looking in one place, she saw a woman.
A woman sitting on a throne.

The woman had black hair tied back and also had blue eyes like Lara's.

'Mother?' That's what Lara thought, but she couldn't be her mother.

Lara looked better and realized that the woman was too old to be your mother, so that would be impossible, so who was this?

"Who are you?" Lara decided to scream to ask the woman, she wanted to know who this woman was because she looked so much like Lara.

Paann ~~

When Lara screamed, she was kicked in the back of her head, she felt so much pain she couldn't even scream properly.

"Shut up, the queen didn't give you permission to speak." The man who kicked Lara in the head said.

Lara was still lying on the floor with a lot of pain.

'Queen? So that's why she's on the throne, right? 'Lara felt stupid for not realizing this before, she was in front of the queen, but the queen looked a lot like her, so she was very confused.

Lara was lying on the floor not understanding anything, why is she in front of the queen? Was the queen trying to kill her? But, why?

Lara understood less now what was going on in this girl's life, how would she be involved with the queen?
This is getting more and more confusing.

"Welcome, Lara." The woman on the throne said in a strong voice.

But one thing was hammering again inside Lara's head, which was how the queen herself knew her name.

Lara, who was still lying on the floor, was held tightly by the man and brought to her knees on the floor.
Since Lara hadn't bowed, the man took Lara's head hard and ducked, so Lara was starting to feel angry with this man.

"Do you know why you are here?" The queen asked again.

Lara stood there, unsure of what to say, and as she said nothing more, she received a kick from the man, he was beating her for not responding.
Lara should answer all of the queen's questions.

"Not." Lara, who has now been brought back to her knees, replied the Queen, of course, Lara kept her head down.

"So let me tell you why you're here." The queen said just before she started telling a long story.


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